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2 New 1,000 Yard Records

Berger Bullets Congratulations to long range shooter Charles Greer! Charles set two new World Records in NBRSA 1,000 Yard Heavy Gun!1) Single Target Score:A perfect...

“We Got Caught Off Guard”: Winchester President Discusses Ammo Shortage And What’s To Come

Authored by Emily Miller via Emily Post News, This is part two in a series of interviews with ammunition manufacturing executives. Read my interview with...

Questions About the FBI’s Role In 1/6 Are Mocked Because The FBI Shapes Liberal...

Authored by Glenn Greenwald via, The axis of liberal media outlets and their allied activist groups— CNN, NBC News, The Washington Post, Media Matters...

Friday Fun


1920’s Smith Regulation Police 32 S&W

A nice 6 shooter from Karl at

Protected & Served !

An Ohio police car ran over a man who’d been shot and called 911 for help – and he died shortly afterward, police and...

Visualizing The Rise And Fall Of Ammo Prices

From Zerohedge Ammo prices across all calibers are coming down in price since April but remain well above their pre-COVID levels, according to Redditor "chainwaxologist,"...

Fighting Knife in 1916 Holster

By BAP45 A method of knife carry that became popular in World War II and has continued off and on to the modern day is...

Bubba Gunsmithing Strikes Again

Some one got to to insect some of Dyspeptic Gunsmith's handiwork.

Ed Brown Custom Colt

pistol_purview Long before before he had a custom shop that was pumping out dozens of Kobra bobtails, Missouri native Ed Brown was himself a custom...