Know Your Fudds Part 2



    • .I pulled them from various places on instagram and FB and arfcom . they are memes. no idea who supposedly made them. don’t much care either, they are hilarious

        • oh no!! some one on the internet made a mistake about where some memes came from? i guess we will just have to pick up the pieces of our shattered lives and try to move on from here . go back to GD Kopel, I simply don’t care.

  1. These are fake. My image is used as “Tim”. My name is David Smalley. I’m a comedian and Podcaster in Los Angeles. @davidcsmalley This is defamation. And now you’ve had your first warning.

    • I got some bad news for you Dave. that image and meme are viral on instagram and FB right now across a hell of a lot of gun pages . and I had nothing to do with making it. you are going to have to send a lot of cease and desist letters from your lawyer. though I suspect you are gonna have a hard time proving defamation since some one made it not using your real name and an image of you that you made public. my advice is if you are in the comedian and podcasting biz with a web presence, you get thicker skin.


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