Gear4Ops Gen 2 Exo-Gloves


Submitted by Joshua Berry

Third Party Test of;

Gear4Ops Gen 2 Exo-Gloves.

Gear3Ops Gloves Gear3Ops Gloves Gear3Ops Gloves Gear3Ops Gloves

The hype surrounding these gloves promise a lot. They are supposed to be Nomex, Kevlar palms and contain Spectra.  Also,an IR flag and a blackout strap are on board.

Supposedly you get all of this in a $36 package?  Well, let’s see just what a pair of $36 combat gloves can get you when its competitors cost $70+ for comparative gloves.

I plan on slicing at these with my Kershaw knife(this sucker is sharp, by far the best blade I have,) also I plan on burning them to see just how well they hold up. Finally, I’ll punch the hell out of a tree to test the knuckle protection.

I will compare these to my favorite pair of mechanix gloves, the updated Mechanix originals are highly thought of gloves by numerous soldiers.  Let’s see just how they compare.

General Review.

When I got the Gen2-G4Ops Gloves, I was immmediatly impressed with the fit. These are by far the best fitting gloves I have ever used. They are very comfortable and just about as good as it gets for features.

The Slice Test.

 Gear3Ops Gloves

Now, I took my Kershaw to the Mechanix Glove first will let the pictures speak for themselves. I placed the knife on the different parts of the gloves and pressed firmly and sliced rearward on both the Mechanix and Gear4Ops gloves.

Gear3Ops Gloves

My poor Mechanix, rest in peace.



Now for the G4Ops Glove, these things were tough and one cut just was not going to do it! So, I went crazy on these things, both pads took 10+ strikes with my knife till I finally did some damage on the heel pad and the palm took 2 good slashes before beginning to show some damage. No penetration went through the gloves and would have kept the hand completely safe.

 Gear3Ops GlovesGear3Ops GlovesGear3Ops Gloves

The Burn Test.

For this test I took my Lighter and sat there holding it on the gloves till something happened……With the Gear4Ops it was a little disappointing as nothing ever happened! Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Yes I did this with my hand in the glove.

Gear3Ops Gloves

Gear3Ops Gloves

           As you can see….less than exciting, no damage and worked as advertised.


 Gear3Ops Gloves

        How would you like to have your hand in that sucker as it melts to your skin….I’ll pass.

The Punch Test

For this test, I donned the gloves and went out and hit a tree as hard as I could. Aside from slightly red knuckles, they worked very well. The majority of the blow was absorbed. The only part I really felt was where the knuckles pressed into my skin. It also did nothing to the gloves but put some green on them.

Gear3Ops Gloves

So there you have it, the Gear4Ops Gen 2 Exo-Gloves .  For $36? I dare you to find a better glove with as many features as these have. I highly recommend these for the stellar price to performance ratio.

Flame retardent, slash resistant, super comfortable. It doesn’t get much better than that. I look forward to seeing what comes next for this company. I will keep everyone updated on how these continue to wear but it is probably time for a new pair of gloves after what I put these through!


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