Williams Shooters Supply Closing


Looks like another industry biz is about to assume room temp. The slump in gun sales from the mistaken belief that we are safe in a time period of a pro gun president has resulted in none of panic buys of the obama years.


  1. Especially in Illinois, that’s not surprising. Several businesses have either closed up shop or moved to neighboring states recently. The political climate here is not business or firearms friendly.

  2. At the distributor level, there’s only so much room for so many distributors, ie businesses that sell to only FFL’s. They’re all cutting each other’s throats. When you have a FFL, you’ll constantly get solicitations from distributors, and you’ll have the choice of “do I continue to do business with distributor X, or go with this other outfit that shaves $2 off a Remington 700?”

  3. In reality, it’s the low prices that are forcing everyone out. Gun sales are surprisingly doing quite okay but margins are down because prices are down tremendously! Only the most efficient survive on razor margins.

  4. I am not sure that folks are getting complacent in regards to firearms and availability but many have bought/built/stocked up/helped a friend in tight financial spot due to family/cant see the top of closet due to cases of ammo/you get the idea.Seems the new permission slip #’s in states that unconstitutionally require them keep growing as have the # of background checks for new sales.I just feel that at some poiint folks say enough is enough,of course,then see that well”One more won’t hurt item” and add to the growing #’s.

    I will say the last year or so in rural land have heard a lot more folks practicing with firearms,at moment not so much due to respect/letting the hunters get their chance during the season.


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