GAU-5/A Air Force Survival Kit


“We were asked to design a stand-off weapon that was capable of hitting a man-size target at 200 meters,” Richard Shelton, Chief of the Gunsmith Shop, said in a statement for the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center’s Feb. 2020 story on the GAU-5/A. “It disconnects at the upper receiver, is located inside the seat kit [of ACES II ejection seats], and can be put together within 30 seconds if needed.”

Website has a neat little article about the new AF survival rifle and how it is packed, as seen above. Link below if you want to read it all.


  1. KInda clever. I’m not so sure their camming locks are the best way to hold the barrel/forearm onto the upper, but it is a fast-locking mechanism that is difficult to screw up.


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