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Friend of looserounds and world’s ugliest man , Brent has started his own website. While much inferior to this masterpiece, its pretty damned good. He’s still adding to it every day and I expect it to eventually be as referred to as retroblackrifle some day in the near future.

From the name, you can see it’s about my favorite topic. If you want to work on your Dan Watters level PHD of Colt minutia, then its a good place to start. He’s not even paying me to shill his site for him( though he can expect an invoice ). He has some pretty good stuff over there and between here and there I can’t imagine why anyone would need to go anywhere else.


  1. Cool site, but it needs work. My go to is still retro black rifle. Hard to beat that site. But I bookmarked the ColtAR site, never know when it may come in handy. I was disappointed when i clicked on something and the only thing i get in the “article” is the title with nothing else. Like I said, the site could use some work to make it bit more user friendly.

  2. I have enjoyed your site since I found it a while ago. Thank you so much for the Colt AR site link. I have a few “black rifles” and all are Colt back to my first SP1 w/3X Colt scope purchased back in the mid 70s. For better or worse I have always stuck with Colt and have several good books (The Black Rifle and The Black Rifle II) for AR reading but Colt is my first and best! Thanks again for your efforts in providing good info out there.

  3. Thanks for plug Shawn! I have appreciated the friendship and information that LooseRounds have supported me with over the last year or so. I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

  4. Cotto,

    I appreciate your comment and you are correct that the site does need work…a lot of work. It will take me quit some time of adding content and refining it before it becomes something respectable. When I got into collecting Colt AR’s in late 2017, early 2018, I noticed that there really isn’t a site that a person can go to in order to get information on just Colt AR’s. So, that is my motivation for the site. As one guy with an active duty military career and family, it will be a slow labor of love. You can subscribe for content updates. Additionally, continue to comment and make recommendations. Have a great week.

    • Your site has alot of potential and some good info on it. I hope that you find the time for it being active duty. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. Hope you also have a great week.


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