This is in part summarized in GAO-17-667R

162,643 pieces of communications equipment – inc:
75,256 VHF radios e.g. Datron PRC-1070/1777 and HH7700
66,439 non tactical radios e.g. Motorola GM360, CODAN NGT SRx, AR-8200
13,464 HF radios – e.g. Codan 2110 manpack, Datron RT-7000
5,777 multiband raios – e.g. Harris RF5800M and RF-7850
2,107 ulta and super HF radios e.g. – Harris RF-7800W and Johnson APCO-25

75,898 military vehicles – inc:
42,604 light tactical vehicles -cargo trucks pick ups – Ford Rangers
22,174 Humvees – ambulance, cargo, troop enclosure and gun truck variants
8,998 MTVs – MTV international, 5 ton cargo and general transport trucks
1,005 recovery vehicles – Navistar 7000MV and M1249 wrecker
928 MRAPs – MRAP maxxpro, anbulance and combat variants
189 APCs – M113A2 and M577A2

599,690 Weapons inc:
358,530 rifles – M16, M4, AK47 Dragunov sniper rifle
126,295 pistols – M9 and G19
64,363 machine guns – M249, M240, RPK and NSV(12.7mm)
25,327 grenade launchers – M203 and GP-25/30
12,692 shot guns – M500, M590a1 and M870
9,877 RPG – RPG-7 and SPG-9
2,606 indirect fire weapons – 60mm mortar, 82mm mortar and D-30 122mm howitzers

29,681 EOD
13,265 ECMs – Symphony and Pipper
13,367 mine detectors – VMH3CS and CMD
1,093 combat robots
1,101 EOD suits
496 mine rollers
359x-ray systems – RTR4-L

16,191 pieces of surveillance and reconnaissance equipment
16,035 NODS inc PVS14, PVS7, ANVIS-6 and ANVIS-9
120 radio monitoring systems – wolfhounds
22 ground based towers – Aerostat IDT
8 scan eagles
6 surveillance ballons – Aerostat

208 Aircraft
110 helicopters – inc Mi17, MD-530
60 transport aircraft – C208, C182, C130, T182, G222, AN32
20 Light attack planes – A29
18 intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance planes – PC12
(with full weapons systems and munitions)
UH60 were part of the forward looking program for ANDSF – the number delivered (if any is unclear)

Link to report

There appear to be around 500 mobile strike force vehicles missing from the 2017 report (supplied to ANASOC) – see additional link

updated GAO report 2019

as far as I can tell the initial list doesn’t seem to contain what has been supplied to ANASOC.

Shoot! A fella could have a good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff.



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