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M231 Firing Port Weapon

I found some great photos on the M231 today. The M231 is a modification of the M16 to be used in firing points designed into the Bradley fighting vehicle.

everyone has seen this common photo of a M231 in use in the first year of the Iraq invasion

The M231 installed in one of the firing port in a rear door.

Superbowl Snipers

Some youtube video of LE snipers training for the super bowl. I was surprised how many people didn’t know they did this at the actual stadiums. Why would you not practice shooting and working out the angels at a place like this when you have the chance? A sportball stadium filled with a zillion people is not the place to be working out the angle for a shot the first time. Years ago I read a story of the Secret Service training snipers before a huge sporting event the POTUS was going to be attending. I recall the Top Men had trouble working out what round to use for the plexiglass type stuff in the arena and settled on Federal Trophy bonded bullets to penetrate and still make it to the target. I forget where I read this but think maybe it was Plaster’s manual on sniping.

Bushmaster & DPMS Gone?

Some interesting scuttlebutt going around since the end of SHOT. Rumor has it Remington has ended Bushmaster and DPMS brands.

notice anything missing?

Some of the chatter from around the web.

“CDNN or someone sent an email in the past month or so selling lots of Bushmaster stuff. I wonder if that was an inventory liquidation. “


I was at SHOT this year too (Dana I saw you in passing but couldn’t catch up) and there was a no show for Bushmaster and the ACR in the Remington booth. Not to spread rumors, but the word on the street is they’re discontinuing the Bushmaster and DPMS lines.
Before we get into the whole name your sources thing, I’m just saying that was the unsubstantiated gossip I heard around the show. Believe what you wish, YMMV.

“bushmaster.com (without the www) brings me to


Only email listed is for repairs.

Remington is likely getting rid of both brands, The industry is slow and hurting and why keep around to low end brands when they have to compete with the ultra cheap junk vomitted out by PSA daily. It’s interesting that there is no outrage over “Remington caving to anti gun politicians” like happened when Colt temporarily halted civilian rifle sales to fulfill a huge over seas military contract.

I hate to see any gun company go out of business, well, other than two I would like to see gone…

We will see how this plays out if true.

Deadly Houston, TX Armored Car Robberies

Below is an excerpt from an article I read last night about a sophisticated and aggressive crew that robbed armored cars. Their prep work and willingness to kill made them very successful. Everything was worked out to tiny details with some pretty clever methods for obtaining stolen vehicles to use during the robberies without being tied to hot cars until used during the highest. The gang then initiated the robbery with kill shots and put the security down before snatching the money and speeding off. The FBI would still be looking for them if not for a tip left by some one who knew about the crew who was miffed off by some slight. Probably one of them stepped on his new Nikes by accident.

Some lessons to taken from this article about how the killing/robberies went down.

The Doting Boyfriend Who Robbed Armored Cars

Beginning in 2015, Houston was plagued by a series of brutal armored car robberies that bewildered FBI agents for nearly two years. To finally bring down the unassuming mastermind behind it all, the agents had to stage an elaborate trap—and catch him in the act.

  • Skip Hollandsworth


Illustration by Edward Kinsella.

In September 2016, when FBI agents first started tailing Redrick “Red” Batiste, he seemed to be an ordinary young man leading an ordinary life. Batiste was 36 years old, tall and slim, with dark eyes and an easy smile. He lived with his two bulldogs in a two bedroom, 956-square-foot house in Acres Homes, a modest neighborhood twelve miles north of the skyscrapers of downtown Houston.

By most indications, he was exceedingly straitlaced. He dressed well, usually wearing pullover polo shirts and tightly belted cargo pants. Once a week, he went to a barbershop to get a haircut and a manicure. He was so meticulous about keeping his house clean that he asked visitors to take off their shoes before coming inside so they wouldn’t track dirt across the carpet. “Red even had the toilet paper coming out over the top of the roll,” said Tommie Albert, an older man in the neighborhood who’d known Batiste since he was a boy. “He said it looked better than toilet paper coming out from behind the roll.”

Redrick “Red” Batiste. Photo courtesy of Joyce Batiste.

Batiste regularly visited his aging parents to check on them. A few times a week, he went to see his girlfriend, Buchi Okoh, their eighteen-month-old daughter, and Okoh’s five-year-old son from a previous relationship. Okoh, a striking, gregarious woman in her early thirties, worked in sales at a Cadillac dealership. On occasion, Batiste would take her to a nice restaurant, but most of the time they stayed home and played with the children. Okoh told friends that her boyfriend was a budding real estate developer, buying and renovating small homes. He was a good man, she said, intelligent and ambitious. He read self-improvement books like Do You!: 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success, by the hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. He was determined to make something of himself, “to be the best person he could possibly be,” Okoh said, “building his life the right way.”

Shadowing him around Houston in their unmarked cars, however, FBI agents weren’t convinced that Batiste was all that he appeared to be. They had begun to suspect that he was leading a secret life that Okoh, his parents, and his neighbors knew nothing about. Red Batiste, they believed, was the leader of an armored car robbery ring, one of the most daring and diabolical the FBI had ever encountered.


The MK18 Hand Cranked Grenade Launcher

Another great picture from a vet’s personal collection on the SOG group. This one of the MK 18 MOD 0 grenade launcher. The Mk18 is pretty neat just because it was hand crank operated like a Gatling gun. It was belt fed and fired 40mm grenades and was used on boats and reportedly in fixed positions, I have no idea how common that was though. As you can probably guess it was replaced by the MK19 grenade launcher.

Some numbers on the MK18 say it had an effective range of slightly over 2,000 yards and a rate of fire of 250 rounds per minute. That probably means sustained rate of fire without over heating etc.