5.56 Timeline

AMD-65 In The Vietnam War

In 1971 the RVN with support from US troops launched a limited invasion, spoiling attack in to Laos. The purpose was to disrupt the ability of the PAVN forcing to operate the Ho CHi Minh tail and stage their spring offensives into South Vietnam , much like the previous invasion into Cambodia.

While in Laos this AK variant was recovered. Whats the big deal? Well. These were very rarely seen in RVN during the war. The AMD is a Hungarian made version of the AK. Designed for armored troops and paratroopers with its folding stock and shorter barrel.

Of course this wasn’t the only one to turn up in South East Asia.

Above, Pat MacGrath of IUWG Unit-3 holds an ADM.

Below is a picture of Donald Ramsey of Recon Team Delaware, MACV/SOG firing an ADM at the range.

How they got there? No doubt communist forces received them via their normal communist supply routes. SOG no doubt had them as part of their giant inventory of foreign untraceable weapons for use on cross border missions. The restrictions on US weapons was relaxed after a few years, but some teams still preferred to carry the same weapons of the enemy for a variety of reasons. To disguise their profile long enough to get an upper hand, to be able to use the enemies ammunition, to disguise sound signature, to leave combloc empty cases on the ground to make it harder to track them after a chance encounter firefight etc.

I don’t get it, a QD MLOK handguard

Tactical Machining has come up with a quick change handguard system for the AR15.

Product link https://www.righttobear.com/product-p/10500.htm

Not a quick change barrel, but a quick change handguard.

You know, for all those times when you wanted to quickly change out handguards.

A low cost light weight handguard is great. But I just don’t see the need for a quick detach handguard.

Are you going to need two different handguard lengths and the ability to rapidly switch between them?

Now back in the day, I rarely heard of people getting an extra KAC RAS lower handguard so they could switch between one that was slick and one that had a vertical forward grip.

But it doesn’t really take long to take off most forward grips from a piccatinny rail. There are some that screw on and the Tango Down grips can be very hard to install and remove.

I think this QD handguard might be a solution to a problem no one asked about. But I do think it also shows what I have been saying that MLOK and Keymod accessories lack the quick detach ability we had gained with piccatinny rails.

Some people have difficulty installing and removing MLOK accessories. With with these handguards getting slimmer and smaller, it becomes harder to install MLOK accessories because of the protruding screws. I am told that the MLOK LMT monolithic chassis, for example, can not have the barrel removed when MLOK accessories are installed. Being able to remove your handguard would make it easier to install accessories.

Still, with out a QD barrel, is it really worth having a quick detach hand guard?

New Aimpoint With BDC Turrets

This is pretty interesting. Just a few weeks ago Howard was talking about this in an article.

So Aimpoint has came out with the new COMPM5b. The big deal is, it has a BDC feature.

You aren’t limited to just one BDC either. It works via interchangeable turrets for different rounds. Even better, it sounds like you can have them custom made for your pet load and rifle cartridge.

The red dot sight also offers wind or lead compensation adjustment. “ Ok, thats a bit dumb. If you need to be making windage adjustment for more than zeroing, you are better off with an ACOG or an variable optic. But that’s just like, my opinion man.

Other specs standard 2 MOA Aimpoint, 5 year battery life for a AAA battery for setting 7 and over 10 years on position 1-4 (10 red dot intensity adjustment settings including 2 night vision positions).

Let’s face it, Aimpoint doesn’t make a bad RDS. It will be tough, last forever and easy to use. I think a reticle with a BDC would make more sense than adjustable turrets ( that won’t have any zero stop I’m sure). Can you imagine some mook out there shooting and adjusting those turrets up and down then forgetting about it. It’s a world of screwed up possibilities on a sighting concept meant to be as easy as falling off a frog.