List of current Virginia counties now 2nd amendment sanctuaries



  1. God bless them.
    In today’s political climate that takes courage.

    It’s not something that could be done here in California.
    There are plenty of Counties in California that are friendly to the second amendment ( All rural for some odd reason) but defying the “Powers that be” so directly would not be tolerated.
    It could get very ugly, quick.

    An example of the difference between urban and rural, the young lady who drew my blood today was glowing with pleasure because she got a bigger buck than her husband did this year.
    She used the rifle he gave her on her birthday this year.
    A custom 6.5 creedmoore with leupold glass and a muzzle brake.

    She’s a native of Sonoma County.

  2. Solving the problem of the population centers, which tend to be overwhelmingly Democrat, which dictates the elections could be solved by instituting a Countrywide State Electoral System taking away the power of the Blue Counties in a Red State. Go look at the Virginia 2018 Election results map.
    Fix the link since I don’t know if a direct one is permitted here. A lot more Red than Blue. But since Popular Vote counts, guess what? Red voters are outnumbered by Blue voters.
    www dot nbcwashington dot com/blogs/first-read-dmv/A-County-by-County-Look-at-How-Virginia-Voted-for-Governor-456147423.html
    This is why Presidential Elections have the Electoral College, to prevent this exact same thing from happening and preventing a few States from forever electing a Democrat.

  3. Tom Stone:

    “It’s not something that could be done here in California.”
    Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    “…defying the “Powers that be” so directly would not be tolerated.”
    IMO, all the more reason to start now, before there IS no peaceful way. But then, Virginia has a history of rebellion.

  4. Virginia is staring mass confiscation and bans in the face. My question is, why does the state legislature want to make enemies with potentially millions of armed citizens that are also going to be angry at the restrictions? Why does one Democrat delegate take it a step further and say the National Guard will be called to enforce compliance? Isn’t that why the citizens are armed?

    Perhaps the ridiculous statement by Gov. Northam that we can keep our black guns if we register them is the most telling. Registration is slow motion confiscation, and we the citizens are not so stupid as to fall for it. If registration is ignored, what will he do? Declare a large percentage of the state criminals? That does not sound like good governance, as much as it sounds like totalitarianism. I believe it would be in the best interest of all concerned to leave the gun laws alone. We are doing well without them.


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