The Colt M1991A1


In 1991, Colt introduced the new M1991 pistol. Which was just a 1911 with a new name. The gun was meant to be a hybrid of WW1 and WW2 military configurations but with a lot of civilian model changes added in. You can see the safety is of course not the military spec nor is the hammer. It has A1 features like cut outs on the frame behind the trigger like the A1 but also the longer trigger and flat mainspring like the M1911.

.(1991–2001 ORM; 2001–present NRM): A hybrid of the M1911A1 military model redesigned to use the slide of the Mk. IV Model 80; these models aimed at providing a more “mil-spec” pistol to be sold at a lower price than Colt’s other 1911 models in order to compete with imported pistols from manufacturers such as Springfield Armory and Norinco.

Not meant to be target guns, the 1991 is more or less a military rack grade pistol. That doesn’t mean its not a good shooter.

The above target was fired at 50 yards off of sandbags at the NRA 50 yard slow fire target. Ammo used was match 230grain ball. It just seemed degenerate to use any other kind of ammo in a gun like this.

A nice group at 20 yards using Federal HST ammo. The 1991 functions fine with any hollow point round you would want to shoot through it.

Above is service grade ball ammo at 25 yards. Below is regular service grade Winchester ball from 25 yards.

The gun used is a daily carry gun of a friend who bought it in the 90s and has carried it ever since. It has seen a lot of rounds through it in that time but still performs better than one could ask for a gun meant to be a rack grade military type service pistol.



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