Concealment Express (Rounded Gear) IWB Kydex Holster Review [2022]

Concealment Express Holsters Review IWB OWB Trigger Guard Tuckable

What can I say about Concealment Express (Now Rounded Gear) Holsters?

They’ve come a long way.

Back in the day, they had the following issues with their first batches of holsters:

  • Exposed magazine release
  • Sharp Kydex, rough around the edges
  • Uncomfortable muzzle cut on some models

Most budget holster shops would leave it at that, take the money, and ride off into the sunset.

Not these guys.

They’ve fixed the above issues, and now you’re getting a holster with:

  • Beautiful Kydex, rounded edges
  • A magazine release that’s covered
  • A mold that’s more precise & detailed
  • Quality that is closer to premium holster makers, for half the price

So grab yourself a cup of coffee. We’re taking a closer look at their new IWB Kydex holster in our Concealment Express (Rounded Gear) Review.

Let’s go.

Concealment Express (Rounded Gear) IWB Kydex Holster: Summary & Verdict

Type: IWBAdjustability: Cant, Retention
Material: KydexRetention: Active “Click” Retention
Carry: Concealed CarryLight/Laser/Optics Cuts: Available For Most
Fit: Custom-MoldedGun Compatibility: Most Popular Guns Covered
Safety: ✅Trigger & Barrel CoveredWarranty: ✅ Lifetime
Made In: ✅USAHand Orientation: ✅ Ambidextrous

Concealment Express (Rounded Gear) IWB Kydex Pros:

  • Consistent 2-5 days delivery time
  • Good build quality, durable
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight, slim, and comfortable
  • Conceals well, especially with the claw addon
  • Has models for most light/laser/optics mods
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great retention & checks all safety boxes

Concealment Express (Rounded Gear) IWB Kydex Cons:

  • Height (ride) is not really adjustable
  • Only available in black & carbon colors

Who Should Buy Concealment Express (Rounded Gear) IWB Kydex Holster:

A good & affordable holster that doesn’t cut corners?

If that sounds like what you’re looking for, then Concealment Express (Rounded Gear) is right up your alley.

The overall quality is just a tad bit better than most of the budget holster makers out there. Which is why I’m so confident in recommending this one.

And, they keep making these better:

The kydex is rounded off and doesn’t need sanding anymore. The muzzle end is cut properly. The molds have become better – there’s more detailing and lines on the holster.

The magazine release is covered. Their retention has always been tight & snappy.

Everything just… works.

At a price that’s more affordable than most of the competition.

To Summarize: YES, it’s still one of the best bang for your buck kydex holsters on the market. As far as value for money goes, it’s right there at the top.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Concealment Express (Rounded Gear) IWB Kydex:

So, are you ready for the main difference between this one and more premium holster makers?

The lack of a metal clip in the default configuration.

That’s it.

Note: They do sell metal clips – as well as loops & holster claw – separately in their shop.

For everything else – retention, fit, durability, thickness, concealability, and features – chances are you won’t be able to tell the difference between Rounded Gear and a more expensive holster brand.

After the improvements they’ve done, the differences are mostly cosmetic.

To summarize, you shouldn’t buy Concealment Express if:

  • You want the absolute best kydex stuff that’s out there.
  • You want a leather holster.
  • You like adventurous holster designs, this one only comes in black & carbon.
  • You need your holster height (ride) to be adjustable.

In any other situation – it’s a good purchase.

Concealment Express (Rounded Gear) IWB Kydex Holster Review

About Concealment Express (Now Rounded Gear)

Concealment Express – now known as Rounded Gear – was founded in 2014 in their CEO Benedict’s garage.

Side note: many holster companies start from garages – Alien Gear, Tulster, etc.

These guys have always targeted the affordable, “bang for your buck” holster segment.

While still keeping the quality. It’s a basic holster that can do all you need to do, nothing more nothing less. 

CE holsters have some of the shortest delivery times on the market – you can expect to get your product in 2-3 days.

Some Kydex holster makers will have you wait a couple of weeks until you get your holster. I can confirm from experience.

Kydex manufacturing is notorious for that. It’s difficult to do at scale.

But these guys managed it.

They have great reviews on Amazon, and their IWB Kydex holster’s been one of the best-sellers there for years.

How We Tested

I carried Rounded Gear’s IWB concealed carry holster with my Sig P365 for three weeks. I carried with and without the claw add-on attached.

Keep in mind that I carry appendix most of the time. During the testing period, I was alternating between side carry and appendix carry, to give you the complete experience I had with the holster.

This review is focused on the IWB Kydex holster, but most of the points when it comes to construction quality & retention will apply to their other holsters as well.

You can find shorter reviews of their other holster models – Trigger Guard, OWB Paddle, OWB Belt, Competition, and Tuckable – below. In case you don’t know which one of Rounded Gear’s models is right for you, those mini-reviews should help you choose.

Build Quality, Durability, Looks & Feel

The first thing I noticed when holding the Rounded Gear IWB Kydex in my hand is that the design has gotten better since I last saw it:

  • All edges are buffed, nothing’s sharp, and everything’s rounded off just right
  • The mold & contouring seems better than before – there are more lines and precision
  • The holster feels good in my hand, smooth and nice to the touch

The entire construction feels tough and durable – from the Kydex shell to the polymer clip (more on the clip below).

They use 0.08” thick Kydex for all of their IWB holsters. It’s not the thickest you can get, some brands go up to 0.093” in thickness even for IWB. But thicker is not always better – it’s extra width and weight going inside of your waistband.

0.08” Kydex is still my sweet spot between durability & ease of concealment. Most holster producers use it, even the more premium ones. At that thickness, the kydex is durable enough.

And you don’t really want to have any more thickness and weight than you need inside of your waistband.

Additional features & specs worth mentioning at this point:

  • The holster comes with blackened stainless steel hardware
  • Open muzzle end works with threaded barrels
  • Accommodates suppressor-level sights with a raised sight channel
  • Comes with a full sweat guard

The sweat guard is built well – it doesn’t dig into my sides when carrying. I was a little worried about that happening when I first got the holster because it looked a bit boxy, but it was fine in the end. It’s well made.

The trigger is fully covered when holstered. It’s impossible to manipulate it without drawing the gun first. Everything’s secure.

Trigger coverage is the #1 thing that you should look for whenever buying a holster – if it doesn’t cover it properly, then it belongs in the trash.

I remember that they used to offer more colors before, but it seems they now make these only in black & carbon. I got myself a black one as I usually tend to do.

If you wanted a pink one… then I’m sorry to disappoint you.

Retention & Fit

The retention is good, snappy, and overall well-executed.

There’s a strong click when I holster the gun, it’s loud and satisfying. When the gun is holstered, it’s secure.

Most of the retention with these Kydex holsters comes from the “active click”. In other words – it’s the holster snapping in place around the front of the trigger guard. This keeps the gun fixed inside.

This pressure is also what you’re adjusting with the retention screws that are located near the front of the holster.

The retention adjustment works well – you can make the draw as easy or as hard as you want it. All you need is a screwdriver. I liked how it came from the factory, so I didn’t make any significant adjustments there.

I can turn the holster upside down, and my P365 stays in place. There is nothing shaking or rattling around when I shake the holster with my gun in it. It doesn’t feel like there is any risk whatsoever of the gun falling out.


The holster was comfortable to carry in both AIWB and side carry positions. I prefer AIWB, but depending on your body type your mileage may vary.

I don’t forget that the holster is there, but it doesn’t poke, prod, or cause pain in any other way. The holster doesn’t dig into my stomach even while sitting down. Nothing presses below the belt, either. 

Keep in mind that I’m on the taller side, six foot three, with an average build. Got a small belly, but nothing serious that gets in the way of day-to-day life.

Also, P365 is a small gun. Carrying a bigger gun will be less comfortable because of its size. But I have no complaints about this holster’s comfort.

For me, it’s comfortable enough. About as good as a Kydex holster can be. 

Ease Of Concealment & Holster Claw Add-On

I had no trouble concealing with both side-carry and AIWB positions.

The holster has a low profile, nothing sticks out, and it sits flush with the body.

It’s a sleek, streamlined & lightweight concealed carry design.

In my case, there’s no printing in most situations.

Having a small gun like P365 helps. But it’s a universal holster design that will work with any gun model.

I did get Rounded Gear’s holster claw addon as well. The claw is for deeper concealment in the AIWB position. You purchase it separately.

Here’s how it works.

The claw presses against your belt from the inner side, and pushes the holster to be more in line with the natural curvature of your body. Thus giving you better concealment.

It’s easy to use and install. They include everything you need in the kit. Once you have it installed, it’s easy to adjust and get a hang of using it.

I can’t say that I really needed it with a gun as small as Sig P365. But it did help a little.

If you’re not sure, I’d recommend getting a holster claw if:

  • You carry appendix – it’s just good to have here, period
  • You have a gun with a longer grip – those benefit the most from the holster claw

Note: The claw might make the holster less comfortable to wear. It’s impossible to say for sure, and really depends on your body shape. Either way, it’s worth a try if you can spare a few extra dollars for it.

Belt Clip & Adjustability

Rounded’s regular IWB Kydex holster comes with a sturdy injection-polymer clip.

The clip is made out of thick, sturdy plastic. Some people might see that as a weakness, but it’s not.

Polymer clips are common these days, and most holsters come with them. Even some premium brands that cost more than Concealment Express come with them.

It’s strong, durable, and designed well. Pressure is distributed evenly, nothing bends or gives in. The edges of the clip are rounded, and the design is in line with the rest of the holster.  

The clip is angled at the bottom and grabs the belt securely when attached. It sits tight and is difficult to unhook from the belt by accident. If you want to unhook the clip intentionally, there’s a small cut-out at the end of the clip that’ll help you do it.

The clip itself is black and doesn’t have any logos or prints on it. I like the understated aesthetic, as I’m personally not a fan of big logos on anything – whether it’s holsters or clothing.  

And in case you want to replace the polymer clip – you can!

For their regular IWB holster, Rounded Gear offers the following clip options:  

  • Regular metal clip – same as the polymer, except it’s made from aluminum. More durable, from my experience these don’t break down, ever.  
  • Soft belt loops – these provide better security than the belt clip, as it’ll be physically impossible to remove the holster from your belt. They’re worse for concealment, though, as the holster is less secure against your body & moves around more on the belt. The community is divided on the belt vs. loop issue – my take is that the clip is better than loops for most people. It’s very difficult to rip the holster together with the gun off your belt as it is, and while the loops do provide extra security, the tradeoff in stability & concealment of the gun just won’t be worth it for most people.  

Their basic IWB Kydex holster is not tuckable, and they don’t sell a tuckable clip for it either. They have a separate tuckable version of this holster, that you’ll be buying with the tuckable clip from the get-go.

The Ulti-Clip that their tuckable holster comes with is made out of metal and can clip down on sweatpants, joggers, and yoga pants. It’s good if you want to hit the gym while still carrying, or any other situation where you’d be wearing pants without a belt on them.  

When it comes to adjustability, you have the following settings available:

  • Adjust the cant from 20 degrees to a negative 5 degrees. You unscrew one of the screws on the clip and move the clip around.
  • Adjusting retention – there are 2 tension adjustment screws below where the barrel of your gun will be. The adjustment works well – tightening the screws will make your draw more difficult, and loosening them up will make the draw easier.

With this model, the holster height (ride) is not adjustable. While it would be nice to have, I didn’t really feel like I needed it for comfort. Also, fewer moving parts usually means that the construction is stronger.

As for carrying positions, it’s the usual appendix, strong side, behind the hip, and cross carry that you can do with this holster.

Ease Of drawing & Reholstering

I had no issues with drawing and reholstering.

Their undercut trigger guard makes it easy to get a positive grip while drawing.

Quickdraws from both AIWB and IWB positions in the sub-2-second range are easy.

Obviously, a lot of this is going to come down to practice, but I have nothing to criticize when it comes to drawing.

No problems with one-handed reholstering either – it’s a firm kydex holster, and everything works as supposed to.

To summarize, unless your retention screws are tightened to the max, you’ll have no trouble here.  

Concealment Express (Rounded Gear) IWB Holster’s Price & Value For Money

This holster is… kinda cheap! They’re retailing a little above $40 at the time of writing this article, which actually makes it the cheapest holster we’ve reviewed so far. The add-ons and customizations will cost you extra.

Also, considering how far Concealment Express (Rounded Gear) have come with their features & build quality, I consider the holster to be well worth the money.

You could even call it cheap, considering the features you’re getting.

It might just be the most affordable quality Kydex holster that you can buy right now. Every other holster brand worth their money that I can think of does retail above this one.

Guns & Mods Supported

At the time of writing this article, Rounded Gear (Concealment Express) covers the following gun models with their basic IWB Kydex holster:

  • 1911 4.25″ Commander (NR) (Non-Sig)
  • 1911 5″ Government (NR) (Non-Sig)
  • Beretta 92 Compact
  • Beretta 92FS
  • Beretta APX
  • Beretta APX Carry
  • Beretta APX Compact 9/40
  • Beretta M9, M9A1, M9A3
  • Beretta Nano 9MM
  • Beretta PX4 Storm Compact
  • Beretta PX4 Storm Full Size
  • Beretta PX4 Storm Sub-Compact
  • Bersa Thunder 380 / 22
  • Bersa Thunder 380 CC
  • Browning 1911 380
  • CZ 75 SP01 Phantom
  • CZ P-07
  • CZ P-09
  • CZ P-10 C
  • CZ P-10 F
  • CZ P-10 S
  • Canik TP9 Elite SC
  • Canik TP9SF / TP9SF Elite
  • Canik TP9SFX
  • FNS 509
  • FNS 509 Compact
  • FNS FNX 45
  • Glock 17/22/31 (Gen 1-5)
  • Glock 19/19X/23/32/45 (G1-5)
  • Glock 20/21
  • Glock 26/27/33
  • Glock 29/30/30SF
  • Glock 30S
  • Glock 34
  • Glock 36
  • Glock G42
  • Glock G43/43X
  • Glock G48
  • H&K 45 Compact Tactical
  • H&K 9/40 Full Size
  • H&K HK45
  • H&K P2000SK
  • H&K P30/P2000
  • H&K P30L
  • H&K P30SK
  • H&K VP9
  • H&K VP9, VP9SK
  • HPT C9
  • IWI Masada
  • Jericho 941 F9 FS Steel Frame
  • Jericho 941 FS9 Mid Steel Frame
  • Kahr CW9
  • Kahr PM9
  • Kel-Tec PMR30
  • Kimber Micro 380
  • Kimber Micro 9
  • Ruger American Compact 9mm
  • Ruger American Full Size
  • Ruger LC9/LC9s/LC380/EC9s
  • Ruger LCP
  • Ruger LCP II
  • Ruger LCPMAX
  • Ruger MAX-9
  • Ruger SR22
  • Ruger SR9C
  • Ruger Security-9
  • Ruger Security-9 Compact
  • S&W Bodyguard 380
  • S&W CSX
  • S&W M&P 4.25″
  • S&W M&P Compact Gen 1
  • S&W M&P M2.0
  • S&W M&P M2.0 3.6″ 9/40
  • S&W SD9/SD40 VE
  • S&W SHIELD 9/40 (Incl. M2.0)
  • S&W SHIELD 9/40 w/LG-489G
  • S&W SHIELD 9/40 w/TLR-6
  • S&W SHIELD EZ 380
  • S&W SHIELD M2.0 4″ Barrel 9/40
  • SAR SAR9
  • SCCY CPX-1 / CPX-2
  • Sig Sauer P220 w/ Rail
  • Sig Sauer P226 w/ Rail
  • Sig Sauer P229 w/ Rail
  • Sig Sauer P238
  • Sig Sauer P239
  • Sig Sauer P320 Compact / Carry
  • Sig Sauer P320 Full Size
  • Sig Sauer P320X5
  • Sig Sauer P365
  • Sig Sauer P365 XL
  • Sig Sauer P365 w/ Lima Laser
  • Sig Sauer P365 w/ TLR-6
  • Sig Sauer P938
  • Sig Sauer SP2022
  • Springfield 911 .380
  • Springfield Hellcat
  • Springfield XD 3″ Sub-Compact
  • Springfield XD 4″ FS SVC Model
  • Springfield XD MOD.2 3.3″ 45ACP
  • Springfield XD-M 3.8″ 9mm
  • Springfield XD-M 4.5″
  • Springfield XD-M 5.25″
  • Springfield XD-S 3.3″
  • Springfield XD-S 4.0″
  • Taurus 738 TCP
  • Taurus G2 / G2C
  • Taurus G3
  • Taurus G3C
  • Taurus GX4
  • Taurus PT709 / PT740 Slim
  • Taurus Spectrum
  • Taurus TH9 / TH40 Full Size
  • Walther CCP (Incl. M2)
  • Walther PDP
  • Walther PDPC
  • Walther PK380
  • Walther PPK/S
  • Walther PPQ M1 4.0
  • Walther PPS M2

As for the laser, light & optics coverage, they have cuts for most possible ones that you’d have. Romeo Zero, Streamlight, Lima Laser, etc. if it’s at all popular, they have a holster that accommodates it.

Video Review & Unboxing

Concealment Express (Rounded Gear) Holster Models Comparison

IWB Kydex Holster

Rounded Gear’s most basic concealed carry IWB Kydex holster model. The holster that they got started with. And probably, still, the most accessible IWB Kydex holster in America if you look at lead times on other manufacturers. This one will come to your doorstep in 2-3 days, which is the fastest lead time that you can get.

It’s the holster that I have personally used, and the focus of this review. Recommended for pretty much everyone, it’s a solid choice that is both durable & affordable.  

IWB Athletic/Tuckable Holster

Rounded Gear’s tuckable holster.

“Tuckable” means that you can pull your shirt over the holster when tucking it into your pants, with only a thin clip remaining visible on your belt. You’d want your holster to be “tuckable” while carrying in any formal place where you’d want your shirt to be tucked in – dinners, churches, etc.

The clip adjustment is less sturdy here – the points of contact are vertical, not horizontal. As a result, the tuckable holster will tilt & move more on your clip than their regular holster. It does give you adjustable holster height, though, which is something that the original is missing.

Which one to go for? If you see yourself carrying at events where it might make sense to tuck the shirt in, then get the tuckable option. Otherwise, go for the normal one.  

OWB Paddle & Belt Loop Kydex Holsters

For a more detailed review of the Rounded Gear OWB holster, see this post on TTAB.  The paddle used to slack before, but it seems they’ve fixed it up now.

TriggerGuard Holster

Rounded Gear’s trigger guard is a minimalist holster solution for pocket or bag carry.

The trigger guard attaches to the gun, keeping the trigger from being manipulated. They’re not the only ones doing this kind of holster design, and I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners.

It is necessary for some situations though – when you can’t have your belt with you.  

Hybrid Holster – Leather & Padded Options

The hybrid holster consists of a Kydex shell with a soft backer. Rounded Gear offers two versions of a hybrid holster – leather & neoprene. I haven’t tested these models personally, but because of the larger size, they’re more difficult to get right than minimalist kydex holsters.

We’ve reviewed Hidden Hybrid holsters before and those guys know what they’re doing. Considering the price, I’d recommend you go with Hidden Hybrid instead. But who knows, maybe I’ll test these out from Concealment Express one day and I’ll change my mind.  

Competition Holster

As the name suggests, Rounded Gear’s competition shooting holster line. Built for fast draws, and nothing else.

Magazine Holster, Tactical Leggings, Coffee

Like most holster companies these days, these guys also offer magazine holsters, tactical leggings & clothing, gun belts, and their own proprietary brand of coffee. I haven’t tested any of these so I don’t have much to say about them. Included for the completeness of their lineup.

Concealment Express (Rounded Gear)’s Warranty, Shipping, Customer Support

  • All Rounded Gear Holsters come with a lifetime warranty. This covers your holster failing due to a manufacturing defect – they will repair it or replace it for free.
  • There is a 30-day exchange & return policy. After receiving your holster, if for any reason you want to return your holster you can do that within 30 days from the purchase date.
  • They offer FREE standard USPS shipping on all orders over $44, below that you’d be paying $5 for shipping.

Finally – I want to mention again that their shipping times are the fastest in the industry, with most orders coming in at 3-4 or 5 days from the date of purchase. The customer support is also great, these guys are a pleasure to deal with.

Loose Rounds: Do We Recommend Concealment Express (Rounded Gear) Holsters?

Yes, we do.

It’s a perfect holster if you’re a beginner just getting into concealed carry.

But also if you have some experience and are in the market for a concealed carry IWB Kydex holster… you won’t go wrong with these guys.

They don’t get much love online, partially because of those small design flaws that their initial batches had.

But they get the job done, and at current prices, it’s honestly the best bang for the buck that you can get with Kydex holsters.

I hope this Concealment Express (Rounded Gear) review helped you make up your mind about their holsters. Let me know what you think in the comments.

To learn more about how we work and earn our living, read more about who we are or take a look at our editorial guidelines (work in progress!)

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