Guns I Wished I Could Buy


While surfing BARFCOM this morning I ran across a thread with a topic that sparked my interest. The thread author asked members what guns do they wish was made, or still made.


What gun do you wish was made today? It can be a historical design put back into production or something of your own device. A mere rechambering would be boring so think bigger. “

Some ideas I’ve pondered…

A new production C96 Mauser Broom handle pistols in a variety of calibers. I’m really curious how modern CNC machining could be applied to a notoriously complex design. Pretty sad how a mixmaster with a sewer barrel bore in need of re-lining commands prices over $500. Of course we’ll need the ugly “modernized” version as well”

I think his two picks suck, but that’s just like, my opinion man.. So instead let me ramble on about what I wish was made.

Something I have wanted Colt to start producing again is the SP1 with the rare expert A1 profile barrel 20″s with the 1/7 twist. Now colt did make this barrel years ago but apparently it was export model. I would love to have an SP1 or the new M16A1 classic model, with the 1/7 twist. Being able to shoot the full range of heavier high performance bullets in a retro rifle would be awesome. These barrels do turn up from time to time and one day I will get one and replace my SP1’s 1/12 twist barrel with it.

Other colt guns I wish they would sell me.

The Colt Accurrized rifle in .308 would be great. The Current 901 is a superb rifle. But I can’t help wishing I could get the 6724-762. A full 24 or 26 inch match barrel, stainless steel.

Next would be something they already made but I would like to see come back. They need only make one because apparently I am the only one who would want it.

That would be the Anaconda in .45 Colt, or “.45 Long Colt”. What’s not to like? I would also be happy with one in .41 magnum. A SAA Model P artillery model with a .45 ACP I would also accept.

Of course I couldn’t make this list without mentioning Winchester.

I would dearly love to see Winchester rifles made here in the USA again. Since I am asking for the impossible may as well wish that the full original line of Match Rifles was produced again. A model 97 riot gun new made would be nice.

Remington could do us all a favor and produced a “re-issue ” of the M40A1 with McMillian camo stock. New made Model 31s would be something I would buy .

I wish we could still buy Norinco semi auto Type56s. You can have the Arsenal’s and Krebs and blah blah blah. I still think the Norinco type 56s back in the day were pretty damn good. May as well wish for the Valmets to come back while I’m at it.

Who doesn’t want one of these. Of course those of us left alive will get our hands on them one day. Until then, it’s just what you see pal.

Westinghouse M-27


  1. A tube-fed, semi‐automatic, bullpup shotgun made by anyone that isn’t KelTec or Turkish…

    …or if Crye would release their cylinder magazine shotgun already.

  2. I was thinking a scaled down garand might be fun. Do it in 5.56 and make the dimensions smaller. I guess that would be too close to a mini though.
    I’m surprised no one has done an M3 greasegun redo. Valkyrie or whatever their name was did an ok rendition years ago. But I’m think a nice accurate one. Could do it as a pistol and have the buttplate portion of the wire stock be an arm brace.

      • Right? Zero practicality but just sounds really fun.
        Should it be 8 rounds or 10 like the 276 garand?
        I was thinking ruger could probably pull it off using mini receivers or tweaking the production line. No small task but at least there’s some ground work and familiarity.

  3. Sauer STR-200 in 6.5×55.

    I’d also vote for more Winchester Model 70’s – or even just Win M70 actions, both pre and post 64. Even the post-64 (or post-68) M70 action is a superior push-feed action to the Model 700 nonsense.

    Today’s shooters don’t know just how good the Model 70 was. It retained all the features of the Mauser 98 that are really good, added a cone breech (which makes it feed under the most idiotic of user-caused conditions) and then added a better trigger.

    Oh, let’s see, what else?

    Parker Invincible. Show up with just one of them to the local trap range, and women will want to be with you, men will want to be you.

    A high end Fox. A Pigeon Grade Model 12.

    An original Sharps in .38-55… or a Borschardt.

  4. I have two wishes:
    1) Harrington and Richardson top break revolver in .38. MY grandfather had a non-functioning .32 black-powder model (cylinder advance mech broken) and I always admired that gun.

    2) For someone to fix the myriad problems with the Calico Arms design. When those came out, I was working as an armed courier, and the thought of 150 rounds in 3 mags was awesome to me.


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