HK’s new single stack 9mm revealed


A clever user on BARFCOM came up with the link to a patent on the new HK pistol.

That’s right, real actual “breaking” news in GD for once! As soon as I heard about a new “big announcement” from HK I did some sleuthing. Found a patent just issued for a new handgun couple weeks ago. Remember you heard about it here first:,328#D00000

The patent was just issued on May 4 2021. Patent applications aren’t publicly available until 18 months after submission or after issuance.


    • Well it’s just a patent drawing applied for on 2019-10-18, the gun could look completely different. But it probably won’t. HK can’t afford to ignore the of the philistines US shooting market is mostly comprised of.
      RIP LEM, RIP paddles, smile because it happened.

  1. Since it won’t be legal in California I won’t have a chance to sneer at it.
    They don’t make a bad product for the most part, but the prices and the attitude are not to my taste.
    if I buy European it would likely be CZ and very unlikely to be HK.

  2. It looks suspiciously like a striker fired polymer frame sevice pistol with barrel locking on the slide, dovetail sights, a trigger safety etc etc…

    I have a gun (Walther PPQ) that exactly matches that description, so I’m wondering what’s the special patented selling point?


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