Long Slide 1911 In 10MM


Our friend, gunsmithing artist, Karl at KGB Custom posted up this long slide 1911 in 10mm last night. And because I think it’s awesome you get to see it.

I am big on the idea of the long slide/barrel 1911 in 10MM.



  1. Based on my experiences with a Colt Delta Elite from back in the early days… Yeah. 10mm in a .45ACP platform like the M1911? No. Just… No.

    Unless you go back in and do some seriously complicated crap with regards to timing, lockup, and a bunch of other work that’s baked into the basic design, going from a relatively low-energy cartridge to something like the 10mm just isn’t advisable, at all. That’s why most of these casual caliber conversions of designs meant for one thing then made over into another just don’t work, especially in recoil-operated handguns.

    The 10mm is a fine cartridge. Carry it myself, but only in a gun designed around it from the beginning. Anything else is pure folly, because as the Delta Elite showed us, the guns will just not last. Friend of mine was a big 10mm fan, had two BREN 10 pistols on order (neither of which ever showed up–Lost his deposit, bunch of grief with the collapse of Dornaus & Dixon), and when that fell through, he got the Delta Elite. His went back to the factory about five or six times, and wound up getting fully replaced twice. The guns just wouldn’t hold up–He was shooting spec ammo, but they beat themselves to death in pretty short order. When you’re on a first-name basis with the Colt factory service manager, that’s just not a good sign. His experience led me to buy a Glock 20, when those came out, and that pistol has been a rock. Even the full-house Norma stuff he had left over from the early days went through it without a bobble–And, it had choked the crap out of his Delta Elite. The 1400fps stuff in that pistol, you fired it, you knew it–You could feel the slide hitting the frame as a distinct impulse during recoil, and the “snap” hurt your hand. You had to wear shooting gloves with it. The Glock? Ate that stuff up like it was candy, no “slap”, no sting.

    Stick to a cartridge the gun was designed around, and be very careful when someone adapts it over to another. It ain’t as easy as it looks… Pressure curves, overall pressures, how much cartridge base is hitting the breechface, all that crap matters, and has to be designed in a holistic way for everything to work “just right” in a recoil-operated gun.

      • I’ve heard that from people, and it just isn’t consonant with my experience.

        Of course, the question is, were you putting a minimum of about 500 rounds a month through yours? The example I’ve got experience with did, and it didn’t hold up. At all. The original pistol was one of the first ones out of the factory door, though. The third one, about two years later, had all the “fixes” and modifications Colt did over the production run applied to it, before my friend retired it to his safe and started shooting just his Glock 20 in 10mm.

        He loved that pistol, but it was definitely a case of an abusive co-dependent relationship. He abused the shit out of it, and it responded. I think he had a letter from Colt’s service guys saying that he had racked up the most documented rounds through a Delta Elite that Colt knew of at that point. First year he had it, he told me he put well over 10,000 rounds through it, and that’s leaving out the months it was back at the plant.

        And, yeah, they were mostly reloads. He’d sit in his living room with a Dillon 500, load rounds all week after work, then shoot them up on the weekend. He had ambitions of becoming an open-class IPSC champion, although I don’t think he ever got out of the amateur circuits. He shot a hell of a lot more than the average person would, that’s for sure.

        • I have shot it a lot more than = 500 a month. they do fine as long as I kept on top of spring replacement,

          I do have to re-tighten grip screw bushing often but that was about it and the front sight had to be restaked when I first got it from the previous owner


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