5.56 Timeline

TACOMHQ's Rifle Optic System

As soon as I walked onto the floor I happened on a very interesting product.   With the change of an attachment you can go from a 100 yard zero to a 1,000 yard zero to a 2,500 zero in seconds.  The video below explains better than I can.  Hopefully we will have more to come on this in the coming months.

Colt's Semi M16A1 and XM177 Coming Soon


Here at the NRA show, Colt is also showing two new AR15s coming in a few months.   The plan is to release to new and different semi auto versions of classic vintage  rifles with a plan to release two different rifles every year for the next 10 years .  Above is a picture of the first two vintage rifles that will be out in coming months.   First is the M16A1 ( semi auto of course) 603 correct in all ways save for the full auto parts.  The carbine is the immediately recognizable Xm177 that some know by its more slang name of CAR15.   The xm177 has the fake moderator attached permanently to make the barrel 16 inches and to comply with the pointless ATF rules keeping it from falling into NFA  territory.

A lot of attention and work is going into make these guns accurate as possible and high quality. Below is  the stock for the CAR15 in the early stages, showing it as a piece of aluminum. The stock will not be the later synthetic version.


I could not get better and closer pictures of the guns since they are on a rotating display. Fact is they fooled me into thinking they were the military original versions.   The attention to detail is impressive. No doubt much to the agony of retro part ebay  sellers and the boys at the retro forums.

Inland MFG's M37 Combat Shotgun

The boys at Inland keep turning out some really great high quality and faithful reproductions of classic arms.  After doing well with the M1911A1 and the M1 Carbine they now are offering up a M37.  I have to tell you, after looking it over it is NICE!  The action is a version of the super slick M31 and it is just as slick and smooth.   We will have one for review in the coming weeks.