Sig 2020 New Releases and Discontinued Models


Friend of the website and sometimes guest contributor ,Luis Valdes shared a link about SIG’s new and soon to be discontinued pistols over on B-arfcom yesterday. He made some interesting observations I think are dead on.

The P220 .45 ACP line is being reduced to the Boutique Semi Custom Shop Legion series only. The traditional duty level gun is being cut. The P225A1 is being completely discontinued. The P226 and P229 is having about half of their entire line cut. The P238 and P938 is being drastically reduced too.

The writing is on the wall for Metal Frame DA/SA Hammer Fired Guns. The age of the Polymer Framed Striker Fired Handgun is firmly entrenched and the DA/SA guns are going to way of the dodo bird like how Revolvers were generally replaced by Wondernines in the 80s and 90s. The metal framed pocket guns are going too since the P365 and other competitors guns are vastly selling (Shield, G43, LCP, etc…).

The 1911 line isn’t really being messed with and the P320 is having some models removed but that ebbs and flows anyway since the gun is modular and Sig has been doing that since the gun came out.

The MCX, 716, and M400 rifle line are also seeing cuts. Nothing can compete against sub $400 AR-15s.

It appears that Sig Sauer is slowly going through what S&W did with the abandonment of the Gun of the Week and Metal Frame DA/SA Hammer Fired production mindset. S&W completely abandoned it and went with the M&P line and 1911s. I predicted long ago that Sig and others will follow at some point. It appears it is happening.

I agree with him. You can see the full list of new and tango uniform pistols at the link below.


  1. I like Sig overall, but for a while, they had too many gimmicky options. Things like diamond plate and rainbow titanium slides cheapened the brand in my opinion (diamond plate might actually be practical…). I enjoy shooting the P series pistols, but I wouldn’t recommend them as a first (or even second or third) pistol. I was really excited when the P225-a1 came out, but for me, they never had the same allure of the original p225.


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