Karl at InRangeTV continues to self-destruct


Ah, Karl. Is there no group on the far left he won’t pander to?

Don’t worry, I am told he is ” on our side” and is “increasing gun ownership and making allys “


  1. what a douche canoe.

    Seriously, he’s not making any friends by spouting this drivel. “Marginalized Voices”….give me a break. He’s a liberal with a serious case of White Savior complex. Honestly would not be surprised if I were to see his mugshot from a recent antifa roundup by the boys in blue in Portland. He certainly has the look and would fit in well with those types.

    I’ve watched a handful of his videos back before he went certifiable. Didn’t realized I actually subscribed to him, but quickly rectified that situation. One can only hope his crazy is evident to all.

  2. What a sackless loser. Mask use as implemented during this “pandemic” is solely a sign of obedience and subservience. These mask lover types are a very special type of evil. They’re weasely cowards, convincing themselves they’re just, moral and brave when all evidence points to the opposite. If there was a real contagion on the loose that was capable of real destruction, little goofy paper surgical masks wouldnt be what anyone with a brain would be wearing. Respirators are what serious plague avoiders would wear in a real situation. Paper masks, however, are sufficient for this covid psyop.
    This Karl guy’s penchant claiming to care for “marginalized” peoples is also weak and meaningless. Big deal, he has opinions that he whines about. What a heroic champion of the pervert underdog class. These folks and their scolding, disdainful yammer can go pound sand.

  3. Boo hoo, a guy on youtube who has a gun channel doesn’t have exactly the same political beliefs as you. UNSUBSCRIBED! Gonna cancel him? Gonna cry, snowflakes?

    Why does everyone you watch have to agree with you on everything? You guys sound like those dumb culture war libs who are like “waah, why doesn’t the mnm company make rainbow mnms for pride month?” Who gives a shit?

    • so your response is to come on to a website and whine and cry because some guys had a different opinion about a commie tranny fucker than you do?

      you sound like a real asshurt shitwit, white knighting for his bf

  4. I think in FW’s most recent Q&A video around 8:10 Ian made a sublte indication that He is no longer part of InRange.


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