Bushmaster & DPMS Gone?


Some interesting scuttlebutt going around since the end of SHOT. Rumor has it Remington has ended Bushmaster and DPMS brands.

notice anything missing?

Some of the chatter from around the web.

“CDNN or someone sent an email in the past month or so selling lots of Bushmaster stuff. I wonder if that was an inventory liquidation. “


ā€œI was at SHOT this year too (Dana I saw you in passing but couldn’t catch up) and there was a no show for Bushmaster and the ACR in the Remington booth. Not to spread rumors, but the word on the street is they’re discontinuing the Bushmaster and DPMS lines.
Before we get into the whole name your sources thing, I’m just saying that was the unsubstantiated gossip I heard around the show. Believe what you wish, YMMV.

“bushmaster.com (without the www) brings me to


Only email listed is for repairs.

Remington is likely getting rid of both brands, The industry is slow and hurting and why keep around to low end brands when they have to compete with the ultra cheap junk vomitted out by PSA daily. It’s interesting that there is no outrage over “Remington caving to anti gun politicians” like happened when Colt temporarily halted civilian rifle sales to fulfill a huge over seas military contract.

I hate to see any gun company go out of business, well, other than two I would like to see gone…

We will see how this plays out if true.


  1. Bushmaster is a “meh” from me.

    DPMS was a good source of parts for AR’s.

    Let this be a lesson to you kids: Don’t allow a Wall Street money manager to run your gun company. They don’t know shit about running a gun company.

  2. The factories are still there and their intellectual properties still exist so if some investor thinks he can make a go of it, maybe someone who thinks he can get by on slimmer profit margins than Remington, or who has an eye for innovation, those brands might be resurrected.

    If they don’t, … that’s capitalism.

  3. Word my employer got about 2 months ago was that Bushy would not longer be building & stocking inventory.
    They would only be building on a per order basis, so we ordered 250 of their existing stock.
    Which makes sense when the market is so saturated.
    Now, was that true, or a smokescreen to cover what they intend to do ? Only time will tell.

  4. Elitist, much?
    For the working class buyer, PSA produces reliable, reasonably priced MSRs.

    Just a question, if a PSA is proven reliable (doesn’t jam, FTF, or otherwise not run and run) and shoots within mil-spec accuracy or better, exactly what does a $2000 MSR offer?
    Besides bragging rights?
    Having and shooting some of both, I’ll just say you lost a reader.


        • because no matter what I say to him it won’t matter. its not going to change his mind. and I take him at his word that he isnt going to read it anyways. furthermore, He left out that I never said you had have a 2000 dollar rifle. that was a strawman he came up with. I don’t own a rifle that cost 2000 dollars. My opinion on the matter is all over this website going back for years. I will sum up for you, good companies an some times make a crap gun and sometimes a low end company can produce a decent gun. it’s your money. I won’t stop giving my honest opinion about PSA just because three guys out of the million plus readers we have had angry.

          • Yeah, you didn’t specifically say a $2,000 rifle but you obviously knocked a budget brands which implies it. And suggesting PSA “vomits” out “cheap junk” smells like a gun-snob. You’re like a guy saying you only drive Mercedes Benz when my Honda Civic has never broken down over 300,000 miles. Not everyone wants to spend big money on guns. I’d rather have two Smith and Wesson’s than one Daniel Defense. Anyway, I won’t be reading any more of your articles. You won’t miss me because it doesn’t seem many people do read your stuff.

          • Actually I own a lot of guns, and PSA puts out just as good as any. The factories that produce some of these parts also share with other well known hint hint comps. You didn’t give a reason to why you don’t like them besides opinion, the barrels, uppers, lowers what? Did you get screwed out of an item and crying over it?

      • Hey Shawn you may want to go visit a dermatologist and get that thin skin of yours checked out. First and last time on this hot mess of a website. You’re as cool as campfire.

          • I was genuinely interested in why I should avoid PSA. When there’s only a strongly worded and quick mention, I usually find some good clarification from the writer answering questions in the comments. Your petty responses devalue your opinion. I’ll stick to sites where the writer actually attempts to provide an knowledgeable response. Add me to the growing list of ex-readers.

          • i doubt you read anything other than that in the first place. its ok though, the other million plus readers can hopefully pick up the slack from you “leaving”

          • You really are immature in your responses to readers. Attacking them because they question your opinion. Iā€™m sure there will be plenty tuning out and reading elsewhere

          • fuck you. I respond to people in a way that reflects how they interact with me. you come to my website and start a fight over not liking my opinion. You and them aren’t readers. you come here by following a link and comment because you don’t like my opinion.

  5. Wow dude your a dick.

    Way to not only be a brand snob, but then avoid his legitimate question.

    You are a fraud. A true second amendment supporter would see that psa is arming people who wouldn’t otherwise be armed and there is nothing wrong with that. The more guns the better. But no your far to high and mighty to see it like that.

    Guess I won’t read here any further either. Better find the pieces of your shattered life so you can continue to be overly dramatic on a low traffic obscure internet blog.

  6. Wow! If we were all the same we would have problems finding our vehicles in the parking lot. Opinions are just a persons view point. My firearm purchases have been in relation to my income over the years. I’ve had lower quality firearms that were dependable ( HighPoint Model 995) and some that I realized quickly to get rid of. Most of my firearms are mid priced (500?) Ruger, Remington, Mossberg, Colt, Rossi, Kel Tec, Springfield, FN, et.., Notice the Kel Tec? Lower quality some say but it pops every time I pull the trigger. I cannot afford a 2k rifle nor if I could would I want to. You need to get what works dependably all the time. Your life may depend on that firearm. Quit being pissy…..just opinions.

    • please show me anywhere on this website were one of us said you need a 2000 dollar rifle
      I’m getting tired of reading that strawman bullshit from people who pop up in the comments for the first time in 9 years to bitch about what an asshole I am because I dared to give my opinion on guns I think are shit. this is a gun review website were we give our honest opinions on things, if you dont like it tough shit.
      the only pissy people are the ones popping up in the comments to whinge about how they dont like my opinion after writing a paragraph about their own opinion. you clearly came here for the first time and read this and have no idea what we are about. so YOU quit being pissy about other people’s opinions just because you dont agree with it. otherwise this is my website and I will say whatever I want about any topic I want. If that rankles your panties, oh well.

  7. Shawn I was not attacking nor accusing anyone. If you noticed I stated just opinions. My “panties” were not “rankled”. My post was actually directed at others, not you. So with your response to my post it is apparent you are upset over opinions. It may be the first time I commented, this being the second and last. You are acting like a progressive liberal. Try to have a nice day.

  8. Is this the reason for the over-sensitivity? For being a fraud and having a small penis? Well, if you dont have it in the hips ya better have it in the lips. Adapt and overcum my good man. Btw, I love PSA. sorry , I am actually the one with the very small penis that I like to use on cats. I am disgusting an loathe myself so I take it out on others.

  9. “The industry is hurting”
    Sorry but what?
    I see more innovative new products every day and products are cheaper and more available to the average consumer.

    Just because fudd companies like Remington don’t want to innovate and keep selling the same ARs they’ve sold since 2005 doesn’t mean the industry is dying.

    Don’t innovate, then don’t whine when your consumer base stops buying your overpriced products.

    And yes, I own Daniel Defense, PSA, Arsenal, and many other brands from low to high end.

  10. Just “bumped” into this mess while looking for “DPMS & AR standards”.
    For a moment thought I got on someones FaceBoook diatribe, but was just ‘nother pissing contest.
    I think everyone is just waiting for the IRDE (Inevitable Red Dawn Event) sponsored by: our Home grown CommieCrats. I’m near 80 & hope to NOT miss it, been there-Done that.

    They shoulda just said “I unfriend U” like the girls do “)

  11. All I can say is “WOW”…like Fred, I was looking for DPMS and came to this, I’ll not identify my beliefs or likes, I’ll just say, bye.

  12. Just curious. What is the difference on the big brands and others? I want to be informed for those of us that really want to know. I am in marketing and know first hand many times it’s not the product but great marketing people who have put out a legend when at times they are not. Please enlighten us as I really do want to know the difference so I can make product choices and marketing ones.

    • the differences are things like meeting a certain spec that is known to perform a certain way. The QC checks and spot checks and third party QC checks that go into the parts. the years of experience in making those guns, the adherence to using certain known quality parts. Not cutting corners when assembly and not using cheap small parts that no one usually thinks about. Its a lot of smaller things that people who blast dirt don’t know about or even care about. ALl those things add up to being a gun that is trustworthy for hard use. If you just want one to shoot a 100 rounds through a month none of those things will matter, if you want something that can take honest to god real abuse for years then it matters. DPMS, Bushmaster, PSA do not do those things.

  13. Wow what a shit blog. Seriously looking for some good opinions on the web. You seriously need to chill and stop insulting people. No one is interested in taking an opinion from an asshat.


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