FGC-9 Fulfills the Promise of 3D Printed Guns


The guerrilla 3D-gun file development group Deterrence Dispensed released to the public yesterday the much-anticipated FGC-9 project. The FGC-9 is described in the official release documentation as “the most effective and easiest to build homemade semi-automatic firearm design for people with limited access to gunsmithing knowledge and tools.”

The FGC-9 release is important because it represents a fulfillment of the promise of 3D printed guns: they can’t be stopped. In 2013, the Liberator was proof of concept. In 2020, the FGC-9 is proof of carbine.

The FGC-9 enables everyday people all around the world to build a 9mm semi-automatic firearm, from start to finish, using a 3D printer and commonly available, unregulated materials. It’s specifically designed to be accessible to folks with minimal gun building experience, and avoids using parts commonly or easily restricted by law in the US and Europe. Anyone can build it, and no one can stop it.

In case there was any doubt about the political ideology here, you should know that the ‘FGC’ in the ‘FGC-9’ stands for “fuck gun control”.

Designer JStark1809 details his motivation for the project, “Frustrated by not being able to acquire and bear firearms because of regulations and tyrannical laws, I embarked on the journey to learn to produce my own firearms.”

An anonymous European designer and maker, JStark1809 worked with other prominent developers to complete the project. IvanTheTroll developed the printed Glock magazines and ECM barrel making process, Incarbonite adapted an airsoft M4 fire control group for an AR-15 lower receiver. Others like CtrlPew helped video documentation, and a team of beta testers put the build through its paces before release.

What Makes the FGC-9 Special?
Thanks largely in part to the efforts of the Deterrence Dispensed group, 3D printed gun developers in recent years have produced a number of functional, high-quality firearms that many nay-sayers thought to be outside the scope of what 3D printed materials could safely produce. Guns like the Glock 17, Tec-9, AK-47, or even Hi-Point, can be anonymously fabricated at home without government oversight using a cheap 3D printer and factory/OEM parts. And they have a serviceable lifespan of thousands of rounds.

But here’s the catch: you still need a factory barrel and parts kit for these guns. The Glock 17 print needs a parts kit and a Glock slide. The Tec-9 needs an upper receiver and parts kit. The AK-47 needs an AMD-65 parts kit. The Hi-Point needs a C9 or C380 parts kit. And these parts kits can be scarce or potentially even regulated by the government.

Currently, most 3D printed guns are really just 3D printed frames, that are later completed using factory parts. Factory parts that can’t practically or easily be made at home….

…. The FGC-9 is important because it removes this limitation. The FGC-9 is made almost entirely out of home-built or 3D printed parts and unregulated materials. It can’t be regulated away, and it can be built by anyone. Keep in mind that the main designer is in Europe — where practically no firearms are legal, and items like barrels or frames (which are generally unregulated in the United States) are legally restricted and not readily available in the consumer market — and so the limitations to what could be used in the design process were greater than what’s faced by U.S. based makers….

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  1. That’s the best news I have had this year, by far.
    Fuck Gun Control, the only people who want to keep the populace unarmed are the Fascists and fucking Commies.
    Sic Semper Tyrannis!

  2. The most important component for people to understand in this (from my first reading of all the materials) is the EDM-bored/rifled barrel.

  3. ALSO, Important.
    The files are also not available to persons outside the United States or to residents of and persons in the following blue states: State of New Jersey, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, State of Washington, State of Connecticut, State of Maryland, State of New York, State of Oregon, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, District of Columbia, State of California, State of Colorado, State of Delaware, State of Hawaii, State of Illinois, State of Iowa, State of Minnesota, State of North Carolina, State of Rhode Island, State of Vermont, Commonwealth of Virginia, State of Maine

    If you live in those States or D.C. you will need to use a VPN and access DEFCAD from a server in a Free State. I have a DEFCAD account, but when it said I needed ANOTHER account to LEGIO, I gave up. I don’t have a 3D Printer anyway. I just wanted the files for my library. But if was able to get files I would have considered buying a 3D Printer.

  4. I found the .step file on GrabCad. Register for free and download. You will have to use a conversion program to make the .stl file for a 3D Printer, but there are several free CAD programs that will do this.

  5. No matter where I look for the FGC-9 file it seems to be vaporware. Offering a working torrent is not that hard. Mostly I just find sites that mention the FGC-9 but none of them have a link to a file or torrent.


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