Mag ban imminent in Washington state



– The 15 round “compromise” is NOT acceptable and JUST AS BAD as 10! You have to mention this! (Please comment on the updated bill HERE Washington State Legislature – Public Bill Comments)

– Essentially all modern firearms use >10/15 round magazines.

– WA has no systems in place whatsoever to register existing magazines.

– Owners have to PROVE that they owned the magazines before the ban, which is impossible and essentially criminalizes 10s of thousands of WA gun owners.

– Washington state law enforcement mass shootings work group explicitly DID NOT recommend a mag ban or AWB.

– CA ban is being challenged in the 9th circuit in April, why pass a law that has at least a ~50% chance of being immediate struck down during a short session when time is crucial? There are more important bills.

– … sed%20File).pdf Massive publicly funded Washington police study on mass shootings that found mag bans to be TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE. Feel free to attach this to your emails and bring it up during calls.

Your reps’ contact info: … ties/House

This is sorted by district, click the rep’s name for their contact info. Please, you MUST call and email all of your reps TODAY. . It’s no trouble. Contact your friends, be a bother and get everyone on this TODAY.


  1. Thanks for that. Message sent, ropes soaking in oil as I write…

    Sorry fucking pieces of shit can’t do their damn jobs, but they sure as hell can take the time to turn me into a criminal for exercising my constitutional rights. One of these days, there are going to be a lot of politicians getting a wake-up call, and the call is going to involve rope, a tree, and a personal invitation to participate in a bit of performance art intended to highlight the true nature of the relationship between the citizen and legislator.


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