Holster Retention Levels: A Comprehensive Guide

Holster Retention Levels 1

Holster retention levels can be a bit of a mystery for beginners.  But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  In this article, we’ll break down the different levels of holster retention, AND factors to consider when choosing the right holster retention level for you.  Ready? Let’s get started… What is Holster Retention, Anyway? Holster retention … Read more

6 Best S&W M&P Shield Holsters Reviewed 2023 [Concealed Carry, IWB, OWB]

best smith wesson mp shield holsters reviewed iwb owb concealed carry open carry belly band

My friends sometimes call me “the holster guy”. I’ve owned more than 45 different holsters in my life. And tried out hundreds. It’s an industry that I know inside out. When we started researching the best holsters for S&W M&P Shield, we narrowed our initial list down to 22 holsters. After testing and evaluation though, … Read more

Tulster Holsters Review: Profile, Oath, Contour [2022, Hands-On]

Tulster Holsters Review Profile Oath Contour Echo

So I’ll cut straight to the chase. Tulster makes great holsters. Among other things, you’ve got: Are they worth the money though? Well, that’s what we set to find out in our Tulster review. Let’s go. Tulster Profile Holster: Summary & Verdict Type: IWB Adjustability: Retention, Ride (height), Cant (angle) Material: Kydex Retention: Active “Click” … Read more

Hidden Hybrid Holsters Review [2022, Hands-On]

Hidden Hybrid Holsters Review

The first thing you hear about Hidden Hybrid is that they’re comfortable. Very comfortable. Well, we decided to go and find out for ourselves. This one’s for you if you’re still on the fence about them. In our updated Hidden Hybrid Holsters review, we’re taking a closer look at the holster to answer the following … Read more