Antifa has apparently taken over 6 blocks of Seattle, including a police precinct


Things have gotten really interesting in the communist hot spot in the west.

Protesters have made their own riot shields emblazoned with the pink umbrellas that have become a symbol of the demonstrations

With reporting by Jake Goldstein-Street and Alex Garland

The first night in the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone that has formed in the wake of police giving up the week-long blockade of the East Precinct was rainy and peaceful and full of speeches from activists, agitators, poets, and socialist city council members.

“I guess whatever the fuck we’re doing is effective,” one organizer identified as Magik said over a megaphone early in the night as police were still clearing the area. “They are going to move up. They are going to get everybody out of here and we are free to move through these streets and protest and march.”

“Yesterday we were on 11th and Pine. Today we have victory on 12th and Pine. They tried to stop us!,” another exclaimed.

The night brought tense moments but compared to the previous week of blast balls and clouds of gas and pepper spray, Pike/Pine was calm if not quiet — the county sheriff’s helicopter stayed circling overhead until midnight providing observations to SPD command on the ground and often drowning out speeches below. The only major reported conflict came when a TV news crew for the local Fox affiliate was temporarily chased from the scene and took up refuge in the nearby fire station.

The surprise pullback of SPD riot police and National Guard troops came together quickly Monday afternoon after a day of hastily clearing out equipment, moving trucks, and reports of a “mobile shredding unit” at the building at 12th and Pine that is home to the East Precinct headquarters as well as department office facilities. “The decision has been made to allow demonstrators to march past the East Precinct later today,” an announcement sent to department staff about the decision to close the building read. “Additional measures are currently underway to enhance our ongoing efforts to insure the security of our East Precinct and provide for the safety of all our officers.”


  1. ‘[A]fter a day of hastily clearing out equipment, moving trucks, and reports of a “mobile shredding unit” at the building at 12th and Pine that is home to the East Precinct headquarters…’

    Last week we had the fall of Saigon at the Minneapolis Police precinct building. Now we have the collapse of East Germany going at a Seattle precinct building.

    Come, Lord Jesus.

  2. They’re really, really working overtime on Trump’s re-election campaign, aren’t they?

    Jeez. It’s like the ads for “Vote Republican!” coming out of MPLS, Chicago and other cities are just writing themselves.

    I was alive when the riots of ’67 and ’68 happened. I helped my mother when she was an election judge on November 5th, 1968. I remember lots of people coming into the voting place and flipping switches on the voting machines and then getting into conversations with my mother, saying that they were done with the Democrats – first because of Vietnam, but also how they bungled the riots. That’s how Nixon was elected: the riots made people vote against the Democrats.

    • “They’re really, really working overtime on Trump’s re-election campaign, aren’t they?”

      This is pretty much my analysis also. It seems to me that between Covid and the Covid recession, they actually had a decent shot at winning in November, and maybe scooping up the Senate also.

      And now they come up with this nonsense? I think the Dems may want to focus group “abolish the police” with soccer moms a little more.

      Also, some wag on Twitter that I saw pointed out that the first thing these erstwhile anarchists in Seattle did when they seized territory was… put up a wall!

  3. I’m no fan of Trump, but I wouldn’t vote for Joe Biden if you put a gun to my head.
    If you are even considering doing so go to Youtube, enter “Creepy Joe” and watch the clips.
    Yep, that’s Joe being overtly sexual with a prepubescent girl.
    That’s the honest face of today’s Democratic Party, a senile child molester and pathological liar.

    • Nooo – not a chance of voting D here. I just hate that the R’s survive on being the lesser of two evils. They’re a pack of pussies and miss chances to do real good all the time because of it…hence stupid and weak.

  4. That’s probably the most gentrified part of Seattle, everybody who lives there is “Like, WOKE, dude”
    This will last until something makes these very special people a little uncomfortable, even the “Men” are named Karen in that part of town.

  5. At this moment, I’m reading news feeds that say the BLM yahoos have taken over Seattle City Hall. Hundreds of people are now inside the city hall building.

    At some point, I have to think that public opinion is going to tip here, and public patience for this nonsense will run out.

    The former Joint Chiefs running their mouths against Trump’s idea of using active duty troops is going to come back to bite them. People below the POTUS in the chain of command should learn to STFU and not talk to the press if they want to keep their jobs.

  6. Antifa is a bunch of cosplaying wannabe anarchists, this publicity is going to make dressing up in black with a gas mask “Cool” to a lot of young males,
    It’s about the chicks, always.
    And if the cops had acted with some restraint and discipline this shitshow would already be over.
    Seen the videos of uniformed NYPD smashing out the windows of their own patrol car?
    The Minneapolis cops slashing tires?
    Cops tossing flashbangs into tightly packed crowds or shooting peaceful demonstrators who have their hands up with rubber bullets?
    Knocking a 75 year old man on his ass does not make good PR.
    There are many hundreds of videos on Twitter and reddit showing this kind of behavior.
    The crime?
    Dissing the King’s men.
    The whining about bad press by the NYPD police chief was priceless and only outdone by San Jose’s Chief “It’s a War Zone, that’s not Hyperbole, that’s the Truth!”
    So, Chief, how many officers of yours have landed in the Morgue during these demonstrations?
    An it’s a War Zone?
    I’d bet if any of the over 60 readers here decided to go medieval on the local cops that they’d take a sizeable retinue with them on the way to Hell.

  7. One more remark on San Jose.
    It’s the only City in NorCal where the Mafia had any serious influence ( The Bonanno Family).
    All the other Cities were already controlled by criminal gangs and corrupt cops to the extent that they basically laughed the Mafia off, after dropping a few bodies in the Bay to make their point.

  8. Did they disband the Shomrim? Oh, you guys want to hear a really funny joke? Trump is a law and order president. Hahaha. Here’s another one “if I’m elected I’ll appoint a special counsel to look into your (Hillary Clinton) circumstances. Hahaha. This ones always a crowd pleaser. Build the wall. Hahaha.


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