Tulster Holsters Review: Profile, Oath, Contour [2022, Hands-On]

Tulster Holsters Review Profile Oath Contour Echo

So I’ll cut straight to the chase.

Tulster makes great holsters.

Among other things, you’ve got:

  • Near-perfect construction & hand-buffed edges
  • Good concealment & concealment
  • Tight & secure retention

Are they worth the money though?

Well, that’s what we set to find out in our Tulster review.

Let’s go.

Tulster Profile Holster: Summary & Verdict

Type: IWBAdjustability: Retention, Ride (height), Cant (angle)
Material: KydexRetention: Active “Click” Retention
Carry: Concealed CarryLight/Laser/Optics Cuts: Available For Most
Fit: Custom-Molded To GunGun Compatibility: Most Popular Guns Covered
Safety: ✅Trigger & Barrel CoveredWarranty: ✅ Lifetime
Made In: ✅ AmericaHand Orientation: ✅ Ambidextrous

Tulster Profile Holster Pros:

  • Top-notch build quality, attention to detail, polished edges
  • Basics covered: safety, great retention, adjustability
  • Lightweight minimalist construction, no excess material anywhere
  • Conceals well & comfortable to carry
  • Variety of designs available
  • Compatible with most guns & light/optic/laser mods
  • Lifetime warranty

Tulster Profile Holster Cons:

  • Polymer clip, metal & tuckable clips sold separately
  • Holster ride (height) is not adjustable
  • Not cheap (but well worth the money)

Who Should Buy The Tulster Profile Holster:

Tulster Profile is a great choice for… anyone, really? It’s a damn near-perfect concealed carry Kydex holster with very few downsides worth mentioning.

The design & finishing are flawless. Every detail has been thought through. If you’re used to cheaper kydex holsters, then this one will take your concealed carry to the next level.

It’s comfortable, secure, and has great fit & retention. Small footprint. Conceals great.

What can I say?

There’s nothing more that you could possibly ask from a Kydex IWB holster – this one has it all.

It’s priced slightly higher than most, but considering the features that you’re getting the price is well worth it.

Who Shouldn’t Buy The Tulster Profile Holster:

That’s a difficult one to answer.

It might be outside of your budget range – I’d recommend looking into We The People or Concealment Express whose holsters are similar but slightly more affordable.

Tulster has good coverage of gun makes & models, but if you have a hipster kind of gun that is less common, then you might not find a holster for it with them.

They only do full kydex, so if you’re looking for a leather or a hybrid holster take a look at Hidden Hybrid.

Tulster Profile Holster Review

About Tulster

Tulster is an American company founded in 2015 by two guys – Richard Hobbs and Justin Courtney.

They’ve got a cool story behind it.

Justin had been experimenting with creating kydex holsters in his garage since 2013 before founding the company in 2015 and making everything official.

Today they specialize in premium minimalist Kydex holsters, going for quality over quantity.

All their products are made in the USA (Jenks, Oklahoma) and the company is named after the founder’s home city of Tulsa.

How We Tested

I carried their Profile IWB holster with my Sig P365 for two weeks, with and without their Sidekick add-on attached.

I prefer to carry appendix most of the time, but during the two weeks of testing, I was alternating between side carry & appendix carry.

Most of the points in this review will apply to their other holster models as well – Oath, Rath, and Contour – and I’ve included brief reviews of each one below.

In case you don’t know which of Tulster’s models to go for, the mini-reviews will help you make up your mind.

Build Quality, Durability, Looks & Feel

Tulster’s Profile is the original minimalist IWB holster that earned them fame. It’s their most popular holster model, and it’s not hard to see why.

The first thing you’ll notice when you hold the Profile holster in your hands is the fantastic attention to detail:

  • The edges are hand-buffed and rounded, smooth all around, nothing’s sharp
  • Nothing looks or feels out of place – every millimeter serves a purpose
  • Nothing feels cheap or half-baked

When I hold Tulster next to some of my other kydex holsters, the differences are easy to see.

The contouring on the shell is more nuanced, you can really see every single line, notch, and recess following the shape of the gun.

The entire construction feels tough and durable – from the Kydex shell to the clip. It’s built to last, and I wouldn’t expect anything less for the price point.

The holster is made out of 0.08” thick Kydex. It’s not the thickest you can get, some brands go up to 0.093” in thickness for IWB. But thicker is not always better – it’s extra width and weight going inside of your waistband.

For me, 0.08” Kydex is the sweet spot between durability & ease of concealment. There’s a reason why most holster producers use it. It’s durable enough, and you don’t really want to have any more thickness and weight than you need inside of your waistband.

Some features worth noting at this point: 

  • Open muzzle end accommodates threaded barrels
  • The holster works with suppressor-level sights, there is enough space
  • Full sweat guard. As the name implies – this protects your gun from sweat corrosion. The sweat guard is well-designed, you don’t feel it while carrying
  • Special cuts available for optics/laser/light models

The holster comes with blackened stainless steel hardware and self-locking screws.

The self-locking part means that they’re impossible to manipulate if you bump into something, etc. Only by intentionally unscrewing them with a screwdriver. It’s a nice feature to have, don’t think I’ve seen other producers mention doing this.

The trigger is fully covered when holstered, and impossible to manipulate in any way. Trigger coverage is the #1 thing that you should look for whenever buying a holster – if it doesn’t cover it properly, then it belongs in the trash. 

Retention & Fit

The retention is well-executed. The click when you holster the gun is very audible and satisfying.

As with all Kydex holsters, most of your retention is going to come from the active click, the holster snapping in place around the front of your trigger guard. That’s also where the retention screw is located.

The tension of the click is on the stronger side, which tells me that they’re probably using better molds in their factory than some of the cheaper makers.

When the gun is holstered, it’s secure.

I can turn the holster upside down, and my P365 stays in place. There is nothing shaking or rattling around when I shake the holster with my gun in it. It doesn’t feel like there is any risk whatsoever of the gun falling out. 


This holster is very comfortable to carry.

Keep in mind that I’m on the taller side, six foot three, with an average build. Got a small belly, but nothing serious that gets in the way of day-to-day life. 

I mostly carry AIWB, but side carry was just as comfortable when I was testing it out. I did get it for a smaller gun (P365), so your mileage may vary. But if it will, then it will be because of your gun, not the holster.

It doesn’t press below the belt and there’s nothing digging into my side or anything like that.

The rounded bottom edge of the holster helps with a comfortable fit. It’s about as good as a holster made from Kydex can be.

Ease Of Concealment & Tulster’s “Sidekick” Add-On

The concealment is good in both side carry and AIWB positions.

P365 is not a difficult gun to conceal, especially with the sidekick that I purchased from them. Your mileage might vary with bigger guns, but the holster’s doing its job well.

In my case, there is no printing in most situations. The holster has a low profile, nothing sticks out, and it sits flush with the body. It’s small and lightweight.

Tulster doesn’t have a claw for their holsters. Instead, they have their own product called the Sidekick. It’s basically a piece of polymer that you glue into the trigger guard area, and it works great.

From my initial impressions, Tulster’s “sidekick” is more robust and less likely to break than most of the holster claws out there. It gets the job done and provides deeper concealment, which is what matters the most. 

The sidekick is an optional upgrade and I recommend getting one, especially if you have a gun with a longer grip.

Belt Clip & Adjustability

The clip on the Profile holster is made out of sturdy injection-molded polymer.

Polymer clips are pretty common on holsters these days, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them if they’re done right. This one is.

It is designed well – it has a sharp angle at the bottom that grabs onto the belt and keeps the holster secure. It’s attached to the holster by 2 screws, and impossible to unhook by accident. 

The pressure is distributed evenly, and the clip doesn’t bend or give in.

As with their Kydex mold, the edges of the clip are rounded and buffed. It fits in well with the overall aesthetic of the holster. It feels nice to touch. 

The default clip fits 1.5” belts, but they also have a 1.75” clip available for bigger belts. If you want that one, you’ll need to specify it before ordering.

If you want to upgrade, they have the following clips available in their store that fit the Profile holster:

  • Soft loop kit: It’s 2 small nylon straps that replace the polymer clip on the holster. This should be more durable, but less stable than the polymer clip.
  • Metal clip: This one will be more durable, but will scratch easier. I prefer to have metal clips on my holsters whenever possible, so it’s good to see that they have that option available.
  • UltiTuck Tuckable Clip: If you need the holster to be tuckable. “Tuckable” means that you can pull your shirt over the holster when tucking it into your pants, with only a thin clip remaining visible on your belt. You’d want your holster to be “tuckable” while carrying in any formal place where you’d want your shirt to be tucked in – dinners, churches, etc.

The clip itself is black and comes with a subtle Tulster logo on the front. The logo is subtle and tasteful – it doesn’t bother me, and it won’t be visible while carrying. 

The clip is adjustable, allowing you to regulate the cant (angle) by up to 30°. The adjustment is easy to do with a screwdriver. 

Holster height is not adjustable on the default clip that the holster comes with. It’s comfortable the way it is, and I didn’t feel like I was missing out on that feature. 

As for carrying positions, it’s the usual appendix, strong side, behind the hip, and cross carry that you can do with this holster.

Ease Of Draw & Reholstering

Despite the great retention, there are zero issues on the draw.

Their undercut trigger guard makes it easy to get a positive grip while drawing. 

I had no issue making quick draws from both AIWB and IWB positions in the sub-2-second range.

Obviously, a lot of this is going to come down to practice, but I have nothing to criticize when it comes to drawing. 

No problems with one-handed reholstering either – it’s a firm kydex holster, and everything works as supposed to.

Tulster Profile Holster’s Price & Value For Money

Tulster Profile holster’s pricing starts at $65 at the time of writing this review. If you want to change the color to anything else than black, then it will cost you an extra $5-$10.

Considering the features and the quality, the price is reasonable. Sure, it’s more expensive than cheaper Kydex holster makers.

But the holster is well worth the money considering the build quality & attention to detail. You won’t find this kind of attention to detail any cheaper than this.  

Guns & Mods Supported

At the point of writing this article, Tulster has holsters for the following gun models:

  • CZ-USA P07
  • CZ-USA P10C
  • CZ-USA FN 509
  • GLOCK G17/22/31
  • GLOCK G19/19X/23/25/32/44/45
  • GLOCK G26/27/28/33
  • GLOCK G29/29SF/30/30SF
  • GLOCK G30S
  • GLOCK G36
  • GLOCK G42
  • GLOCK G43/43X
  • GLOCK G48
  • H&K P2000SK
  • H&K P30
  • H&K P30L
  • H&K P30SK
  • H&K VP9
  • H&K VP9SK
  • RUGER SP101
  • SIG SAUER P238
  • SIG SAUER P365
  • SIG SAUER P365-380
  • SIG SAUER P938
  • SMITH & WESSON 637
  • SMITH & WESSON M&P SHIELD 3.1″ 9/40
  • TAURUS 605
  • TAURUS 856
  • TAURUS PT111 G2/G2C

As for modifications, they have cuts for the most common ones. I’m talking Streamlight, Lima Laser, Foxtrot, etc. So unless you’re using something less common, they’ll have a cut to accommodate your mod.  

Video Review & Unboxing

Tulster Holster Models Comparison

Tulster Profile (IWB)

The Profile is Tulster’s basic IWB Kydex holster, the star of this review. Everything you read above – applies to this holster model.

Here’s a quick rundown of the features & package content from their website, so you have it all at a glance.

Holster Features:

  • Undercut Trigger Guard.
  • Works with Quick Clip or Soft Loop Kit.
  • Adjustable Retention.
  • Adjustable Cant: 0-30 degrees
  • Full Sweat Shield.
  • Rounded, Hand Finished Edges.
  • 0.8″ Thick Kydex/Boltaron
  • Minimal Material.
  • Blackened Stainless Steel Hardware

Included with Purchase:

  • (1) 1.5″ Quick Clip
  • (2) 1/4″ Truss Screws
  • (2) 3.16″ Slotted Posts
  • (2) 1/8″ EPDM Spacer/Washer
  • (1) #8 Finishing Washer
  • (1) 1/2″ Flathead Screw
  • (1) 3/8″ EDPM Spacer/Washer
  • (1)1/4″ Slotted Post
  • All Screw Threads – Nylon Patched

Tulster Oath (IWB)

Oath is Tulster’s tuckable holster.

The main differences between Tulster Oath and Tulster Profile are:

  • The Oath holster comes with a tuckable steel clip, the Profile holster comes with a polymer clip that is not tuckable.
  • The Profile Holster has a full sweat guard, the Oath has a mid sweat guard.
  • The Oath holster is ambidextrous – you can unscrew the hardware and attach it to the other side for left-handed carry. The Profile holster has 2 different models for left-handed and right-handed people.
  • Tulster Oath is optics-ready out of the box for RMR/SRO. The Tulster Profile holster doesn’t work with optics.  
  • Tulster Oath doesn’t feature an adjustable cant, Tulster Profile does.

If you don’t know which one to choose, I recommend going with Profile unless you need your holster to be optics-ready.

The super-strength steel clip has an extremely high clamping force. With a non-slip underhook. It comes with progressive strain relief, which is a fancy way of saying that it will bend instead of breaking whenever you put it under a lot of pressure.

In other words, Oath’s premium clip is really, really hard to break. I didn’t try but if you’re up for it, let me know how it went in the comments.

The oath also comes with a mod wing out of the box – you could also call it a holster claw – giving you minimal printing and ultra-concealed carry from the get-go. The mod wing comes with 2 surfaces – shallow and deep. The deeper one is better for guns with longer grips, while you might use a shallow one for something smaller like P365.

Here’s a quick rundown of the features & package content from their website, so you have it all at a glance.

Holster Features:

  • Mid-sweat shield.
  • Open-ended muzzle.
  • Raised sight channel.
  • Undercut trigger guard.
  • Adjustable ride height: 1/2″
  • Rounded and buffed edges.
  • Multi-Stage Fixed Retention.
  • Minimal Material – .08 thickness.
  • Optic-Ready, Ambidextrous, Tuckable.
  • Works with DCC Clip or optional strut and soft loop.

Included with Purchase:

  • (2) 1/4 Spacers
  • (2) 1/8 Spacers
  • (2) 1/2 Slotted Posts
  • (2) 3/4 Truss Screws
  • (1) 1.5” DCC Metal Clip
  • (2) Retention Adjustment Shims
  • (1) Mod Wing – Medium & Large Insert

Tulster Contour (OWB)

Contour is Tulster’s OWB holster model that is made for concealed carry.  

The holster is slightly asymmetric, angling the grip of the gun towards your body. It contours to your waistline and has the same effect as a holster claw on IWB holsters – the handle of the gun sticks out less, and you have better concealment.

As with all Tulster holsters, there’s no unnecessary material included. Every single millimeter on the holster has been thought through.

Here’s a quick rundown of the features & package content from their website, so you have it all at a glance.

Contour Features: 

  • Optic Compatible 
  • Mid-Sweat Shield 
  • Open-Ended Muzzle
  • Raised Sight Channel 
  • Undercut Trigger-Guard 
  • Adjustable Ride Height ¾”
  • Adjustable Cant 
  • Rounded and Buffed Edges 
  • “RAS” Retention Adjustment Slot
  • Blackened Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Accommodates 1.5″, 1.75″, or 2″ Belts
  • Minimal Material – .08” thickness
  • Made in the USA

Included with Purchase:

  • (1) 1/4 Truss Screw
  • (1) Contour RAS Tag
  • (1) #8 Neoprene Spacer
  • (1) 1/4 Slotted Post
  • (4) 3/8 Oval Head Screws
  • (2) Bit Fit OWB Loops
  • (2) 1/4 Double Posts

Tulster RATH (IWB)

RATH stands for Revolver Ready, Ambidextrous, Tuckable Holster. It’s Tulster’s IWB holster for revolvers, comes with the super-steel tuckable clip, and offers similar features as the Oath holster. So if you’re looking for a revolver holster then they’ve got you covered as well.

I didn’t try this one personally, but from what I can see it’s a lower-profile version of their other holsters. As for the downsides – it doesn’t come with a sweat guard and doesn’t cover the hammer of the revolver.

Here’s a quick rundown of the features & package content from their website, so you have it all at a glance.

Holster Features:

  • Closed Bottom Design.
  • Raised Sight Channel.
  • Adjustable Ride Height: ½”
  • Rounded and Buffed Edges.
  • Multi-Stage Fixed Retention.
  • Minimal Material – .08 Thickness.
  • Ambidextrous, Tuckable.

Included with Purchase:

  • (2) 3/8 Spacers
  • (2) 1/2 Slotted Posts
  • (2) 1/2 Truss Screws
  • (1) 1.5” DCC Metal Clip
  • (2) Retention Adjustment Shims

Tulster Echo (Magazine Carrier)

It’s a kydex magazine carrier. What makes this one stand out is the adjustable cam device. So you can adjust this mag carrier to fit different types of magazines. Great if you carry different guns and don’t want to buy a separate mag carrier for each one.

The Echo Mag Carriers come in 4 different sizes:


Here’s a quick rundown of the features & package content from their website, so you have it all at a glance.

Mag Carrier Features:

  • Minimal Material.
  • Adjustable Cant: 25 degrees
  • Adjustable Retention.
  • Rounded, Hand Finished Edges
  • Works with Quick Clip or Soft Loop Kit.
  • IWB/OWB for Right/Left-Handed Shooters.
  • Works with 9mm/.40 Double Stack/Staggered Stack Mags.

Included with Purchase:

  • (1) 1.5″ Quick Clip
  • (2) 1/4″ Pan Screws
  • (2) 3/16″ Slotted Post
  • (2) 1/8″ EPDM Spacer/Washer
  • (1) 7/16″ Set Screw
  • (2) 1/2″ Pan Screw
  • (2) 1/4″ Slotted Post
  • (1) 1/8″ Allen Wrench
  • (1) MRD – Mag Retention Device
  • All Screw Threads – Nylon Patched

Tulster’s Warranty, Shipping, Customer Support

  • Tulster offers a lifetime warranty on all of their holsters.
  • They have a 30-day no-questions-asked returns policy.
  • They have different shipping options including free economy shipping.

The customer support is friendly – you can feel that these guys care and genuinely want you to be satisfied with your purchase.  

Loose Rounds: Do We Recommend Tulster Holsters?

I hope our Tulster review helped you make up your mind about their holsters.

Tulster is one of the holster brands that I can recommend to anyone looking for a good concealed carry holster. Everything’s just so good about them that there’s no chance you’ll regret buying one.

So if you’re in the market for a premium Kydex holster that doesn’t break the bank, I recommend checking these guys out.  

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