California Firearms Training Expurt OOPSIE!

Police: A sheriff’s department trainer accidentally shot a man getting his permit

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, Calif. – A man who went to get training for his gun permit got a bit more acquainted with the firearms than he expected when he was accidentally shot by the person running the class. 

Somebody did an oopsie!

Police say that a civilian firearms trainer for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office was leading a class on Saturday, August 10 for citizens who wanted to earn their concealed carry license. They say that during a “trigger pull test”, a weapon that was thought to be unloaded went off, striking a student in the leg. “Trigger pull test”

He was trying to get his concealed carry permit, but then a trainer accidentally shot him in the leg.

The victim of the gunshot wound was attending Ben Clark Training Center’s gun range in Riverside. The Desert Sun reported that gun range staff inspect student’s firearms during the course and students are instructed to unload their guns.

But they said that during the inspection, the range employee — a civilian instructor the department did not identify  — administered a “trigger pull test” and accidentally shot the man in the leg. I call that negligently, not accidentally. Range staff members initially treated the injured man until paramedics were able to get to the range. Very progressive class.! You not only learn how to defend yourself with a gun, but you get very realistic training on self help gunshot trauma. Nothing beats hands on training to really have the feel or real stress, pain and blood loss to get you used to what it might be like in a real gunfight

Authorities noted that the wounded man was a county employee, but say that he attended the firearms training course as a private civilian – not in any official capacity. Read that as – He is a cop.

Officials say that the man was treated at the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. If he wants to complete the course and get his concealed permit, he’ll have to head back to the range for another day of training.  and of course pay the training fee. After all, its not the instructors fault that the gun had a faulty trigger.

A Riverside, California man attending a firearms training class to get his concealed weapons permit was accidentally shot by a Riverside County Sheriff’s Department trainer, the department told The Desert Sun.

— Frank Rodriguez, Jr. (@eceyrod) August 25, 2019

The Desert Sun reported that the “accidental ( negligent ) discharge” is being investigated by both the sheriff’s Perris Station staff and the staff at the Ben Clark Training Center.  We investigated our employee and found our employee did nothing wrong.

California is listed as a “may issue” state, which essentially means that concealed carrying weapons permits are issued by law enforcement agencies. The Riverside Sheriff’s Office, in this case, handles all of the permit applications in the county. Yes, thank god they have real pros making sure permits are only issued to people who can safely and competently handle firearms. I feel safer knowing this.

— The Desert Sun (@MyDesert) August 23, 2019


  1. I live in Sonoma County CA and the Sheriff’s office requires anyone who want a CCW to attend an approved training school.
    Oddly enough there’s only one approved school, run by a retired Sheriff’s deputy.
    Not many apply for a CCW here because you won’t be approved unless you are a current or retired judge or you have a lot of pull.
    Alameda County was better when I lived there, if you raised $5K or more for a certain someone’s re election campaign your application would very likely recieve favorable attention…

  2. Not sure what they were doing but I seem to remember somewhere the trigger pull can’t be below a certain weight. The guy is still a dingus for the ND but I think that is what was going on.
    To Riverside and San Bernadinos credit they are effectively shall issue now as long as you dot your i’s and cross your t’s. (The new sheriff even advertises as such) Total turn around time is about 2-3 weeks i heard. Hopefully they do right and can the instructor.

  3. First off,end all these laws requiring permission slips ect.
    Training,get someone to get you safe and skilled on basics and then train and keep training.

    Oh,and bin that instructor,WTF?!


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