5.56 Timeline


In Australia where every one used to be able to carry giant knives, everything is trying to kill you all the time. Even the air is venomous and stopping to smell the roses may result in your face being torn off. Thankfully, guns are very strictly controlled or the yearly death toll Down Unda would raise even higher by .001%. Despite the Aussie government saving humanity from evil guns, the death toll continues to rise with the now deadly threat of feathered killers.

An elderly Australian man was killed Sunday after he crashed into a fence while riding his bike — with the fatal collision reportedly a result of his efforts to avoid a swooping magpie. Oi ! Krikey mate!

The unidentified 76-year-old was riding his bike on a path in Nicholson Park in Woonona, New South Wales, around 8 a.m. when he started to ride outside the path to get away from the bird, witnesses told police.

“The man then collided with a fence post, causing him to be thrown to the ground, sustaining serious head injuries,” authorities said in a press release on Monday.

Local police believe the death was Fowl Play.

The man was treated at the park before being airlifted to a hospital in critical condition. He later died, police said.

A man died in New South Wales, Australia, on Sunday after trying to avoid a swooping magpie on a park bike path, witnesses told police.

A man died in New South Wales, Australia, on Sunday after trying to avoid a swooping magpie (Not Pictured) on a park bike path, witnesses told police.

Investigators are looking into the incident, but magpies are known to “swoop” around strangers during mating season — and can even become aggressive and attack humans crossing their territory. One magpie had recently caused problems in New South Wales among a community who felt threatened by the bird. Welcome to 2019 folks..

Dive-bombing bird startles Denver park-goers

The “monster” magpie who was terrorizing people in Sydney earlier this month was shot down on the orders of neighborhood officials, Australia’s ABC reported at the time. The Australian magpie is a variant of the European bird of the same name. The fascist government summarily executed a bird without due process. How do we know this was the felonious fowl?

The bird was “very aggressive and uncharacteristically territorial” and went so far as to try to swoop in underneath cyclists’ helmets.

Magpies swoop when they feel threatened — particularly when strangers walk near their homes, according to Gisela Kaplan, who studies the birds at the University of New England. I would expect some one who bird gazes to be a yankee.

Perhaps our Australian readers can clue us in on the feathered menace and how bad it is.


Belt Fed Colt CAR15 HBAR M2

Here is a neat piece of M16 history up for auction. Thanks to Alex over at the AR15 resource facebook page I can bring this to your attention in case you want to place a bid.

Description: This is an exceptionally rare piece of Colt history, with less than 20 having been made. Colt developed these rifles during their experimentation with the new CAR-15 system, during which they focused on seven different versions. Ultimately, the HBAR M2 was discarded, but before production was discontinued, less than twenty were produced. This gun is pictured on pages 175 and 176 of “The Black Rifle” by Stevens Ezell, and close examination of both the photos and the gun confirms that this is the actual item pictured in the book, despite not being listed by serial number. This example has the early second type three prong flash suppressor, heavy barrel, modified M2 bipod, fitted with one of the early round interchangeable handguards from Colt’s first offering, carryhandle sights, early A1 style pistol grip, and buttstock with rotatable sling swivel and cupped rubber buttplate. Colt then added a very clever belt feed mechanism, that sits in the magazine well when the rifle is opened and locks in when the rifle is closed. The vertical actuator attaches to a special cut in the bolt carrier group to actuate, and a slot was added on the right side, where a feed chute would feed spent links into a separate compartment of the feed box. This rifle is accompanied by three drum magazines and a link of 25 dummy cartridges. One drum magazine has the removable top attaching section, other two do not have this piece and are filled with links. There is also an additional pin equipped with a pull ring. CONDITION: Very fine overall, retaining the vast majority of its finish with some markings from usage. Bolt face is excellent, bore is excellent, mechanics are crisp. As to be expected of an early experimental gun, some of the work is a little crude, but still well executed. This lot is also accompanied by a copy of “The Black Rifle” by Stevens and Ezell, as well as a printout of the Bob Miller Estate sale, where this gun was number 32. PROVENANCE: Bob Miller Estate. If you are a collector of rare firearms, belt fed machine guns, or even Colts, this is a collector’s prize. THIS IS A NATIONAL FIREARMS ACT ITEM AND REQUIRES BATF APPROVAL PRIOR TO TRANSFER. THIS ITEM IS FULLY TRANSFERABLE ON AN ATF FORM 3 OR FORM 4. EWAccessories: Ammo links, three total magazinesBarrel Length: 21 – 3/4″Caliber/Bore: 5.56mm NATOFFL Status: NFAManufacturer: Colt FireamsModel: AR-15Paperwork: Copy of “The Black Rifle” and a copy of Bob Miller Estate sale paperwork.Serial Number: 018954

You can bid on it now if you have thousands of dollars burning a hole in your wallet.


Bonnie & Clyde Guns And Items

I saw a news story yesterday talking about some Bonnie and Clyde items being auctioned off, In this auction is a shotgun used by the duo.

The pump-action shotgun was recovered by police following a gun fight with the outlaws in 1933 in which two officers were killed and is now tipped to sell for £60,000.

The collection, expected to make a total of £120,000, also includes a gold wristwatch recovered from Clyde’s body following his death a year later in another shoot-out.

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow met in Texas in 1930 and are believed to have committed 13 murders and several robberies and burglaries by the time they died in 1934.

The public were enamored with the pair during the Public Enemies era of the Great Depression, as they gained headlines for evading the authorities in shoot-outs and making daring getaways.

Probably one of the USA’s more famous outlaw stories that is of interest to millions of people. The recent Netflix film, The Highwaymen is the story told from the side of the two TX Rangers who chased them down and made them into good criminals. They did this by putting about 2 tons of lead into both of them.

Clyde was famous for his love of the BAR
Even for today that is a damned impressive amount

After the shootout police found the following weapons in Clyde’s car:

Three .30-caliber BARs

One 20-gauge Model 11 shotgun (Bonnie’s)

One 10-gauge Winchester Model 1901 lever-action shotgun

One .32-caliber M1903 Colt automatic pistol

One .38 Colt Detective Special revolver (Bonnie’s)

One .25-caliber Colt automatic

One .45-caliber Colt M1909 revolver

Seven .45-caliber M1911 automatic pistols

100 loaded BAR magazines

3000 rounds of assorted ammunition

15 sets of license tags from various states

Bonnie and Clyde’s notorious gang had a shootout near Dexter, Iowa, in 1933

Marvin Barrow is surrounded by officers and deputies as he lay on ground at edge of Dexfield park, just after the capture. Barrow was shot through the head with a machine gun. This photo was originally published on July 24, 1933.

Capture of Blanche Barrow 1933

July 7, 1933: Clyde and Buck Barrow steal weapons from an armory in Enid, Oklahoma.

July 20, 1933: Buck Barrow is fatally shot when lawmen raid the gang’s hideout at the Red Crown Tavern near Platte City, Missouri. The gang manages to escape, but Buck’s days are numbered. Three lawmen are wounded, none seriously. For more on the Red Crown hideout.

July 24, 1933: Buck Barrow is wounded again in a shootout near an abandoned amusement park outside Dexter, Iowa. Buck Barrow and his wife, Blanche, are captured. A photograph of Blanche (above) becomes famous. Bonnie Parker, nursing burns from the June 10 auto accident, has to be carried by Jones during a torturous escape.

More B&C related items at the link


Hong Kong Boogaloo Weekend Round Up 9/16/2019

Hong Kong police once again deployed tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons after protesters defied a government-canceled march organized by the Civil Human Rights Front. 

Photo: May James/HKFP.

To prepare for the encounter, protesters dug bricks from pavements, set up barricades at the closed Admiralty MTR Station, and hurled molotov cocktails and other firebombs – hitting a water cannon truck and setting it on fire, according to Reuters and HKFP

Protesters also set fire to a banner honoring the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Reuters reports. 

At one point a middle-aged man was beaten on Cloucester Road, according to SCMP

To try and slow down the influx of people, Hong Kong’s mass transit railway (MTR) Corporation enacted crowd control measures, including halting certain escalators – something Democratic lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting told HKFP would be of little help. 

“Of course, the police force try to make use of the MTR system to deploy increased manpower to suppress our movement. But I do not think Hong Kong people will back down and if [police] try to use any excessive power to stop them, they will just spread to other parts of Hong Kong,” said Lam. 

Vandalized MTR station entrance (Photo: Tom Grundy/HKFP.)
An MTR exit has been vandalised with a grafiti saying “Bad cops and all of their families should die.” Photo: Tom Grundy/HKFP.

One man wearing a stormtrooper mask climbed on top of a tram and was seen waving an American flag and a light saber while the Star Wars theme blared in the background. 

“Even though the police rejected our march today we will still come out because it is our right to do it,” said a 24-year-old registered nurse “Ms Chow,” who says she has joined the protest most weekends. “I think the majority of Hong Kong people are not afraid of coming out.”

Ms. Chow, a registered nurse. Photo: Jennifer Creery/HKFP.

According to HKFP, a large banner reading “I want democracy” was unfurled across from the Central Government Offices. 

The months-long protest were sparked by a controversial extradition bill which would allow suspects to be sent to mainland China to face trial. It has since evolved into a general anti-government movement revolving around five demands – “withdraw the extradition bill, retract the categorisation of protests as riots, drop all charges against those involved in the movement, investigate police misconduct, and transition to full democracy,” according to HKFP. And while the extradition bill was withdrawn completely (after first ‘pausing’ it), the protests have shown no signs of slowing down. 

We’re not satisfied with the withdrawal [of the extradition bill]. It’s too late,” a 40-year-old teacher who wished to remain anonymous told HKFP, so said she considered the cancelation of Sunday’s march to be unacceptable. 

“After three months, she just said those two words – she has been playing these word games. It’s dirty, the whole government is dirty,” added the teacher. 

“It was promised that Hong Kong people would enjoy basic human rights and such protection,” one demonstrator told the BBCwho added “We believe that the UK government has the legal rights and moral obligation to protect Hong Kong people.”