Hidden Hybrid Holsters Review [2022, Hands-On]

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The first thing you hear about Hidden Hybrid is that they’re comfortable.

Very comfortable.

Well, we decided to go and find out for ourselves.

This one’s for you if you’re still on the fence about them.

In our updated Hidden Hybrid Holsters review, we’re taking a closer look at the holster to answer the following questions:

  • Are they really as comfortable as it gets?
  • How’s the build quality, durability & safety?
  • Is it easy to conceal?

And finally – are Hidden Hybrid Holsters worth the premium price tag that they’re asking vs the competition?

Let’s go.

Hidden Hybrid Holsters: Short Summary

Type: Hybrid, IWBAdjustability: Retention, Ride (Height), Cant (Angle)
Material: Leather & KydexRetention: Passive Adjustable
Carry: Concealed Carry & Open CarryLight/Laser/Optics Cuts: Any possible combination you want, they have it
Fit: Customized To GunGun Compatibility: Any gun you can think of, they make a holster for it
Safety: ✅Trigger & Barrel CoveredWarranty: ✅ Lifetime
Made In: ✅AmericaHand Orientation: ✅ Ambidextrous

Pros & Cons


  • The most comfortable hybrid holster you can buy today
  • Good concealment
  • Good adjustability – height, cant, retention
  • Options for any gun + laser/light/optic combo you can think of
  • Premium build quality, great retention & durability
  • Excellent leather
  • Lifetime warranty & satisfaction guarantee
  • Cheap accessories – clips, etc.


  • Premium pricing
  • Mods & customizations come at extra cost
  • Longer delivery time because they’re handmade, about 2-3 weeks until you have it
  • Slightly bigger & heavier than full Kydex holsters, not a problem just nitpicking

Who Should Buy Hidden Hybrid Holsters

  • You’re in the market for a hybrid holster – won’t find better than Hidden Hybrid for quality & comfort
  • You’ve tried full Kydex holsters and found them uncomfortable – this one’s great for comfort
  • You just want a premium holster with quality that will last you a lifetime
  • You need a holster for a specific gun + mod combination that other holster shops don’t have

Who Shouldn’t Buy Hidden Hybrid Holsters

  • You want your holster to be as light & small as possible – full Kydex models will get the job done better here, although there’s a chance they won’t be as comfortable

Hidden Hybrid Holster Review – Hands On

How We Tested

I carried one of their Single Clip IWB/AIWB holsters for 3 weeks with my Glock 19.

3 weeks is a bit longer than I allocate to other holsters. I wanted to give the leather some time to form & contour with time to see how comfortable I could get this thing.

I prefer to carry appendix most of the time. During the testing, I was alternating between side carry & appendix carry.

Kicking it off with the leather.

Leather Quality, Thickness

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert on leather, so forgive me if I’m not using the correct words here to describe it. Just my impressions, in my own words.

Comfort’s probably the main selling point for Hidden Hybrid holsters. The leather is softer than Kydex, so the holster won’t feel as hard against your body.

And I’ll tell you – the black leather feels thick & juicy. I wouldn’t even think of it ripping, breaking, or stretching out too much.

The edges are burnished and the stitching is strong. If you ask me, I’d say every aspect of the leather is about as good as you’d want it to be:

  • Stitching
  • Edges
  • Texture & color
  • Tanning
  • Thickness
  • etc.

Note: Their website says it’s a premium barrel-dyed cowhide with suede backing. Hand-sewn and finished by an Amish workshop down the street from them.

They got the 9-10 oz. leather thickness just right. It’s thick & beefy enough not to flop around. But it’s also thin enough to contour itself to the body, and not stay rigid forever.

Note: The “not flopping” part is important because any loose material that can potentially get in the way of you reholstering your gun is a safety hazard. One-handed reholstering is possible with this holster, and they’ve gone out of their way to make sure that there are no leather parts near the grip of the gun.

It doesn’t take up too much of my valuable waistband space, which I’m very happy about.

The “backer” or inner part of the leather is made out of suede. They decided to go with suede because it stays in place and wicks away sweat better than regular leather.

It took me a few days of carrying until the leather started to change shape, but I estimate it took around 2 weeks for the holster to fully contour itself to my body. YMMV.

In summary, I only have good things to say about the leather. The design & construction seems simple from the first look, but I can see that a lot of thought & effort went into that simplicity. And it’s something that I can appreciate.  

Holster Comfort

What can I say? It’s a very comfortable holster.

Probably the most comfortable hybrid holster I’ve tried in my life.

For context, I’m on the taller side, six foot three, with an average build. Got a small belly, but nothing serious that gets in the way of day-to-day life.

As I said, I wore it mostly AIWB with occasional side carry testing. It handled both well and was comfortable at all times.

Nothing got in the way while I was moving around. The holster stays in place, just as it’s supposed to. It’s a comfortable choice for sitting as well – both in the car and in the office.

It’s got a small footprint. The leather does feel soft, and while the overall size is a little bit bigger than my smallest Kydex holsters, the softness that I get from the leather is worth the tradeoff.

So if you’ve had comfort problems with Kydex holsters before – specifically the “digging into your sides” kind – Hidden Hybrid holsters are definitely worth checking out.

The single clip model that I tested is the smallest of them all. It’s also the model that I’d recommend if you’re interested in trying out Hidden Hybrid, it’s just the most versatile.

Despite the anti-sweat suede backer, sweating might be an issue for you if you live in the southern states. I did notice the leather getting warmer than Kydex while carrying.

Not to the point of excessive sweating or discomfort. And it never got really wet, so their moisture-wicking claim holds up.

Kydex Quality, Features & Holster Safety

Hidden Hybrid put some extra effort into their Kydex shell as well. Some of the things you’ll notice off the bat are:

  • Smooth, polished edges all around
  • Nothing even close to being “sharp” or unfinished
  • No unnecessary bulk – just the essentials
  • Tighter than usual retention (which is good)
  • Solid, reliable metal screws keep the holster together

I think it’s about time to show their video in which you can see both the leather & Kydex shells being finished by hand in their factory:

You can see them going through different steps by hand – shaping, grinding, and polishing all the edges so nothing can snag on the gun.

The Kydex itself is slightly thicker than usual – comes in at 0.093” in thickness. For comparison, other Kydex holsters usually come with 0.08” shells. This extra thickness is better for durability – the Kydex shell is built to last.

The holster ends up being slightly thicker than your regular full Kydex models – We The People, Concealment Express, Vedder, etc. – but that’s mostly because of the leather. The 0.093” Kydex does not impede comfort in any way.

It does feel more sturdy and durable, so good job on that one, Hidden Hybrid.

You can get the Kydex shell in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Black Carbon Fiber
  • Coyote Tan
  • Coyote Tan Carbon Fiber
  • Flat Earth Dark
  • Flat Earth Carbon Fiber
  • OD Green
  • OD Green Carbon Fiber
  • Storm Grey Carbon Fiber

The colors all look professional and subtle – nothing super flashy like We The People do. I like simple designs, so I can appreciate this. 

The entire construction feels tough and durable. Everything’s built to take a beating, and I wouldn’t expect this holster to unexpectedly break down on me.

Some other features worth noting are:

  • The muzzle end is open and will accommodate threaded barrels
  • The holster will work with suppressor-level sights, there is enough space
  • The leather cut makes for a good sweat guard

The trigger is fully covered when holstered, and impossible to manipulate in any way. Trigger coverage is the #1 thing that you should look for whenever buying a holster – if it doesn’t cover it properly, then it belongs in the trash. 

To summarize, I’m happy with their Kydex shell execution. The quality of the shell is in line with the premium pricing of the holster.


When the gun is holstered, it’s secure. The Kydex shell is extra-tight:

  • There is nothing shaking or rattling around when I shake the holster with my G19 in it.
  • It doesn’t feel like there is any risk whatsoever of the gun falling out. 
  • I can turn the holster upside down and the gun stays in place.

Still, I had no trouble drawing from it. It’s a game of millimeters with those kydex molds, so it’s good to see them pushing for that extra retention.

Note: Another reason why you’d want the retention extra-tight with hybrid holsters is that any leather will give in slightly with time. So if your kydex shell is not super tight from the get-go on a hybrid holster, then you’re risking ending up with loose retention after some months of carrying.  

Like all hybrid holsters, this one comes with adjustable passive retention (friction between the holster and your gun). There’s no “click” that you hear when you holster the gun, but with retention this good you don’t really need one.

If you want it tighter or looser, the retention is simple to adjust with two retention screws located at the bottom of the holster.

Belt Clips

The clip is designed well – the bottom grabs onto the belt and keeps the holster securely in place. 

It’s impossible to unhook the clip by accident. Everything’s sturdy. The pressure is distributed evenly, and nothing bends or gives in.

They’ve got thin but sturdy steel and polymer clips available. I went with steel for this one, just because it’s slightly thinner. Polymer won’t scratch, but also probably won’t last forever like steel.

All clips have options for 1.5” and 1.75” belts that you choose when checking out.

The clips are tuckable, which means that you can pull your shirt over the holster when tucking it into your pants, with only a thin clip remaining visible on your belt.

Note: You’d want your holster to be “tuckable” while carrying in any formal place where you’d want your shirt to be tucked in – dinners, churches, etc. Having tuckable clips is a good design decision that makes the holster more versatile.

The clip itself is slim, black, and doesn’t have any logos or other design features on it. I appreciate the minimalist aesthetic, don’t really like having holster logos on my belt.

Adjustability & Carry Positions

The clip is adjustable, allowing you to regulate the height (ride) & angle (cant) of the holster.

The adjustment is easy – you just need a screwdriver and that’s all. I did take mine apart to try different angles, but at the end of the day, I was comfortable enough with the factory settings so I put it back together to exactly how it was before. 

As for carrying positions, you have AIWB (appendix carry) and regular IWB (strong side carry) to choose from.


The concealment is good in both side carry and AIWB positions. I’m more comfortable with AIWB, but it’s great for side carry as well.

Your mileage might vary if you have a bigger gun, but the holster’s doing its job well.

In most situations, there’s no printing. The holster has a low profile – slightly more elevated compared to full kydex – but nothing sticks out, and it sits flush with the body with or without the claw.

Holster Claw – Do You Need One & How To Use It

The holster claw is an attachment used to keep the gun close to the body to avoid printing in appendix carry position (AIWB).

The claw attaches to the holster. It adjusts the angle of the holster and pushes the handle of your gun to be more in line with the natural curvature of your body. Thus giving you better concealment.

So, should you buy the claw?

Well, it’s only $5 extra with these guys, so I’d just buy one if I were you.

The concealment is better with the claw, but it’ll work fine without it as well. Especially for smaller guns.

I’d say the claw is only a must-have for guns with longer grips, as they tend to stick out and print more.

Ease Of Draw & Reholstering

Despite the extra-tight retention, there are zero issues on the draw. I had no issue making quick draws from both AIWB and IWB positions in the sub-2-second range. Obviously, a lot of this is going to come down to practice, but I have nothing to criticize when it comes to drawing. 

As mentioned above, you get a full positive grip when drawing with all of the Hidden Hybrid holsters. The piece of leather is cut away around the handle of the gun so it won’t obstruct your grip in any way.

No problems with one-handed reholstering, either. Unlike many hybrid holsters, this one’s completely safe to use even with rapid reholstering.

They designed the leather part in a way that doesn’t allow it to get pulled into the holster. It’s both thick and extremely rounded without any sharp edges. Zero chance of it getting stuck anywhere.

Hidden Hybrid Holster Models

Hidden Hybrid Single Clip – IWB

Hidden Hybrid single clip is the smallest & simplest model for appendix & strong side carry. It’s the model that I got, and also the one that I’d recommend for most other people if getting started with their holsters.

Adjustable cant, retention, and height. There’s an optional claw that you can purchase, which I recommend if you’re going to carry appendix. This is the model that this review is mainly focused on.

Hidden Hybrid Double Clip – IWB/OWB

This one’s for larger guns, for side carry. You can use it as both IWB and OWB holster – it comes with both 2 clips and 2 belt loop holes. The size of this model is significantly bigger than the previous one, so depending on your experience you might want to start from a smaller one.

Hidden Hybrid OWB Holster

This one’s similar to the double clip, but it only works OWB. The construction is slightly smaller and it looks to be a decent OWB holster. If you want to carry OWB, then it’s up to you – do you want a slightly bigger holster with an IWB option as well? Or do you just go for OWB? The first one is arguably more cost-effective.

Hidden Hybrid Small Of Back

They also have a small of back holster – I honestly wouldn’t recommend that design to anyone. They’ve been banned in many police districts. The reason is – there’s a high risk of injuring your back if you fall over while carrying a small of back holster. Unless you have some specific reason why you’d want to carry small of back, you’d be better off going with normal IWB designs.

Guns & Modifications Support

Hidden Hybrid cover pretty much every gun and every mod from the following makers:

  • Beretta
  • Bersa
  • Boberg
  • Browning
  • Canik
  • Colt
  • CZ-USA
  • Diamond Back
  • Glock
  • H&K
  • Kahr
  • Keltec
  • Kimber
  • Mossberg
  • Para Ordnance
  • Remington
  • Rock Island
  • Ruger
  • SCCY
  • Sig Sauer
  • Smith & Wesson
  • Springfield Armory
  • Steyr
  • Taurus
  • Walther

You can have your holster molded to fit any light/optics/laser mod that you want.

Optics include:  

  • Burris Fastfire
  • Doctor
  • Holosun
  • Leupold
  • Sig Sauer Romeo One
  • Trijicon RMR
  • Trijicon SRO
  • Vortex ADD

Lights and optics include:

  • Crimson Trace Laserguard Red LG-436
  • Crimson Trace Laserguard Green LG-452
  • Crimson Trace Laser Grip LG-417 , LG-851, LG-639G and LG-639
  • Inforce APLc for Glock
  • OLIGHT PL-MINI 2 Valkyrie
  • Streamlight TLR-1, TLR-1s and TLR-1 HL
  • Streamlight TLR-6

Add-ons & upgrades

They sell magazine carriers as well – in the same hybrid design as their holsters. There’s a single & double mag carrier. If you’re in the market for one of those, go for a single one since the one with 2 mags is quite bulky.

Price & Value For Money

It’s a premium holster that retails for a premium price.

The price starts at $69 for the basic holster without any add-ons or modifications.

It’s on the higher side for a holster, especially if you do decide to get mods.

But the build, design, and features are well worth the price it’s retailing at.

It’s really comfortable, built like a tank, and will probably last you for years.

And it’s cheaper to pay $69 once and carry it for 5-10 years than spend $30-$40 every year on a new cheap holster.

Warranty, Shipping, Customer Support

All Hidden Hybrid Holsters come with a lifetime warranty. This covers the kydex and leather parts of the holster breaking due to a manufacturer defect. They consider clips consumables (which they are), but they sell them quite cheaply on their website.  

The shipping is not free and comes in at $7.95 at the time of writing this post.

There’s a 30-Day “One Question Return Policy” where you only have to answer how they could have done better.

The shipping times are longer than usual because everything’s handmade – 2-3 weeks until the holster arrives at your door. They’re very transparent in communicating this.

Otherwise, the guys are a pleasure to deal with, and the customer support is good.

About Hidden Hybrid Holsters as a company

All Hidden Hybrid holsters are made in America, they’re located in Ohio. They’ve been around since 2011 and have become the “go-to” comfortable holster maker for people.

Besides holsters, you can buy:

  • Gun belts
  • Mag carriers
  • Apparel
  • Custom Work
  • Decals
  • Fastener Replacements

Video review & Unboxing

Bonus: Fears Around Hybrid Holsters & Why This One’s OK

So there are a couple of reasons why people recommend avoiding hybrid holsters. The main objections include:

  • Bad retention
  • Dangerous reholstering because of flappy leather
  • Poor trigger coverage
  • Leather stretching out with time
  • Leather part not allowing you to get a positive grip for drawing

As I’ve mentioned above, from what I can see Hidden Hybrid doesn’t suffer from any of these issues. It’s a hybrid holster that is done well and doesn’t have any of the issues of cheaper hybrid holsters.

Reholstering is completely safe, the trigger is covered fully, retention is extra-tight, and the leather really doesn’t seem like it will stretch in any meaningful way. At least on the single-clip model.

Parting Shots & Loose Rounds: Do We Recommend Hidden Hybrid Holsters?

In summary, I can say that I’m very satisfied with my Single Clip model and will keep it in my EDC rotation for the time being.

I’ll update this review if anything changes.

But right now I can wholeheartedly recommend Hidden Hybrid holsters to anyone looking for a premium holster that offers some of the best comfort you can get for concealed carry.

I hope this Hidden Hybrid holsters review helped you make up your mind on whether these guys are right for you.

If you have any questions – reach out in the comments!

To learn more about how we work and earn our living, read more about who we are or take a look at our editorial guidelines (work in progress!)

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