ChinAIDS Update 4/14/2020


I know you’re tired of this because I am getting sick of it. So here is the break down for today for the last 24 hours. Probably not gonna do this every day going forward unless a lot of you comment that you want me to continue. Otherwise I will maybe just do a Friday update . Or maybe not at all unless some major news about it pops up. Sound off below and tell me what you want.

  • Trump and states battle over who decides on reopening
  • European cases (Germany, Spain) continued to slide
  • G7 calls for debt standstill for poor countries
  • Russia reports another record jump in new cases
  • NY coronavirus cases pass 200k
  • Cuomo reports 778 new NY deaths
  • Oregon Gov. Kate Brown lays out her plan
  • France reports largest jump in deaths in 4 days
  • Italy reports smallest jump in new cases in more than a month
  • Cuomo says he would disobey Trump order to reopen economy if it endangered his state
  • China reports another 89 new infections
  • US Dept. of Ag prepares to unveil coronavirus farm bailout
  • Trump says US will have ‘fewer than 100k’ deaths
  • IMF calls for global economy to contract 3% in 2020
  • Florida surgeon general says social distancing should continue until a vaccine is released
  • Cali pastors sue state to reopen churches
  • Newsom lays out 6 conditions for reopening economy
  • Iran plans to divest 10% of Shasta as selloff of state assets begins
  • Sweden deaths cross 1k
  • UK department of health reports 778 new deaths
  • NATO warns supply chains of important medical supplies should be moved out of ‘non-member’ states


  1. Neither the UK nor NYC is reporting deaths at home as Corona Virus deaths.
    And NYC isn’t close to being done.
    Cuomo, despite being a 36 carat asshole is right, the states are who decide when to reopen, not “King Donald”.

    And a weekly update would be ample.


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