“Less Than Perfect ” Hank’s Belt Arrived


The gun belt I bought from the Hank’s Belts LTP sale arrived today. These belts are advertised as “less than perfect” but I was hard pressed to find the flaw.

That little bit of black dye leaking over to the brown part is the only thing I could figure.

These belts are great and I encourage you to get one at the big discount they got going on right now. They have all colors and all styles up on the sale not just thins one belt. I’m sure you would find something you ‘d like there. I would hurry though.


  1. You got me all excited when you first posted that deal but I found that I’m not skinny enough or fat enough for anything (fitting my CCW needs) available. Do you know if this is a short duration event or a long-term thing?

  2. I did take a look when you posted the sale, and the deals are indeed smokin’. I just couldn’t convince myself that I actually need one badly enough to drop the coin. The belt I have (I think it’s a High Noon) still works great, ~5 years in.


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