Karl & Inrange

Oh boy, this is gonna be controversial and cause some real heartburn and hatemail and a MAJOR headache I’m sure. It’s a subject that has been causing some behind the scenes discussion in the gun media personalities that I’m privy to. I have no qualms about letting you in on a little “inside baseball” though. With that in mind I started following a pretty interesting thread on ARFCOM a few weeks ago when I noticed the topic came up again.

Some of the boys have compiled some info that I have been noticing myself over the years. I’m going to show some of it to you below without comment. I’d be interested in what you would have to say about it.

Everything below is from the fellows on ARFCOM and not my commentary. After the posts you will find a link to the thread below if you want to see more. I’ve already made up my mind on the subject but you may want to look into it more if it matters to you. If it doesn’t matter to you, then it doesn’t matter.

Yes, here is a link given by Karl to Teen Vogue to read more about the Red Summer of 1919.

Here is what the series this article is from is described as at the beginning of the article:

“OG History is a Teen Vogue series where we unearth history not told through a white, cisheteropatriarchal lens. In this piece, Ursula Wolfe-Rocca, organizer/curriculum writer for the Zinn Education Project and high school social studies teacher, explains the importance of the Red Summer of 1919″

Here is the end of the article:
“Over a century ago, black people across the United States met white mob violence with countless defiant acts of self-defense. Today’s Black Lives Matter activists fit seamlessly into this centuries-long pattern of black militant resistance to white supremacy — as they mobilize against the violent policies and militarized police that threaten their neighborhoods, as they challenge corporate media’s habit of framing victims of white racist violence as the authors of their own destruction, as they demand we confront the damage white supremacy has wrought. Our students deserve the opportunity to identify this through line of black agency, rebellion, and resistance. It is a powerful call to action for all of us: Red Summer is now.”

Oh about the author:

Ursula Wolfe-Rocca has taught high school social studies since 2000. She is on the editorial board of Rethinking Schools and is the Zinn Education Project Writer and Organizer. She has written articles and lessons on voting rights, redlining, deportations, COINTELPRO, climate justice, Red Summer, the Cold War, and more.

I skimmed through her article on the cold war.  I found it most interesting if discussing how you get teenage students to see Castro as a victim and the US as an aggressor on the world stage of the 60s through the 80s.  

Oh and the Zinn Project:  

Our website offers free, downloadable lessons and articles organized by theme, time period, and grade level. Based on the approach to history highlighted in Howard Zinn’s best-selling book A People’s History of the United States, our teaching materials emphasize the role of working people, women, people of color, and organized social movements in shaping history.

Our daily This Day in History posts highlight stories ignored in most textbooks and are shared on social media where we have more than 300,000 followers.

We also produce a regular If We Knew Our History column that features articles by teachers, journalists, and scholars that expose the myths told in corporate curricula and offer alternatives ideas for teaching outside the textbook.

We offer professional development workshops in collaboration with school districts, teacher unions, and at teacher conferences.

We have also launched several campaigns including Teach Reconstruction and Abolish Columbus Day.

The Zinn Education Project is coordinated by two non-profit organizations, Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change, that have spent decades developing and providing social justice resources for teachers.

I think we may see the veil peeled back on Inrange a bit with the election.  I do find the deletion of some of the comments on facebook kind of interesting, considering what is deleted and what is still left for everyone to read.  

More from Karl:

Do some research on “her”.

“Tacticool Girlfriend” “She” has a youtube channel and is a leftist and if you do a small amount of review of her content and who she is supported by and who posts in her social media, it is pretty easy to pick up.

I ran across her a while back while looking at Karl’s “good friend” social media who re tweeted about her. No surprise she ends up on Karl’s social media eventually.

Anyway, I have an issue with people who wanna be fence sitters, but can’t stay on the fence. Karl could stay non political, but let’s face it he really can’t . He could also chose to have guests that keep it non political, but he can’t. To their credit Ian does this and so does Finistrel Rifleman and I respect that. But Karl just has to be the smartest guy on the net and poke doesn’t he?

Here is some pics of her and I’ll point out a couple minor, but telling things

That patch is what she describes as “It’s a choppy snake patch”.

This is a close up of the patch from a seller on the web:

That’s from the Ukrainian anarchist guerrillas at the time of the Russian Revolution.  It translates to “Death to all who stand in the way of freedom for working people”.  

In the pic I posted and you quoted, notice she is holding a mug in that pic that says “Fuck Around Find Out”.  

That phrase is being used by both the right and the left.  Here is a simple example of how the left uses it and claims it: “Fuck Around and Find Out is a catchphrase warning that taking negative steps will result in unwanted consequences. In 2020, the phrase has become associated with online leftist circles as a warning to liberals that ignoring progressive movements and candidates could lead to unwanted consequences such as a Trump reelection.”  https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/fuck-around-and-find-out

But hey Karl, the channel is non political as evidenced by:

The going mute for the #muted movement.

Having a guy who is a pretty open leftist (or leftist with some libertarian views) posting content on your channel after being a featured guest for a couple years.

Posting a link for people to read further about Red Summer of 1919 that is written by a socialist.

Tearing up an NRA magazine cover with Trump’s picture to use as wadding right before the election.

And now the post we are talking about:
Posting support for a trans person, who just happens to be a new youtube gun channel content creator.  Sounds fair, championing someone who wants to live as who they believe they are.

Well, let’s look at Karl’s statement when he posted this:  No one should have to be afraid or at risk just because of who they are.  Ever. – Karl

Well Karl, here is some fucking news for you:  The left is threatening people just because of who they voted for and support.  They are talking about things that would have been absurd less than a year ago. Lists, public shaming, re education, and violent acts.  

Because of who they voted for and who they want to support there is very much a target on their back.  

They were attacked attending a rally in DC less than 2 weeks ago.  They are assaulted and shamed eating in public restaurants.  

Some are out of work and others are losing their businesses because of Covid shutdowns that seems pretty much designed to break the back of the US economy and the human spirit while you openly support the masking and herd mentality.

But hey you want to come to the aid of a damsel in distress who wears a mask, posts videos about guns and training while wearing patches that support anarchists, fascists and socialists who seems to be training and equipping for gun fighting with those that do not think like her, and is drinking from a mug that says “fuck around find out” and she is the fucking victim?

Come out of the fucking shadows and drop the channel does not do politics bullshit and the fellow traveler attitude that permeates through some of your channel content and social media.