Building a Danish P320


The Danish, like us, adopted the Sig P320 pistol:


This Danish P320 is just a slightly modified X-Carry.

I’ve started to grow fond of the P320 series. Mostly because you can easily mess with them and build your own. I still think the Glock is better, but the P320 is ok enough.

When I saw that these Danish marked slides were available, I decided I’d build up one of these guns.

I started with buying the slide. It came in a plain box.

This slide is very similar to a M18 slide, but there is no top loaded chamber indicator. This slide is marked FMI, and is cut for a Leupold Deltapoint PRO/Sig Romeo 1 Pro.

I pulled the parts from my MK18 slide, with the exception of the front sight, for this project. All these parts are easy enough to buy individual with the exception of the rear slide plate. Those seem to be out of stock or generally unavailable right now.

Assembling a P320 slide is straightforward. The rear sight is bolted on though the optics cover plate by bolts that come up though the bottom of the slide. You will have to remove the extractor spring before installation or removal.

The front sight could probably be tapped in with a hammer and punch, but SIG and the US Army reports that people are breaking sights doing that, so it is highly recommended you use a sight pusher.

The X-Carry uses a #8 rear sight, and a #6 front sight. This is the standard set up from SIG. Our M17 and M18 pistols use an #8 and #8.

picture found on realgunreviews

This picture, found on online, shows three different sight pictures. SIG normally sets up their guns for the third sight picture. The Army requested the M17 set up for the first, a 6 o’clock hold, so that is why the M17 and M18 are set up that way.

With the exception of needing a tool for the front sight, the P320 slide goes together easily.

After you install sights, the extractor and striker assembly slide right into the side. The extractor spring and plunger get depressed to hold the rear slide plate in.

You can see the difference in linkage position on the flat trigger.

From what I read online, the drop in flat trigger upgrade for the P320 makes the gun look 100% cooler, the trigger pull 1000% , and makes you shoot one million percent awesomer.

My experience is not quite that. I might be the only one out there that prefers the curved trigger.

I’ll show how to assemble a P320 fire control group when I get around to making that second 80% receiver I have.

The X-Carry grip has a different profile that the M18 grip. You can also install a magwel like the one used on the Danish pistol. The Magwell has a tab on the front, and is held on by a screw though the lanyard hole.

This X-Carry frame has an undercut trigger guard, a higher and larger beavertail, as well as a slimmer feeling grip. Trying it side by side with the M18 grip really makes me dislike the M18 grip module.

It looks like SIG might be moving towards making the X line grips more of their standard, and moving away from the M17/M18 like grip.

Note that this grip is not cut for a safety, but you can purchase it cut for a safety, or modify it your self.

Removing the thumb safety was quick and easy. There is a clip on the right side of the safety that slides out. Then both halves of the thumb safety can be pulled apart and out of the gun. I was then about to slide in a Safety Lever Pin replacement, with out having to line anything back up. Took only a couple of minutes tops.

Piecemealing together a P320 is not the cheapest way to get one. If someone wanted to copy the Danish P320, it might have been cheaper to just buy a P320 X-Carry and swap all the parts to the Danish slide.

The P320 isn’t quite as simple as a Glock, but it is still very easy to piece together.

And, you point it at something, work the trigger, and hit it. It is just that boring to shoot.

12036377-06-R Sight Assembly, XRAY3, Night Sight, Front #6, MIM, Green Vial, Green Sleeve, SIG
TRG-320-FLAT-BLK P320 Flat Trigger
1300674-R Pin, Safety Lever
KIT-320X-MAG-Funnel Magazine Funnel, 320 X-Series, Screw
GRIP-MODX-CA-943-M-COY SIG P320 X-Series Grip Shell, Carry, Medium, Coyote


  1. I just picked up a used P226 a few days ago. It’s a magnificent gun, and thankfully the previous owner had changed the sights for Sight Picture 2, which I prefer. I dunno what SIG are thinking with that picture 3 business..

    • I don’t know if the majority of people would notice the difference between the various pistol sight zeros until they get out to farther distances.


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