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Come on over to

Seems many of you have not been updated yet. The new website has been up for about a month now. You can...

Tactical Musette Bag

When you want a Modular Assault Pack or zip on pack but have a taste for the retro or are just poor, slap a...

Prep Rant: Let’s Argue

So I saw this meme today and it reminded me of some of the stuff I talked about before. I think too many people...

Now also at

The good fellas over at Last Movie Out Post have invited me to join them as a regular writer. You guys know I have...

Pucker Factor , Stories of MACV SOG

If you like my SOG stuff you will really like the book put out by my friend Jason Collins. Jason has put a lot...

Let’s Have A Talk About The Website

Lets have a little back and forth. I have been thinking about moving looserounds over to substack. There...

Pistol_Purview Medley

If you aren't following Pistol_Purview's instagram account, you are missing out on some truly iconic and historic custom pistol history. Below are a few...

Great Deal At Gunbroker ..

An interesting post from B-ARFCOM user disparcher91 yesterday morning I had this in my email today. There have been several threads claiming that...

Want Al Capone’s 1911?

Capone’s pistol, which has a $50,000 starting price. Photograph: Sheldon Carpenter Carpenter, All Rights Reserved The life of the notorious mobster Al Capone is...

The 18th Division (South Vietnam)

In the last months of the Vietnam war, virtually all US support to the Republic of South Vietnam had been vindictively cut and PAVN...