A warning about shills

About a year ago I saw a scammer make eighty thousand dollars in about 3 hours. Oh boy was I jealous. I’m in the wrong line of work. Sadly my ethics won’t allow me to do what he did.

I grew up reading gun magazines. Those were always fun to read. But I never saw a bad review of an item.

A review of an Auto Ordnance 1911 mentioned having so much metal shave off inside the action that it jammed the gun. The reviewer still said that it would be a good choice for a new shooter. That is just plain ethically wrong to promote unreliable junk that someone’s life might end up depending on. But I suppose those big bucks of being a gun writer just are more important.

One of the NRA magazines had a list of the top 10 pistols and they left Beretta off the list. Beretta threatened to pull their advertising, so the NRA dedicated the following magazine to Beretta products.

Those are just a couple of quick example that pop up from memory. I saw a new one today about IraqVeteran8888 (IV8888). Forged From Freedom showed how IV8888 was paid $6000 per video for four videos ($24,000 total) to promote Olight products. IV8888 did so while claiming to be impartial.

Picture from ForgedFromFreedom.

ForgedFromFreedom has come out showing this only because IV8888 shorted them the cash they felt they deserved. The were perfectly fine with what IV8888 was doing when they thought they would be paid to help.

You see can ForgedFromFreedom’s side of the story here:


Remember, this is the same IV8888 that after he claimed he was never paid to review a product, Yankee Marshall showed his price sheet where IV8888 charges up to $4000 for a positive gun review.

As always, don’t just believe what you see online. Do some research for your self. Unless it is posted on LooseRounds.com, then you know you can trust it. And Olight, have one of your reps use our contact form, we could use some money too.


Hoo boy. Where to begin with this one. It was even hard to come up with a title for this pure plutonium of insanity. This is the kinda of story you know right off had to come from Russia.

It started off like just any other run of the mill night for young up and coming doctor Mikhail Tikhonov . Out with his new “lady”, drinks and a good time,then back to her place for a little normal hetero activity. Or so he thought. Things went downhill from there.

“He had been on a night out with Nina Surgutskaya, 25, in Kursk, before going back to her flat, he said”.

“The pair were having sex when he realised that she was ‘transsexual’ and had undergone surgery.”

“He immediately strangled her on her bed and then to hide the murder, dismembered her corpse, he told police interrogators”

After finding out his new GF wasn’t his GF after al, Mikhail did not react well at all. He proceeded to go Crazy Ivan all over his qusai-girlfriend.

‘She tried to continue the sex, but at that moment he grabbed her by neck and squeezed tight,’ said the police source.

‘He stopped only when she had no more signs of life.’

Tikhonov then ‘decided to get rid of the body’ and took the corpse to the bathroom where he ‘cut out her internal organs’, and chopped them into small pieces which he flushed down the toilet.

He then carved off the woman’s flesh which he ‘put into the into the oven’, roasting them ‘to evaporate excess liquid’. 

The crime scene in the eastern city of Kursk where police discovered a number of items of clothing


The crime scene in the eastern city of Kursk where police discovered a number of items of clothing

He then put the head and limbs into a suitcase and took them to his flat, according to the crime report.

Using a rasp, he sawed off limbs and ribs and threw them into rubbish bins.

At this point, police came to detain him.

They found the macabre sight of the head still attached to the spine, which he had covered in salt ‘to get rid of the smell’.

‘He had no time to get rid of these body parts as he was caught,’ according to one report.

Tikhonov, who was trained as a doctor, faces up to 20 years in jail if convicted of murder and mutilating the corpse. Nice to see the US isn’t the only country with a idiotic justice system. Of course murdering a trans person in the US would be auto-death. No trial. Straight to the gas chamber these days. Cause we all know it’s more bad to kill some people than it is others.

With a cool head like that, you know he made a very good doctor.

Things took a turn for the EC horror comics in a flash but I can’t help but to point out that had the ex-dude been honest with Doc Mangler up front he/she may still be alive. Honesty is indeed the best policy.

Mikhail Tikhonov confessed to the murder shortly afterwards


Mikhail Tikhonov confessed to the murder shortly afterwards


The SlumberJack Roadhouse Tarp

Last night a friend and I spent a little time on top of the mountain shooting his new issued Colt Commando and cooking over a fire. It started to rain a bit so he busted out this nifty tarp that is used with your vehicle.

It all comes in a nice little package and you of course get the poles with it as well as the tent stakes.

The tarp itself is draped over the back of a SUV on one end then open on the other.

You can adjust it for height and you can use one center pole to turn it into a A shaped tent. Buckles and straps are on the car end and you hook them through the top luggage rack and through the rim on each side rear tire to secure it. You then use the tent poles and tie down the securing rope to keep it stable.

It goes up fast and comes down fast. I really recommend this thing if you like this sort of thing.


Ah spring time. That time of year when people fall in love, propose, get married. All that stuff. And with it comes that familiar old story. You know the one. Boy meets girl. Boy and Girl fall in love. Boy’s troubled past makes him more attractive to girl. Boy gets tired of girl and falls in love with his axe. Boy hacks up girl and girl’s friend. Cops find out boy’s troubled, brooding past is full of such romantic tropes as strangulation, robbery, assault. . It’s the stuff that makes middle age women spend millions every year on romance novels and movies. And one lucky gal got to ( maybe)live that tale as old as time.

The prince charming of this love story. Mr. 187 himself.

A Facebook post from Angela Valle showing her boyfriend Jerry Brown.

What a dream boat!

He calls himself “Grim Creepa.” And before he allegedly hacked her nearly to death with an ax, his girlfriend called him “Mr. 187” — street slang for murderer.”

Nickname checks out.

Law enforcement sources on Saturday night confirmed that they have charged this man in the ax attack on two young moms that left one dead and another fighting for her life.

The suspect, violent ex-convict Jerry Brown, 34, was charged early Sunday with murder, attempted murder, and criminal possession of a weapon, for the ax, police said.

More charges were still pending, law enforcement sources said.

Brown has 13 prior arrests, including for assault, robbery, burglary and strangulation, along with the more minor offenses of turnstile jumping and drinking in public, sources said.

He was being held in a psychiatric lockup, the sources said.

I already can see the angle going to be used by his defense lawyer…

He was arrested in Manhattan at around 3 p.m., the sources said, and has admitted to being at the scene of the murder, the sources added.

The attack left Savannah Rivera, 20, the pregnant mom of a three-year-old son, dead from near-decapitation

The suspect knew both women, police have said.

But social media posts show Brown was dating Valle as recently as last month.

Valle’s Facebook posts from November through March were filled with affection for her beau, who she calls “Grim Creepa. Isn’t that sweet?

“My heart,” she called him in one post from late December. He must have wanted to take her up on that offer.

Chillingly, just six weeks ago, she posted a photo of him sitting shirtless on a messy bed.

My f–king man doe!!!” she gushed. “Mr. 187 him self,” she added, a reference to Section 187 of the California penal code, the section that encompasses homicide. It’s a staple reference in gangsta rap.

I think it’s a valid question to ask. If you give your boyfriend the nickname mister murder, can you really be surprised when he hacks you up with an axe? I also have to know if before he started did he kick it off with a horror movie one liner and say ” Can I axe you a question baby?”

The two victims have cosmic levels of bad judgement but a now deep understanding of irony. Cue the Curb your enthusiasm theme song.


Victims Savannah Rivera (L) and Angela Valle (R).