Affiliate Disclaimer & Advertizing Policy

At Looserounds, we are committed to maintaining the integrity of our content and ensuring that our readers can trust our reviews and recommendations. To that end, we have developed an advertising policy that outlines our approach to advertising on our site.

  1. Separation of Advertising and Editorial Content: We clearly distinguish between advertising and editorial content on our site. All advertising content is clearly labeled as such and is separate from our editorial content.
  2. No Endorsements: We do not endorse any products or services in our advertising content. Our advertising is solely intended to promote products or services, not to provide recommendations or endorsements.
  3. No Influence on Editorial Content: Our advertisers have no influence over our editorial content. Our reviews and recommendations are based solely on our own research and experiences, and are not influenced by any advertising relationships we may have.
  4. Advertiser Responsibility: Advertisers are responsible for ensuring that their ads are truthful and accurate. We reserve the right to reject or remove any advertising content that we deem to be false or misleading.
  5. Affiliate Relationships: We may have affiliate relationships with some of the companies whose products or services we review. However, these relationships do not influence our reviews or recommendations in any way.
  6. Transparency: We are transparent about our advertising relationships and clearly disclose any relationships we have with advertisers. We believe in being upfront and honest with our readers, and we strive to maintain their trust at all times.

By following this advertising policy, we aim to provide our readers with a trustworthy and reliable source of information on guns and gun accessories.

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