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Welcome to Looserounds! Our mission is to provide credible, fact-based, and up-to-date firearms information and reviews.

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Our Mission


Our mission is to provide honest and unbiased reviews of guns and gun accessories to help you pick the best gear there is for your needs. We believe that everyone has the right to defend themselves and their loved ones, and we want to help you find the best gear for the job.

Our Values


We value safety, responsibility, and respect. We believe that owning a gun is a serious responsibility, and we encourage you to always prioritize safety when handling firearms. We also believe in respecting others’ opinions and choices, even if they differ from our own. Needless to say – we’re all pro 2nd amendment over here.

We also tell you the truth. If a certain product is just not up to snuff in the current year, we have no trouble telling you so. Too often, review sites only focus on the good sides of a particular product because it’s been sent to them for free for review. We don’t do that. If it’s not good, we’ll put it in the review. Or not include it at all.

Our Vision

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Our vision for Looserounds is to become the go-to source for anyone interested in learning more about guns and self-defense. We want to create a community where people can share their experiences and knowledge, and help each other make informed decisions about their gear. We also aim to promote responsible gun ownership and education, to ensure that everyone can enjoy their firearms safely and confidently.

How We’re Different


One word – experience. Our experience and knowledge set us apart from other review websites on the internet that often review the products without even touching them.

All of our team and contributing writers have carried years, and many of us have attended various additional training courses. We have experience with a variety of firearms, from pistols to rifles to shotguns. Together we have mostly everything covered when it comes to knowledge – from self-defense & concealed carry to competition shooting to hunting.  

We have also spent countless hours researching and testing firearms and accessories. We’ve tested enough different gear to arm a battalion – or a mid-sized police department. And that includes everything from the guns themselves to holsters and scopes. We’ve seen it all.

How We Work – Our Editorial Process

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Our editorial process centers on aiming to ensure you understand what you’re reading and know how to use the information to make confident choices about what gear to buy and why. Our writers and editors use fact-based, up-to-date research and present it in a clear, easy-to-understand way. We want you to only have the best gear possible.

Our content includes new articles on evergreen firearm topics (skills, training, gear, best practices), coverage of the latest gun news & gear releases, and updates to existing content to ensure our information is up to date with the latest industry developments.

Our Content Integrity Promise


We are committed to independent, impartial, fair journalism. The integrity of our content is our top priority. We are not influenced by advertisers in our coverage, and never will be. We rely on our own research and trusted information sources to ensure our information is as up-to-date as possible and applicable to you.

Every Looserounds staff member and contributor is held accountable to a high standard of honesty and transparency. All of our writers, editors, and contributors are responsible for disclosing any potential conflicts of interest.

We also commit to telling you when there is an error in an article, and to fix it. When we discover an error in one of our articles, we will correct the article as quickly as possible and add a correction note. All corrections will be clearly labeled, dated, and include information about what was corrected.

If you believe we have published a factual error in any of our content, please get in touch with us and let us know. We will investigate and take appropriate corrective and/or updating measures. You can report a possible error through our contact form.

Selecting & Buying The Products


Most of the products we review are bought with our own funds after careful research and testing. Sometimes, companies will send us free stuff for review. We always disclose this in the article, don’t let that influence our review one single bit. We do not edit our articles if the company that sent us free gear is not satisfied with the review for any reason.

Evaluation & Recommendations


For each product type, we have a set of criteria that we use to rank it by. For example, holsters will have build quality, retention, comfort, ease of concelament, etc. Each product we review goes through our proprietary ranking process and is scored based on how it fares in each of the categories.

But we also use common sense – if a product is not something we’d recommend to our best friend, then it’s not getting included in the article. Quality above quantity, always.

How We Make Money


We may earn a small commission when you click on the links in our articles at no cost to you. The price doesn’t change for you, but you’re helping to support the site by doing so.


Our goal is to provide you with helpful, original, and unbiased content. All information is verified, attributed, and original. We do not copy the work of others. Any suggestion of plagiarism is investigated fully, and we expect all contributors to follow all applicable laws, standards, and accepted journalistic practices including:

The Looserounds Team

Michael Mason, Founder & Editor In Chief

Michael Mason Looserounds Content Producer
Michael Mason – Editor In Chief
  • Expertise in firearms design, engineering, and testing
  • Deep knowledge of ballistics, trajectory analysis, and ammunition selection
  • Worked as a consultant in product development and testing
  • Founded Looserounds in 2022, aiming to be America’s largest online gun publisher by 2030
  • Proud father, husband, patriot

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Mark Jackson, Senior Content Producer

Mark Jackson Looserounds Content Writer
Mark Jackson – Senior Content Producer
  • Joined Looserounds in 2022 as Staff Writer
  • Has a collection of rifles, handguns, and shotguns (both modern & historical)
  • NRA member and active participant
  • Passionate about gun laws & activism
  • USPSA and IDPA competition experience
  • Multiple years of ghostwriting for a major firearms magazine (under NDA)

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