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‘This Is A War On Truth’

Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

It is dangerous to reveal the truth about the illegal and immoral things our government does with our money and in our name, and the war on journalists who dare reveal such truths is very much a bipartisan affair. Just ask Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who was relentlessly pursued first by the Obama Administration and now by the Trump Administration for the “crime” of reporting on the crimes perpetrated by the United States government.

Assange is now literally fighting for his life, as he tries to avoid being extradited to the United States where he faces 175 years in prison for violating the “Espionage Act.” While it makes no sense to be prosecuted as a traitor to a country of which you are not a citizen, the idea that journalists who do their job and expose criminality in high places are treated like traitors is deeply dangerous in a free society.

To get around the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of the press, Assange’s tormentors simply claim that he is not a journalist. Then-CIA director Mike Pompeo declared that Wikileaks was a “hostile intelligence service” aided by Russia. Ironically, that’s pretty much what the Democrats say about Assange.

Earlier this month, a US Federal appeals court judge ruled that the NSA’s bulk collection of Americans’ telephone records was illegal. That bulk collection program, born out of the anti-American PATRIOT Act, was first revealed to us by whistleblower Edward Snowden just over seven years ago.

That is why whistleblowers and those who publish their information are so important. Were it not for Snowden and Assange, we would never know about this government criminality. And if we never know about government malfeasance it can neve be found to be criminal in the first place. That is convenient for governments, but it is also a recipe for tyranny.

While we might expect the US media to aggressively come to the aid of a fellow journalist being persecuted by the government for doing his job, the opposite is happening. As journalist Glen Greenwald wrote last week, the US mainstream media is completely ignoring the Assange extradition trial.

Why would they do such a thing? Partisan politics. Journalists – with a few important exceptions like Greenwald himself – are no longer interested in digging and reporting the truth. These days they believe they have a “higher calling.”

As Greenwald puts it, “If you start from the premise that Trump is a fascist dictator who has brought Nazi tyranny to the US, then it isn’t that irrational to believe that anyone who helped empower Trump (which is how they see Assange) deserves to be imprisoned, hence the lack of concern about it.”

That may seem like a good idea to these journalists in the short term, but for journalism itself to become an extension of government power rather than a check on that power would be deeply harmful.

We cannot have a self-governing society as was intended for our Republic if the government, with the complicity of the mainstream media, decides that there are things we are not allowed to know about it. President Trump should end the US government’s war on Assange…and on all whistleblowers and their publishers.

Ky Squirrel season 9/22/2020

I went over the weekend and yesterday and the death toll now stands at 33 for the season.

If you ever wonder what they are eating this time of year, it is hickory nuts. If you can’t spot them moving, you can listen for the sound they make as they chew through the hull to get to the nut. You will also hear the shaving falling through the leaves. It sounds a lot like rain. You can see the shavings in the two pictures below.

Saturday two doe walked up to within 10 yards of me.

My “pet” beavers were out too.

The last time I mentioned my home cold bluing job on my recently bought Model 31 in 12 gauge. Better pictures below.

Bottom has not been blued yet. But the two sides of the receiver were just as white after I sanded it to remove rust.

Self portrait from yesterday.

Not a very dignified way to be laying after death.

A Van Orden Model 70

This is a pretty good write up of a Pre 64 Model 70 bought through Evaluators LTD. Though it is full of mistakes about the USMC Model 70s used in Vietnam and the roll Van Orden played in that. Which is none actually. A common mistake made by people. You can see my write up on the history of the guns on this site to see the real story. The rest is pretty solid . Post came from the facebook group in the water mark of the first image.

In July 1952 a wooden crate was delivered to the quarters of Robert Gates on Fort Bragg in North Carolina. The crate was from Evaluators Ltd in Quantico Virginia. Evaluators Ltd was a weapons contractor which specialized in military and law enforcement firearms and which had recently begun delivering on a contract with the US Marine Corps for the newest generation of USMC sniper rifles. The new sniper rifle was based on the Winchester model 70 target rifle, tweaked and accurized by Evaluators Ltd. The design of the rifles and oversight of the contract had been entrusted to Brigadier General George Van Orden, inevitably resulting in the rifles becoming known as “Van Orden sniper rifles”. Not even close to true. Van Orden and his company did sell rifles he ordered from Winchester in certain configurations and they did get the name “Van Orden Sniper rifles” But they were never bought by the military/USMC and never saw combat. they were private use only.-Shawn

For Gates, the crate delivered to his quarters did not contain a rifle issued to him by the military. Instead, his was among 59 Van Orden snipers which were special ordered by private individuals.

As Gates opened the crate, inside was a brand new model 70 chambered in .30-06 and in what Evaluators Ltd had named the “SPECIAL TARGET” configuration. The serial number was 220619. At first glance, the stock was a factory target stock, but on close examination it had some changes to pitch and length of pull which were made at the direction of Brigadier General Van Orden. The rifle had scope blocks which were ready for a Unertl 8x target scope, which was not included with the rifle. What was included was a 60-pt Lyman 48 WH receiver sight and Lyman 77 globe style front sight. Gates’ rifle included one additional special feature which he had special ordered – his rifle was fitted with a stainless steel barrel finished in Winchester’s distinct silvery satin “iron plate” bluing.

Until yesterday I could only imagine Gates’ excitement as he opened the crate and first laid eyes and hands on what he knew was truly a one of a kind rifle. Last night I was able to experience a bit of what Gates must have felt after a special delivery arrived here. Inside was serial number 220619, still in the same pristine new condition as when Gates first received it. The rifle is breathtaking. We plan to study it and document it before making it available for sale later this year. In the meanwhile, we will post more pics and will share our learnings with you along the way.