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A Boy And His Rifle Part VIII

I love doing this series. Last night I posted the request in a small facebook group I belong to run by, Stuart ( thevintage1911.com) I asked for pictures of everyone’s first rifle. Some are still gathering pictures so I will have to spread it out over a few days but I am going to share a few today.

Remington 511 Scoremaster my dad got in about 1970, pretty roached. Became mine as a teen. Last year I did a full restoration on it and gave it back to him for Father’s Day.“-Kyle

Don – 1966ish Sears single shot .22 rimfire.

Kevin- My Father’s Daisy model 25. Bought in the late 30s. He used to take me to the range ( garage) and cock it, hand it to me,and he would cock it again. best memories ever.

Joe- My Dad’s 1913 production Ithaca 12 gauge. I had it repaired and refinished in the mid 70s.

Top. Man, Goes To Gym, Gets Jacked

Lamar Andrews

Richmond County authorities confirmed Tuesday that they are investigating a deputy for allegedly masturbating inside a Gold’s Gym sauna next to another member.

The jokes just write themselves for this one.

“We are investigating internally and CID is looking into it as well,” sheriff’s Lt. Glen Rahn said.

A public indecency report says the incident took place around 2:30 p.m. Monday at the Bobby Jones location. A 43-year-old gym member told deputies that “he observed a white male with black hair masturbating next to him while inside of the sauna room,” the report says.

He was so disgusted that he could only stand to watch for 25 minutes

The male was described as a white male, 25-30 years of age, between 5’06-5’10, weighing 160-180lbs, with brown hair.

The victim said he noticed what was going on and left the sauna room to notify gym staff. The gym’s maintenance man then went inside the sauna room and observed the male masturbating before he covered himself with a towel, a report says.

Imagine having to clean that up. I hope he is paid well.

The suspect left the gym after the incident and was last seen walking towards Walmart wearing a red shirt and black shorts. The member then contacted 911 to report the incident. Had to run a few errands after pumping iron.

The gym later found out it was a deputy. They have canceled his membership, general manager Brooks Reames told The Jail Report.

“Here are at Gold’s Gym, we take matters like this very seriously,” Reames said. “We have taken immediate action in regards to this issue and are allowing law enforcement to handle the criminal matter.”

“Andrews has been terminated from the Sheriff’s Office effective this date. Andrews has been committed to the Charles B. Webster Detention Center,” said sheriff’s Sgt. William McCarty in a press release.

Hate Mail ! 7-7-2020

Colt Boy, Do you even try to come up with original articles, or do you just copy and paste everything from AR15.com? Holy fuck, you pathetic fucking loser. No wonder your rich eating girlfriend fucking left you. Between this, your gay ass YouTube videos and your comic book reviews, you have to be the biggest loser I have ever seen. Pike County must be so proud of you.

Mr. LOL commented on the Korea war guns article. He seems to have me mixed with some one else as I have never done comic book reviews nor do I have a youtube channel of note. It is pretty lame though since it’s videos of beavers, friends shooting and footage from SHOT and NRA shows . Pretty sure he meant to say “rice eating girlfriend” as a racial slur on my ex GF from Vietnam who had to leave when her student visa ran out 10 years ago . I can tell that I must have really twisted his panties on B-ARFCOM at some point though and I am pretty sure I know who he is. Looks like he has something to do with https://www.tgstactical.com/ according to his email address which he stupidly used.

Is the Revolver Dead?

By Luis Valdes

Those were the words uttered in 1989. The Era of the Wondernine was upon us. High Capacity 9mm Semu-Autos that had a magazine capacity of 15rds to 17rds was becoming the standard. Technological wonders from S&W, Ruger, GLOCK, Sig Sauer, and Beretta were hitting store shelves and police holsters. The thought across the gun ranges and in the roll call rooms was that the old reliable wheel gun was done. By the year 2000; we’d all be shooting lasers in the 40 Watt range and doing it on the moon.

Carry guns like this factory bobbed hammer DAO S&W Model 65 were done and no one would want them.

Only old people would be carrying such a beast. Low capacity, heavy, and large. Why would someone lug a S&W Model 13 around?

The semi-automatic was to replace the revolver like the percussion cap replaced the flintlock or the self contained cartridge firearm replaced the muzzle loader. Well, weren’t they wrong. Revolvers are still here and gaining popularity. So much so that Colt is back in the game with the Python and Cobra line after they abandoned it entirely with the belief that the semi-auto was the only future they could partake in.

Kimber has jumped into the market with an entirely new design.

S&W is making newer versions of their ever classic J-Frames without locks and they’ve even brought back the 3″ Model 66.

Ruger is selling their revolvers like hot cakes and coming out with new designs.

And ultimately, folks like yours truly are still putting the original ones through the ringer.

The revolver is not dead, far from it. It is rising from the ashes like a phoenix. Sure, the wheel gun had a slump in the 1990s and early 2000s. But in the 2010s it regained its strength and is it starting the 2020s with a hell of a demand. Folks want guns that go bang due to the rioting and pandemic. And the revolver is still a hell of a self defense gun. For a novice shooter, the revolver isn’t a bad choice. .38 Special and .357 Magnum are nothing to sneeze at and the fact that they don’t need magazines is a plus to the thrifty buyer. Since with the massive panic we’re witnessing, magazines like guns are hard to find.