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The Stevens Model 416

Back in the day, Steves made target rimfire rifles that competed with Remington and Winchester. The Model 416 is one of those. Like...

1918 Gewehr 98 Custom Benchrest Rifle

This is a very special custom Mauser 98 shared in the vintage group. I will let the owner explain it himself. NO Bubba got ahold...

Custom Martini-Henry .218 Bee Part 2

"sweeter than wine, softer than a summer night. everything I want I have, whenever I hold you tight. this magic moment!" Thanks to me...

The 10 X USMC Sniper Unertl

Guest post submitted by Darren.

Tack Driving Target Rifles of Uncle Al Freeland

After talking with Brady the other night about buying a few of his guns, we got talking about one of the guns he owns,...

Canada Colt C20 Sniper Rifle

I know you are going to get mad at me for teasing this and then not giving you the entire story. I know a...

Plinking Time

I've been drooling over some high dollar precision rifles lately. Like, cost of my car high dollar. Then I remember that I don't really...

New AirArmsHuntingSA Video Up Today

Matt Dubber has a great new video up today. Full of plenty of precision shooting of pest birds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_XS-iUWvEE

Post 64 Model 70 Target

This is a very nice Post- 1964 Model 70 Winchester target rifle. I would own this rifle and be proud, but you can...

1968 Anschutz 54 Super Match 1413

The guy that put this rig together was all in on 22 shooting, what a setup. -1968 Anschutz 54 Super Match 1413, Original Sights,...