Inland MFG’s National Match Retro M1911


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If you read my review of the M1911A1 made by Inland MFG a few months ago, you know I was pretty impressed with it.  And I am hard to please when it comes to M1911s.  At the NRA show a couple weeks ago I stopped by the Inland booth to talk to the guys and see what they had coming out new.

While talking to the owner of the company, I mentioned how much I liked the look of the old  pistols built up by  military shooting team armorers for competition use  for the national matches etc.   He laughed and walked me over to look at their new 1911.   It is made up just like one you would have seen used by the military shooting teams in years past.

Usually the various service’s shooting teams had guns gunsmithed and built up to match specs by special shooting team armorers.  They would take a USGI  1911 in decent shape and work it over with skill and some NM parts to get its accuracy up to snuff and then add some large adjustable target sights of various makes.    The 1911 above has recreates that look , feel and accuracy.  It has been treated to all the work to make it a NM bullseye gun while giving it the look of one you would have seen in the 50s, 60s, 70s etc.

The front ramp sight really rubbed my nostalgia right as did the placement of the rear. Most impressive is the correct small original  thumb safety lock.  The front strap is still smooth while NM guns would have checkering or hit with a chisel to make it have something to grip. The owner of the company told me he was still deciding on which version of that they may add to it later.  The three hole trigger would have been a part in the later days but it looks fine on this model.   The gun is of course worked over in the same way as the custom carry from Inland and no doubt will deliver at least as good accuracy as that plain USGI   M1911A1 WW2 pistol I tested.   I really look forward to getting my hands on the NM  retro version.