This is in part summarized in GAO-17-667R

162,643 pieces of communications equipment – inc:
75,256 VHF radios e.g. Datron PRC-1070/1777 and HH7700
66,439 non tactical radios e.g. Motorola GM360, CODAN NGT SRx, AR-8200
13,464 HF radios – e.g. Codan 2110 manpack, Datron RT-7000
5,777 multiband raios – e.g. Harris RF5800M and RF-7850
2,107 ulta and super HF radios e.g. – Harris RF-7800W and Johnson APCO-25

75,898 military vehicles – inc:
42,604 light tactical vehicles -cargo trucks pick ups – Ford Rangers
22,174 Humvees – ambulance, cargo, troop enclosure and gun truck variants
8,998 MTVs – MTV international, 5 ton cargo and general transport trucks
1,005 recovery vehicles – Navistar 7000MV and M1249 wrecker
928 MRAPs – MRAP maxxpro, anbulance and combat variants
189 APCs – M113A2 and M577A2

599,690 Weapons inc:
358,530 rifles – M16, M4, AK47 Dragunov sniper rifle
126,295 pistols – M9 and G19
64,363 machine guns – M249, M240, RPK and NSV(12.7mm)
25,327 grenade launchers – M203 and GP-25/30
12,692 shot guns – M500, M590a1 and M870
9,877 RPG – RPG-7 and SPG-9
2,606 indirect fire weapons – 60mm mortar, 82mm mortar and D-30 122mm howitzers

29,681 EOD
13,265 ECMs – Symphony and Pipper
13,367 mine detectors – VMH3CS and CMD
1,093 combat robots
1,101 EOD suits
496 mine rollers
359x-ray systems – RTR4-L

16,191 pieces of surveillance and reconnaissance equipment
16,035 NODS inc PVS14, PVS7, ANVIS-6 and ANVIS-9
120 radio monitoring systems – wolfhounds
22 ground based towers – Aerostat IDT
8 scan eagles
6 surveillance ballons – Aerostat

208 Aircraft
110 helicopters – inc Mi17, MD-530
60 transport aircraft – C208, C182, C130, T182, G222, AN32
20 Light attack planes – A29
18 intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance planes – PC12
(with full weapons systems and munitions)
UH60 were part of the forward looking program for ANDSF – the number delivered (if any is unclear)

Link to report

There appear to be around 500 mobile strike force vehicles missing from the 2017 report (supplied to ANASOC) – see additional link

updated GAO report 2019

as far as I can tell the initial list doesn’t seem to contain what has been supplied to ANASOC.

Shoot! A fella could have a good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.


  1. The degree to which this capture makes the Taliban the strong horse in Afg is under appreciated at this point, I think. Supply is a continual problem for irregular forces, and now the Taliban has enough to fight with for years if not decades.

    It also gives them a nice source of hard currency for selling off surplus equipment, no small deal for a group in the Taliban’s international position.

    This makes it difficult for anyone to put together a counter-Taliban insurgency on multiple fronts. I’d look for the Taliban to consolidate their hold over Afg for at least a couple of years based on this. After that it will probably be more to how well Taliban leadership runs the country.

    • Good News/ bad news… lots of the coms need additional crypto to make them work; and the afghan army was getting that from us directly; so most likely no more. ( Called ‘fills”; it was the encryption ciphers which make lots of this stuff work.) On the other hand Commie China might be able to fill in this gap.

      Now, they should be smart enough to know, that if you broadcast on 1 freq too long, you can be detected ( why radios now a days are frequency hopping)… so, yeah, go ahead and use this commo gear in the clear; we’ll know it’s you! ( Officially, we are now at peace with the Taliban due to the peace treaty that Pres Trump wrote with the Taliban in qater/ oman, etc.) ( Even though, they broke this same peace treaty from day 1).

      We shall see what they do with all this gear!

      PS: Glow Plugs on Humvees go out all the time… try getting some of those from Detroit!

  2. Dang, tell these folks that I never approved of the Afghan adventure and ask them to send me any extra Dragunovs, M9 pistols or shotguns they have laying around.
    If they feel like tossing in an Humvee or a pickup truck or two it would be appreciated

  3. That’s a disheartening list, but man, all that night vision kit going to an outfit like the Taliban. That’ll be showing up in terrorist attacks for decades to come.

    What a colossal fuck up.

    • Nah, not really.
      Any kit that does show up in terrorist attacks would be that which was given to Saudi Arabia, Israel or used by various groups armed directly by ZOG’s intel services.

  4. That’s quite an impressive tally, although who knows what kind of condition these units are in, let alone if the numbers are anywhere close to accurate.
    What I question is why ZOG would leave all that behind if indeed the Taliban are truly opposed to them. Remember that ZOG uses the USA like a parasite uses a host. It only cares for itself, and will sacrifice the host if it has another to worm inside of. ZOG has its hooks in China too, among many other countries, and I suspect that it simply made a deal and a calculated decision that its Chinese subsidiary is better suited to the task of Afghanistan, and that task itself has evolved.
    Traditional Opium has been supplanted by far more potent synthetics that can be grown more or less anywhere, and the Chinese rulers are building the Belt And Road Initiative, and Israel is on board with that:

    ZOG doesn’t give a crap about Americans (it actually hates them and wants them all dead) but it will use them and the USA for every drop of blood they have before they more on to a new fresher host.


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