6 Best Hellcat & Hellcat Pro Holsters Reviewed [IWB, OWB, Concealed]

Best Springfield Hellcat Hellcat Pro ODS RDP Holsters Concealed Carry IWB OWB

Holsters – especially concealed carry holsters – is a topic that we know inside out here at Looserounds.

Here’s what we did to make this post happen:

  1. Rounded up 22+ Hellcat & Hellcat Pro holster brands for testing
  2. Wore and rated each Springfield Hellcat holster on its (1) comfort, (2) safety, (3) retention, (4) ease of concealment, (5) ease of draw, (6) build quality & durability, (7) customization & adjustability, (8) price & value for money
  3. Narrowed the list down to 6 winners for each carry type

If you’re short on time, here are the best Springfield Hellcat holsters for each carry type:

  1. Overall Best: We The People IWB (Concealed)
  2. Premium, Most Comfortable: Hidden Hybrid IWB (Concealed)
  3. Full Leather Pick: We The People Independence (Concealed)
  4. Runner-Up: Tulster IWB (Concealed)
  5. Best Open Carry: Rounded Gear Concealment Express OWB Paddle (Open Carry)
  6. Best Belly-Band: CrossBreed Modular Belly Band (Concealed)

Note: The above brands all carry holsters for Hellcat, Hellcat Pro, Hellcat OSP & Hellcat RDP models. Most also have holsters with light (Streamlight TLR, Olight, etc.) & optic cuts available (Red Dot).

Keep reading for full reviews & comparisons.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Compare The Best Hellcat & Hellcat Pro Holsters

HolsterTypeCarryMaterialRetentionAdjustabilityWith Laser ModelsWith Optics Models (Red Dot)
1. We The People IWBIWBConcealed CarryKydexActive ClickRide, Cant, Retention-Yes
2. Hidden Hybrid IWBIWBConcealed CarryKydex & LeatherPassiveRide, Cant, RetentionYesYes
3. We The People IndependenceIWBConcealed CarryLeatherPassiveRide, Cant--
4. Tulster IWBIWBConcealed CarryKydexActive ClickRide, Cant, RetentionYes-
5. Rounded Gear (Concealment Express) OWBOWBOpen CarryKydexActive ClickRide, Cant, RetentionYesYes
6. CrossBreed Modular Belly BandBelly BandConcealed CarryKydex & NeoprenePassiveRide, Cant, RetentionYes-

6 Best Hellcat, OSP, RDP, & Hellcat Pro Holsters Reviewed For Concealed & Open Carry

1. We The People IWB – Best Hellcat Kydex IWB/AIWB Holster [Concealed Carry]

1. We The People IWB Best Springfield Hellcat Hellcat Pro Kydex IWB AIWB Holster Concealed Carry
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  • Affordable & beginner-friendly
  • Good retention
  • Good adjustability & comfort
  • Easy to conceal
  • Good safety & trigger coverage
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Only common optics cuts are available

Bottom Line Up Front

Out of all the IWB holsters we reviewed, We The People’s Custom Springfield Hellcat IWB holster had the best value for money, without compromising on quality. It is a beautiful, comfortable Kydex holster that is easy to wear and conceal. A simple, no-frills holster you just can’t go wrong with – a great pick for anyone looking to get into concealed carry.

Features & The Nitty-Gritty

Holster Type: IWBCarry Type: Concealed Carry
Holster Material: Kydex Holster Fit: Custom Fit
Retention Type: Active Click RetentionHolster Adjustability: Ride, Cant, Retention
Light/Laser Compatible: YesRed Dot/Optics Compatible: Yes
Made In: ✅ AmericaSafety: ✅ Trigger & Barrel Protected
Hand Orientation: ✅ Left & Right HandedWarranty: ✅ Lifetime

Looks, Feel & Durability: 5/5

I really like how the We The People IWB holster looks and feels. It seems very durable – like it’s built to last for a long time. The matte finish and 0.08″ thick Kydex material give it a solid feel that won’t bend easily. The thick plastic clip and hardware make it feel sturdy. It can fit threaded barrels and tall suppressor sights. We The People offers many color and print options, including bright pink, neon, and the Gatsby flag pattern – there’s a design for everyone!

Comfort: 4.5/5

You can wear this holster for hours without too much discomfort. You’ll still feel it there, but the edges are smooth and nothing pokes. The open muzzle doesn’t cause any pain. The ride height and angle adjustments give a comfortable fit right away – no tweaking needed for me.

Retention: 5/5

This holster passed my upside-down retention test – my Springfield Hellcat stayed secure inside when flipped over. Each time I holster the gun, it makes a satisfyingly sharp “click” as it locks in place. The click is strong, not weak or mushy like some cheaper holsters. Retention was great out of the box and stayed consistent. I can easily adjust it tighter or looser with the tension screw.

Safety & Protection: 5/5

The trigger and barrel are fully covered when holstered. You can’t manipulate the trigger at all when it’s inside. The stiff Kydex protects against bumps, dirt, and drops. It has a full sweat guard inside to protect my gun from sweat and stop rough edges from touching my skin. The sturdy belt clip won’t accidentally unclip from my belt.

Ease Of Concealment: 5/5

No printing issues with jeans and a flannel shirt. This holster sits close to my body without protruding, smoothing out any sharp edges under my shirt. The whole setup sits low so the gun handle is flush with me, nothing sticking out.

I recommend getting their claw addon for appendix carry. The claw keeps the handle tucked in tighter for deeper concealment – well worth it!

Overall, this conceals a Hellcat great for most people. But as always, your concealment depends on body type, conceal carry experience, and clothing.

Ease Of Draw: 5/5

I can easily get a proper firing grip from any angle, even on fast 2-second draws. The retention doesn’t interfere with the draw, and nothing gets in the way. I can tweak the ride height and angle to suit my style if needed.

Warranty & Returns: 5/5

All We The People holsters come with a lifetime warranty and have a one-year return policy for a refund from the day the order was placed.

Keep In Mind

This Kydex holster is as comfortable as possible. But the leather-backed Independence & Hidden Hybrid models below are softer against the body.

The optics cuts are somewhat limited. If you have unique Hellcat/Hellcat Pro mods, consider the Hidden Hybrids. They offer more cut options, but cost more.

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2. Hidden Hybrid IWB – Most Comfortable Hellcat Concealed Carry Hybrid IWB Holster

2. Hidden Hybrid IWB Most Comfortable Springfield Hellcat Hellcat Pro Concealed Carry Holster Hybrid IWB
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  • Most comfortable IWB holster we tested
  • Premium build & hardware
  • Any laser/light/optic combo you can think of
  • Good concealment, adjustability, and retention
  • Safety & trigger coverage
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Slightly bulkier than full Kydex holsters
  • Premium pricing
  • Delivery time (since they’re handmade)

Bottom Line Up Front

Hidden Hybrid’s Single Clip is the most comfortable Hellcat holster on our list. It’s one of the best hybrid holsters on the market. A solid choice if you’re looking for something more comfortable than a full Kydex holster, and don’t mind the slight increase in overall holster weight & size (as well as the premium pricing).

Features & The Nitty-Gritty

Holster Type: IWBCarry Type: Concealed Carry
Holster Material: Kydex & LeatherHolster Fit: Custom Fit
Retention Type: Passive RetentionHolster Adjustability: Ride, Cant, Retention
Light/Laser Compatible: YesRed Dot/Optics Compatible: Yes
Made In: ✅ AmericaSafety: ✅ Trigger & Barrel Protected
Hand Orientation: ✅ Left & Right HandedWarranty: ✅ Lifetime

Looks, Feel & Durability

The HH Single Clip holster combines a custom-molded 0.093″ thick Kydex shell with a supple Amish leather backer. This combination provides a precise fit for your Hellcat, keeping it secure while the soft leather molds to you over time for superior comfort compared to pure Kydex holsters.

Of all the hybrid holsters I’ve tried, this one is my top choice. The thick, soft suede-backed Amish leather is thin enough to contour to your body yet thick enough not to stretch from daily wear. The slightly thicker 0.093” Kydex provides durability, and the holster also utilizes stainless steel hardware and a sturdy clip.

Simply said, this holster excels in looks, feel, and durability. It’s the best looking and most comfortable holster on this list. It’s compatible with threaded barrels, suppressor sights, and any optics or light accessories.


Absolutely, you can wear this holster for hours and forget it’s there. Once the leather forms to your body after a couple weeks of use, the comfort noticeably improves compared to full-Kydex holsters. This is especially true if you sit often. Hidden Hybrid is outstanding in comfort. The padding is soft, contours to you, and doesn’t dig or cause discomfort. Five stars for comfort.


Yes, you can safely invert the holster without the firearm falling out. The retention is tight, keeping the Hellcat securely in place without shaking or rattling. It starts snug but eases as the leather breaks in, remaining comfortable. The adjustable retention lets you fine tune tightness or looseness.

Safety & Protection

When holstered, the trigger and barrel are fully shielded, making the trigger impossible to access. The leather backer also protects from sweat and corrosion. It provides excellent protection against bumps and scratches, keeping your firearm safe. The sturdy belt clip won’t detach easily, even in intense situations.

Unlike cheaper hybrid holsters, Hidden Hybrid’s Single Clip enables fast one-handed re-holstering without compromising the trigger, as cheaper hybrids risk the leather folding inward. The thick, rounded leather has no sharp edges and won’t get obstructed.

Ease of Concealment

I found this holster easy to conceal. It doesn’t protrude under jeans and a flannel shirt. Despite the extra leather layer, the slim profile is easily covered. The height is ideal, not too high to reveal the grip or too low. As always, I recommend the optional claw kit for deeper appendix carry concealment, which is affordably priced.

Ease of Draw

The leather is precisely cut around the grip for easy drawing from any angle. Quick sub-2 second draws are achievable. Both the cant and height are adjustable, although perfect out of the box for me. The retention doesn’t hinder the draw whatsoever.

Warranty & Returns

All Hidden Hybrid Holsters come with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, they offer a 30-day “One Question Return Policy” where they only ask for feedback on how they could improve.

Keep in Mind

Hidden Hybrid holsters cost more than other options, but match the quality. Remember modifications like laser/light cuts ($10) or optics cuts ($30) cost extra. Modified holsters may take more time to produce.

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3. We The People Independence – Best Leather Hellcat IWB Holster

3. We The People Independence Best Leather Springfield Hellcat Hellcat Pro IWB Concealed Carry Holster
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  • Custom-sewn double-layer leather shell
  • Premium build & hardware
  • Adjustable cant & ride height
  • Great comfort
  • All boxes checked on safety, trigger covered


  • Premium pricing
  • Limited optics & light options

Bottom Line Up Front

In our opinion, WTP Independence is the best commercially-available full leather holster you can buy at this moment. It is a newer product and the only full-leather holster that made it to our Hellcat holster picks list. Its adjustability, build quality, and attention to detail make it stand out compared to the other leather holsters.

Features & The Nitty-Gritty

Holster Type: IWBCarry Type: Concealed Carry
Holster Material: LeatherHolster Fit: Custom Fit
Retention Type: Passive RetentionHolster Adjustability: Ride, Cant
Light/Laser Compatible:Red Dot/Optics Compatible:
Made In: ✅ AmericaSafety: ✅ Trigger & Barrel Protected
Hand Orientation: ✅ Left & Right HandedWarranty: ✅ Lifetime

Looks, Feel & Durability: 5/5

The craftsmanship and materials on this holster are top-notch. The full-grain leather is thick and sturdy, built to last for years of daily carry. The adjustable metal clips don’t bend or slip, keeping the holster firmly secured to your belt. The contours are specially molded to the exact shape of the Springfield Hellcat, providing an exceptional fit. The stitching is strong and clean, which guarantees longevity. You can choose between a rich brown or black leather finish, both featuring the WTP logo stamped into the premium leather.

Comfort: 5/5

After about two weeks of daily wear, the leather fully conforms to your body for excellent comfort. It feels as soft and flexible as a hybrid holster against your skin. The rounded edges cushion the Hellcat’s sharper corners effectively. A standout feature is the adjustable ride height and cant options not found on most leather holsters. Overall, top-tier comfort on par with the best hybrids and exceeding most Kydex.

Retention: 4.5/5

This holster secures the Hellcat very snugly. I’m able to confidently turn it upside down with the pistol staying firmly in place. The tailored molding creates a custom fit for precise retention not typical of most leather holsters. Note that it starts very stiff out of the box by design, but will loosen up naturally as you break it in.

Safety & Protection: 4.5/5

When holstered, the trigger guard, manual safety, and barrel are all fully covered to prevent snags. The sturdy metal clips hold the holster securely to your belt even during intense activity. The premium full-grain leather inside and out is more protective than suede often used in hybrids. This adds durability and enhances protection.

Ease Of Concealment: 4.5/5

Wearing the holster appendix or strong side with jeans and a casual shirt, I experienced no printing or protrusion of the Hellcat. The slim footprint conceals easily under clothing. Slightly thicker than Kydex but still very concealable. A holster claw is not available for this model currently. Overall, great concealment.

Ease Of Draw: 5/5

After break-in, I can smoothly draw my Hellcat in under 2 seconds consistently. The height is adjustable via the clips to suit your preferences. Acquiring a proper firing grip is natural and effortless.

Warranty & Customization: 5/5

We The People offers a lifetime warranty, and a one-year return policy for a refund from the day the order was placed. The holster works with threaded barrels & suppressor level sights.

Keep In Mind

Currently no optics or laser cut options are available. Understand that leather holsters have some drawbacks compared to Kydex and polymer, so they may not suit beginners. The tradeoffs include less water resistance, required leather care, no click retention, limited optic/light options, and a higher price. However, if you want a quality leather holster for your Hellcat, this one is a top-tier choice.

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4. Tulster IWB – Runner-Up Hellcat IWB Holster Pick

4. Tulster IWB Runner Up Springfield Hellcat Hellcat Pro IWB CCW Holster Pick
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  • Good safety, great retention
  • Lightweight & minimalist construction
  • Conceals well & comfortable to carry
  • Compatible with most guns & light/optic/laser mods
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Premium pricing
  • Would be nice to see a metal clip at this price point
  • Ride height not adjustable

Bottom Line Up Front

Tulster’s Profile IWB holster is our runner-up full-kydex holster pick with very similar features as our #1 pick We The People. The build quality is slightly better, but Tulster’s missing adjustable ride height. It’s a premium kydex holster, so you can expect:  

  • Better quality control
  • Sharper contouring lines & refined edges
  • Clean, neat look both inside & outside the holster

Features & The Nitty-Gritty

Holster Type: IWBCarry Type: Concealed Carry
Holster Material: Kydex Holster Fit: Custom Fit
Retention Type: Active Click RetentionHolster Adjustability: Cant, Retention
Light/Laser Compatible: YesRed Dot/Optics Compatible: Yes
Made In: ✅ AmericaSafety: ✅ Trigger & Barrel Protected
Hand Orientation: ✅ Left & Right HandedWarranty: ✅ Lifetime

Looks, Feel & Durability: 5/5

With Tulster, you’ll notice a big difference in quality compared to cheaper Kydex holsters. Everything feels sleek, well-made, and a cut above the rest. The attention to detail is clear in the contoured edges of the holster. Each line and millimeter has been carefully considered.

The clip is made of sturdy plastic, thick and resistant to bending. They also have metal clips available for extra on their website. You also have some choice when it comes to the holster’s colors. Their IWB model can accommodate threaded barrels, suppressor-level sights, and they provide the most common optics cuts on their website.

Comfort: 4.5/5

The holster provides good comfort whether you’re sitting, standing, or walking. You can feel it on you, but it doesn’t cause discomfort. The rounded, buffed edges prevent any digging or prodding. The muzzle doesn’t extend and feels comfortable against the thigh. Overall, no issues. Note – it loses points here because the ride height is not adjustable.

Retention: 5/5

The retention is outstanding, with an audible click when holstering your gun. It passes the test – you can confidently turn the holster upside down without the gun falling out. The retention is properly set out of the box and stays consistent over time. If you want a tighter or looser fit, there’s an adjustment screw.

Safety & Protection: 5/5

The holster effectively protects the trigger guard and barrel when holstered. There’s no way to access the trigger, and the kydex doesn’t bend. The Profile IWB has a full sweat guard that shields against corrosion. The clip’s tension is excellent, making it very hard to pull the rig off the belt, even in a confrontation.

Ease Of Concealment: 5/5

I had no issues with the holster printing or showing with jeans and a flannel shirt. The design is streamlined, minimalist, lightweight. For appendix carry, I recommend the optional holster claw, available for extra cost.

Ease Of Draw: 5/5

Drawing in under 2 seconds is no problem. I can achieve a secure, ready-to-fire grip from any position. While ride height is not adjustable, the holster sits at a good height that doesn’t impede the draw. The retention doesn’t interfere with the draw either.

Warranty & Returns: 5/5

Tulster has a lifetime warranty and 30-day no-questions-asked returns.

Keep In Mind

Ride height is not adjustable, although it sits at a good height. However, if adjustable height is important, consider the WTP IWB holster instead.

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5. Rounded Gear Concealment Express OWB – Best Hellcat OWB Paddle Holster

5. Rounded Gear Concealment Express OWB Best OWB Open Carry Springfield Hellcat Hellcat Pro Holster Belt Paddle
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  • Good retention
  • Safety & trigger coverage
  • Strong paddle, built to last
  • Affordable
  • Fastest delivery times on the market


  • Sweat guard protrudes slightly above the holster, not really an issue

Bottom Line Up Front

Rounded Gear (Concealment Express) OWB Paddle holster is a simple and durable open carry holster that is custom-molded for Hellcat. We picked it over other OWB holsters on the market because of its value for money and simplicity. It’s a good pick if you’re looking for a good & simple open-carry holster that gets the job done.

Side note: Rounded Gear currently offers the fastest shipping in the Kydex holster industry.

Features & The Nitty-Gritty

Holster Type: OWBCarry Type: Open Carry
Holster Material: Kydex Holster Fit: Custom Fit
Retention Type: Active Click RetentionHolster Adjustability: Ride, Cant, Retention
Light/Laser Compatible: YesRed Dot/Optics Compatible: Yes
Made In: ✅ AmericaSafety: ✅ Trigger & Barrel Protected
Hand Orientation: ✅ Left & Right HandedWarranty: ✅ Lifetime

Looks, Feel & Durability: 5/5

The 0.08″ kydex shell of this holster is sturdy and well-constructed. The clip/paddle, typically the most vulnerable parts of kydex holsters, are built to last. The open muzzle design accommodates threaded barrels and raised suppressor sights. They also offer models with common optics/laser cuts. I chose the matte black version, but Rounded Gear has various color options on their website.

Comfort: 5/5

Comfort is a major advantage of open carry holsters if concealment isn’t a concern. By keeping the gun outside the waistband, it minimizes body contact and discomfort. Once you adapt to the weight, it’s easy to forget you’re even wearing it. The holster doesn’t restrict clothing either, allowing you to wear fitted pants or slim shirts if desired.

Retention: 5/5

Retention has always been excellent with Rounded Gear holsters. The snug fit eliminates rattling when holstered. You can confidently invert the holster without the gun falling out. There’s an audible “click” when holstering too, providing assurance the Hellcat is secure. Retention is reliable from the start, and there’s an adjustable tension screw if tweaks are wanted.

Safety & Protection: 5/5

This holster offers superb trigger guard coverage and protection. There’s no way to access the trigger when holstered. The durable shell also effectively shields your gun from bumps and scratches if dropped. The sturdy paddle provides exceptional retention and is highly resistant to being torn off the belt during fights or scuffles. A full sweat guard additionally prevents corrosion.

Concealability: 1/5

OWB holsters aren’t optimal for concealed carry. However, you can conceal it under a hoodie or untucked shirt. It will work for concealed carry if fully covered. Be mindful of local laws, as keeping it totally hidden during daily activities can be difficult. Failing to do so may result in legal issues, so exercise caution.

Ease of Draw: 5/5

This holster enables the fastest draw speed and easiest access on this list thanks to its outside-the-waistband design. Your draw will also be more consistent. The adjustable ride height and cant let you customize the positioning to best suit your body type and draw style.

Warranty & Returns: 5/5

Rounded Gear Holsters come with a lifetime warranty, providing added peace of mind. Additionally, they offer a 30-day exchange and return policy.

Keep in Mind

The sweat guard slightly protrudes above the slide. This isn’t a problem for most users, but it’s worth noting.

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6. CrossBreed Modular Belly Band – Best Hellcat Belly Band Holster

6. CrossBreed Modular Belly Band Best Belly Band Holster For Springfield Hellcat Hellcat Pro
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  • Kydex shell protecting the trigger
  • Pockets for phone & 2 clips
  • Anti-slip, anti-microbial band
  • Comfortable & easy to wear
  • Great for running, sitting, driving
  • Comfortable draw
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Better for smaller guns
  • Takes time to get used to
  • Can get sweaty in warmer states

Bottom Line Up Front

CrossBreed Modular Belly Band is one of the few belly band holsters with proper safety & protection features. Your Springfield Hellcat lives in a hybrid holster shell that is attached to the elastic belly band – giving you all the benefits of a belly band without the safety issues. In addition to safety, comfort features such as an anti-slip surface & adjustable ride/cant make CrossBreed’s Modular Belly Band stand out from the competition.

Features & The Nitty-Gritty

Holster Type: Belly BandCarry Type: Concealed Carry
Holster Material: Kydex & NeopreneHolster Fit: Custom Fit
Retention Type: Passive RetentionHolster Adjustability: Ride, Cant, Retention
Light/Laser Compatible: YesRed Dot/Optics Compatible:
Made In: ✅ AmericaSafety: ✅ Trigger & Barrel Protected
Hand Orientation: ✅ Left & Right HandedWarranty: ✅ 1 Year

Looks, Feel & Durability: 4/5

The hybrid kydex-leather shell of this belly band holster stays securely in place, fastened to the band with a sturdy 3′′ Velcro strap. The band’s durability is decent for a belly band, but the neoprene material will naturally wear over time with use. It has a 25 wash durability rating.

Comfort: 4/5

Putting on and adjusting the band is straightforward, offering comfortable concealed carry in most situations. I feel the band’s presence, but my firearm doesn’t cause discomfort. The anti-slip surface prevents the band from shifting during wear. Available sizes include small (29-36 inches), medium (36-42 inches), and large (42-52 inches).

Safety & Protection: 5/5

The holster shell reliably covers the trigger and barrel, providing excellent safety. When properly fastened, the shell stays securely on the band. The safety level matches quality waistband holsters.

Ease Of Concealment: 4/5

Concealment isn’t a problem with this belly band. Wrapped around the holster, the band keeps your firearm hidden and close to the body for deep concealment. My Hellcat’s grip protrudes slightly, but overall concealment is effective, potentially better with a compact pistol.

Ease Of Draw: 5/5

Accessing my grip and drawing the firearm is straightforward. Pulling up my shirt doesn’t hinder access, and the holster’s adjustable height and angle enable a customized draw. Overall, drawing from this rig is easy with minimal obstructions.

Warranty & Returns: 5/5

CrossBreed holsters come with a lifetime warranty, providing peace of mind. Additionally, they offer a 30-day exchange and return policy.

Keep In Mind

Sweating and heat may pose concealed carry challenges with this belly band, especially in southern climates. The band may ride up when sitting, a common issue without a clip like a waistband holster.

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Competition & Honorary Mentions: Other Hellcat Holsters We Tested

Holster Brands
  • The Vedder LightTuck is very similar to the Tulster Profile Holster. Both companies make fantastic kydex holsters, but we had to pick just one top choice for this review, so we went with Tulster. However, Vedder is a reputable company and their LightTuck holster will serve you well.
  • Tier 1 Concealed’s Xiphos V2 is another premium kydex holster made by a quality manufacturer. T1C holsters are on the pricier side and not ideal for every budget. Since we could only choose one premium kydex holster for this list, we decided on the Tulster.
  • DARA Holsters crafts excellent premium kydex holsters and is a well-respected name in the industry. We wish we could have included DARA in this review but simply didn’t have space for another kydex option.
  • The IWB leather holsters from Craft Holsters are good quality, but We The People’s Independence model is better in our opinion.
  • Galco is probably the most prominent leather holster maker on this side of the world. But when it comes to leather, We The People and Hidden Hybrid make holsters that will work better for most people.
  • The Urban Carry G3 holsters position the gun below your waistband (BWB) for deep concealment. However, the unconventional draw position is slower and potentially dangerous.
  • Boraii crafts minimalist kydex pocket holsters, but they tend to print more than necessary.
  • JM4 Tactical has introduced some innovative magnetic holsters, but customer reviews on them are mixed, so we opted not to include them here.
  • Bravo Concealment is known for affordable kydex holsters, but some models have proven less durable than expected based on our research.
  • The Alien Gear ShapeShift allows you to customize a modular carry system, which is handy. But you’ll likely get better value purchasing individual holsters for your specific needs.

Side Note: We’re also building the biggest list of holster brands on the internet, if you’re interested in learning more.

How To Choose A Good Hellcat & Hellcat Pro Holster: Buyer’s Guide

To learn more about how we work and earn our living, read more about who we are or take a look at our editorial guidelines (work in progress!)Also, If there’s still something that you find difficult to understand about holsters, here’s our list of holster terminology.

How We Picked & Tested Holsters

Here’s how we narrowed down the search to find the top holsters for concealed and open carry of the Springfield Hellcat pistol.

First, we focused on holsters made of hard plastic, hybrid materials, and full leather. We included one belly band option since many people want that style.

Second, we excluded holsters made fully of nylon, small of the back designs, and Blackhawk SERPA holsters due to safety concerns.

We came up with the initial selection by:

  • Tapping into our personal experience with holsters
  • Consulting firearms instructors and industry experts
  • Researching trusted YouTube channels, magazines, and concealed carry communities to ensure we didn’t miss any good options

This process left us with 22 holsters designed specifically for the Hellcat to test. Below are the criteria we used to evaluate each of these holsters.

Our Hellcat Holster Evaluation Criteria

Holster Comfort

A quality Springfield Hellcat holster should be comfortable enough that you can wear it for hours and almost forget it’s there. If your holster is not comfortable, you’ll be tempted to leave the entire rig at home, defeating the entire purpose of concealed carry.

Our holster comfort testing process was extensive. We wore the holsters for hours at our desks, while driving, exercising, running errands, and doing regular activities while wearing our usual clothing – jeans with a flannel shirt or similar relaxed outfit.

We also tested the holsters for comfort on different body types beyond just myself. As a 6’3″ male with an average build, I don’t represent all body types. So we also had our colleague Dave, who is on the bigger side at 240lbs, test the holsters as well. If either one of us experienced any significant discomfort or hot spots with a holster, we eliminated it from consideration.

Safety & Protection

In summary, a safe and protective holster needs to:

  • Completely cover the trigger guard of your Hellcat at all times to prevent any accidental discharge
  • Be made of a rigid material so that nothing can push through and manipulate the trigger
  • Protect the gun itself from bumps, falls, dirt, sweat, and other elements

For leather and hybrid holsters, there is one additional important rule – the leather backing should be of a thick, high quality leather properly molded and cut to fit the specific shape of the Springfield Hellcat. It should be impossible for the leather backing to bend, fold, or collapse into the holster shell in any way that could compromise the trigger guard.

We also recommend avoiding the following types of holsters due to safety concerns:

  • Nylon, fabric, or other soft material holsters can be dangerous because usually the trigger guard is not adequately protected. We would only recommend these types if you need a pocket holster.
  • Blackhawk SERPA retention holsters have a reputation for increasing the risk of accidental discharge when drawing, in addition to often having shoddy overall build quality. They are so notorious for accidents that the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center has banned them.
  • Small of back holsters (SOB) have a high risk of back injury if you fall onto the rig, as well as requiring a slower, sweeping draw stroke that could endanger bystanders if you are not extremely careful.

All of the holsters we recommend provide a secure, custom molded fit for the Hellcat pistol, offering excellent protection against bumps, falls, dust, lint, perspiration, and other environmental elements that could damage or contaminate your firearm.

We thoroughly tested the durability and security of all holster clips and attachments to confirm they keep the holster firmly secured to the belt even in the event of a strenuous defensive encounter or physical struggle.


Your holster’s retention refers to its ability to securely hold onto your firearm when you don’t want it to come out.

The most basic test of retention is to insert the gun into the holster, then flip the entire holster upside down with the gun inside. If the gun falls out under its own weight, then the holster fails the basic retention test.

Adequate retention is important because defensive situations are fluid and dynamic. You may need to run, fall, crawl, climb, bend over, or perform any number of movements in an emergency. With proper retention, even if you get knocked down or encounter other physical forces, your handgun should remain securely encased in the holster.

When it comes to retention levels, here is a simple breakdown of what you need to know as a concealed carrier:

  • Level 1 Retention: This involves passive friction retention, often supplemented by an audible “click” upon re-holstering with kydex rigs. The tightness and security is adjustable on most concealed carry holsters.
  • Level 2/3/4 Retention: These refer to additional security mechanisms like thumb breaks, retention straps, hoods, or other devices that require a separate manual action to “unlock” the gun from the holster before drawing. This adds security but slows the draw. Primarily used by uniformed law enforcement and security officers, hence the “duty holster” designation. Not necessary for legally armed citizens.

Ease Of Concealment

Your holster should disappear under your threads like a ninja vanishin’ into the night. But whether your boomstick stays hidden or not depends on your bod, duds, holster type, and daily grind. Loose fits let any holster roll stealth. For tighter getups, strap a minimal inside-the-waistband up front – AIWB style.

We kept the testing simple, y’all. Peeped how each holster printed through some jeans and a regular flannel shirt. Any peek-a-boo action and that holster got the boot.

If you’re packin’ up front, maybe kick it with a holster claw. That little wingding hides heat real nice. Scope our intel on claw pros, cons, and when to clip one on if you’re feelin’ curious.

Ease Of Draw

The best Hellcat concealed carry holster will you to efficiently and smoothly draw your firearm with a proper, ready-to-shoot grip (also called positive grip) from any position with one hand.

We did speed draws on all of the holsters we tested and noted if anything hindered our ability to get the gun out quickly. Unsurprisingly, waistband holsters (IWB and OWB) perform the best.

Every holster is different. No matter how good your new holster is, you’ll need to practice your speed draws and threat focusing to make everything work efficiently.

Holster Material

  • Rigid Plastic: Durable holsters molded from Kydex, Boltaron, or other polymers allow for a tight, custom fit. This makes them excellent choices for concealed carry. They are also affordable and can be customized.
  • Hybrid: A hybrid holster combines a Kydex or plastic shell for securing the gun with a leather or other fabric backing for comfort against the body. Well-designed hybrids offer a good balance of security and comfort.
  • Leather: All-leather holsters soften and conform to your body over time for maximum comfort. With proper thickness and molding, leather can be an excellent conceal carry material. However, leather is less affordable, requires more maintenance, and offers less customization potential. Not ideal for new concealed carriers starting out.
  • Fabrics/Nylon: Inexpensive but not recommended beyond pocket holsters. Stretchy fabrics often lack adequate trigger protection when worn on the beltline.

Holster Adjustability & Customization

Differences in body size, hand size, and personal preferences can make or break how well a holster works for you. Holster adjustability allows you to customize the cant, ride height, and retention to suit your individual needs. That’s why we prioritized choosing adjustable models for our list. We also rated the manufacturers who have optics & laser cuts available higher in our scoring system.

Warranty & Returns

We only included holsters handcrafted in the USA that are backed by a lifetime warranty against defects. Most companies in this market also offer satisfaction guarantees with 30-day no-questions-asked return policies.

Price & Value For Money

We aimed to keep our recommendations affordable for most budgets – expect prices ranging from $50 to $150 for our top picks. As a general rule, we don’t suggest choosing concealed carry holsters priced under $50 – the quality is often sub-par. Any holsters costing over $150 had better provide exceptional features and longevity to justify the premium cost.

Overview Of Different Holster Types Suitable For Hellcat

IWB and AIWB holsters are often the best options for concealed carrying your Hellcat. You can carry IWB holsters strong side at about 4 o’clock or appendix style at about 1 o’clock. These holsters reliably and comfortably conceal your firearm while still allowing quick access when needed. Compare the pros and cons of IWB vs AIWB positioning to find your ideal setup.

OWB holsters are worn on your belt or between your belt and body. They are frequently used for open carry but can also be concealed under looser clothing. OWB holsters enable very fast access to your Glock with reinforced materials. Consider belt, paddle, and pancake OWB styles. See the tradeoffs between IWB and OWB holsters for more information.

Belly band holsters are wide neoprene belts worn around your stomach area. They allow secured carry of a Hellcat in situations where belt carry is difficult – like running, working out, or jobs with uniform restrictions.

Shoulder holsters worn under your arm require tedious adjustments for proper concealment and access. For most people looking to carry a Hellcat concealed, we don’t recommend shoulder styles at this time.

Chest holsters worn centered on your upper chest offer quicker access than underarm shoulder rigs. However, they can be challenging to conceal under clothing. Consider chest holsters when you need fast access without restricting movement – like riding motorcycles or hiking.

Thigh or drop leg holsters are open carry options attaching the Glock to your leg. They enable excellent access and distribute weight but are less concealable. Law enforcement and military personnel often prefer thigh rigs.

Ankle holsters are better suited for small backup pistols when needed. However, ankle holsters are slow, limit movement, collect dirt, and require long pants.

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Hellcat Concealed Carry Tips

Concealed carrying takes some getting used to, unless you want your permit taken away for mistakes.

You’ll likely need to:

  • Review the normal clothes you wear daily
  • Find a suitable holster for your lifestyle (usually inside the waistband)
  • Choose a concealed carry position that works for you (often inside waistband or appendix inside waistband)
  • Get comfortable having your gun in public
  • Think about the activities you do while armed

Note: Here’s a short list of F.A.Q.s to give you the rundown on concealed carry. Also, here’s a list of our concealed carry tips

Then there’s practice, to use your gun properly when required. That means:

  • Regular maintenance of your gun and ammo. Many folks carry the same magazine for years, not realizing primers and powder are impacted by extreme temperatures and moisture. Changing carry ammo every 6 months is a good guideline.
  • Proper grip when drawing
  • Practicing basic reholstering
  • One shot drills
  • Accuracy practice
  • Speed draws
  • Threat focusing


Is Hellcat Good For Concealed Carry?

The Springfield Hellcat is a compact and highly concealable pistol known for its capacity. It typically comes with a standard 11-round magazine and an extended 13-round magazine, making it one of the highest-capacity subcompact pistols on the market. Its small size and lightweight design make it easy to carry discreetly, and it offers decent accuracy for its size. However, the trigger can be somewhat spongy for some users, and the recoil can be sharp due to its small frame. Ultimately, whether it’s a good concealed carry gun depends on your preferences and how well you handle its recoil and trigger.

The Hellcat is available in several different models, each with their own unique features:

Springfield Hellcat Models:

  • Hellcat – The standard Hellcat has a 3″ barrel, 1″ wide grip, weighs 18.3 oz, and comes with an 11+1 capacity flush magazine and 13+1 extended magazine.
  • Hellcat OSP – The OSP (Optic Sight Plate) model has a milled slide to accept micro red dot sights like the Shield RMSc sight. It has the same features otherwise.
  • Hellcat RDP – The RDP (Red Dot Pistol) comes with a Shield SMSc optic pre-installed on the milled slide. It also adds a flat trigger and enhanced trigger pull.
  • Hellcat Pro – The Pro model has a longer 3.8″ threaded barrel, extended magazine with 15+1 capacity, and optics-ready slide. It weighs 21.1 oz.
  • Hellcat SAS – The SAS (Springfield Armory Sight) variant has a smooth slide top without iron sights for a clean snag-free draw. It comes with a Shield RMSc pre-installed.
  • Hellcat Hex Wasp – The Hex Wasp has a hexagonal pattern slide and includes a Shield SMSc optic. It retains standard Hellcat features.
  • Hellcat Hex Dragonfly – The Hex Dragonfly also has a hex slide but with different accent colors and an 11+1 capacity.

What Are A Holster’s Ride & Cant? Which Cant Is Best?

Holster ride height cant chart
Chart source

The holster’s cant is the holster’s angle. There are 3 main holster cants/angles that you should know about:

  1. Neutral Cant: The top of the holster is directly above the bottom of the holster. This cant is great for carrying on the side of your hip and on your strong side. Drawing from this position is a natural movement and is comfortable.
  2. Positive/Forward Cant (also known as the FBI cant): The grip of the holster is angled forward. This is best used on your strong side, usually in the 4 o’clock or kidney position.
  3. Negative/Reverse Cant: The grip of the holster is angled backward. This position makes gripping your gun easier when carrying cross-draw or appendix. The grip will be shifted toward your hand for easier drawing.

Holsters’ ride is the holster’s height.

  • A higher ride will usually give you a faster draw. The downside is that it potentially compromises on comfort & concealment.
  • A lower ride can be better for concealment and comfort. Especially with appendix carry.

Parting Shots & Loose Rounds


We really went overboard with this one.

So I’ll be brief here.

Hope we helped you find the best holster for your Hellcat. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

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