5.56 Timeline

SOG Recon Team Habu

Green Beret Nick Brokhausen walks behind an indig team member while walking the Ho Chi Minh Trail trying to lure out an NVA soldier for prison snatch.

This is a really great shot of a CAR15 using a forward vertical fore grip made from a M16A1 grip. You can also see his ODs have been streaked with black spray paint and extra pockets added to the shirt sleeves. Common SOG recon modifications. People often ask why you don’t often see them wearing boonie hats. If you have ever been in the woods wearing a “boonie hat” and tried to pinpoint the direction a certain sound is coming from you will know.

Nick seems extremely casual to be walking what was one of the most dangerous roads in the world. The fellow SOG man who shared this photo says it is a result of Nick having taken too many “green hornets,” a powerful amphetamine issued to SOG recon team personnel for some missions. Like extremely dangerous POW snatch attempts. The pill reportedly ensured 24 hours of stamina with no need for sleep or eating.

Top. Men. Lose 15 Month of Evidence

Oopsie. Don’t you just hate it when you have a server crash and you lose 15 months worth of police body cam and dash cam footage ? Gosh. Good thing the King’s Men never do anything wrong. We can totally take their word on it.

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. — The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) says computer servers containing uploaded data, including data from dashboard cameras, has crashed. The data is unrecoverable, and this could have major implications for dozens of legal cases.

I bet we can all guess exactly what kind of cases… I’m no tech wiz, but I have serious doubt there is such a thing as “unrecoverable data” in this day and age.

HCSO spokeswoman Rachel Frizzell says in January, HCSO’s Offce Networking Specialists were performing routine maintenance on in-house servers and noticed they were operating very slowly when restarting the server processing in-car videos.

A closer look and a consultation with operating and backup software manufacturers revealed that an abnormal number of backup snapshots had accumulated on the server.

Frizzell says, “Under the direction of the manufacturer of the software we initiated a consolidation process that did not correct the issue.”

Frizzel says HCSO networking specialists worked with the manufacturers of the software in use and ultimately identified and sent the data drives to a company that specializes in recovery.

But Frizzell says recovery was unsuccessful, meaning the data on those servers is now lost forever. How ’bout that?

Hamilton County District Attorney Neal Pinkston says some cases could be dismissed after 15 months of video evidence from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office was lost after a server crash.

In an interview Monday morning, Attorney Robin Flores address the lost footage and what it could do to his current cases he’s representing.

“What’s critical is the unblinking eye of video, if it’s there, and it could be lost,” says Flores. We need a more powerful panopcticon obviously.

And here we get to the real matter.

“Going back to 1985 being in the justice system as a cop, lawyer, or law student, I have not seen this amount of evidence disappear,” says Flores.

Flores says that disappearance could change the end result of several lawsuits against the sheriff’s office.



HB610 Kentucky Pro-gun Bill

HB 610 will allow a person with a Ky. concealed carry license to carry at all locations in Ky. with the exception of courtroom, court proceeding or building solely occupied by court of Justice Courtroom, detention facilities, police stations, sheriff’s office and bars. No other restrictions will exist. This means carry is allowed on K-12 school property, all local government buildings, airports outside the TSA checkpoints, all public college and university campuses. This will be special authority for holders of a physical Ky. CCDW, only. Constitutional carry will not be aforded the same priviledges and out of state licences will not be eligible for these new authorities. HB 610 is sponsored by Representative Robert Goforth. You can see HB 610 here: https://apps.legislature.ky.gov/record/20rs/hb610.html