ND story. 7.62×39 vs Leg


This is a story from B-ARFCOM member, MshakeMO who managed to pop himself in the leg. He shared the story as a cautionary tale.

I was pretty hesitant to make this post.   I eventually decided that a safety reminder and an illustration of the possible consequences is something that we should all be reminded and aware of.  

Not too long ago I was snowed in, bored, and drinking.    I didn’t really have shit to do so I had spend most of the day going through an annual/semi annual firearm cleaning.   Checking things over and putting a light coat of oil on everything.  

I’d handled somewhere around 30 firearms that day and before I packed everything up I decided to put an old Primary Arms light I had lying around on a SLR-95.   It was the last thing I was going to fuck with for the day and I expected it to take 30 seconds tops.  

I was mounting the light on the left side of a railed handguard.   I’m sure most are aware the safety is on the right side and how that works.  

I chucked the fucker down on the desk left side up, mag in, round chambered and proceeded to do dumb shit.    There are a couple of screws on the mount that hold the base on a couple of rings that go around the light and one of them had come loose.  

I tried to tighten it but it was obvious right away it wasn’t going to work out.   I was proper fuckered.   I grabbed the tin of random ass screws that resides in my desk drawer and started trying a few out to see if I could get something to bite.   They are all different sizes and different bits.   This went on for a few minutes and out of frustration I was moving the rifle around to get a better angle on the clusterfuck trying to get something to work.

I’m not 100% sure what happened next but the safety which was facing down on the desk got disengaged at some point.   I had the desk drawer slightly open with 2 or 3 screwdrivers propped in it.   I slid the rifle to my left to get it more stable and in better light and as far as I can tell a screwdriver got into the trigger guard and I more of less bumpfired off a few rounds as I was pulling it towards the muzzle.

At the time I thought I heard three shots.   I’ve only been able to locate two so far.    The first one went through my left thigh, through the chair, through the floor and probably resides somewhere in the crawlspace.   As soon as it registered something fucking went wrong I was pulling the muzzle up, away from everything, and toward the ceiling.   Thus the bumpfire.

A week later after I was able to move around better I found out one had went through a computer tower, the wall, a power strip and a cover on a bandsaw in the garage.    It’s cold as fuck and slick everywhere so I haven’t pursued that one further yet.   Either I haven’t found the third yet or what I heard was the sound of it going through me.  

I didn’t feel shit at first.   As soon as I had control of the cocksucker I dropped the mag, cleared the chamber, and chucked it across the room.   As I started looking around at the objects to my left to assess the damage I noticed about a 8″ hole in my pants.  They’d shifted up quite a bit from me moving and my first thought was the muzzle brake shredded them.   As I stood up they sagged down and I could see the blood spurting out.   It seems like it was as stream about the diameter of a nickle but that may be inaccurate.    I pressed my palm down on it hard which just resulted in it squirting in a slightly different direction so I grabbed a towel and blanket which were nearby, cell phone, cordless landline, and..   a pack of smokes and a lighter.  

 Plopped my ass down, wrapped what I had around it as tightly as I could, and called 911.   The roads were terrible and apparently nobody knew how to get to my address so the operator hung up in case they needed to call me for directions.

I looked like a lot of fucking blood.   It always looks like a lot of fucking blood when it’s coming out of you.  In hindsight it wasn’t THAT much.  I called my father and told him quickly what happened.   I was pretty light headed and shaky.   Adrenaline and shock I guess mostly.
Then got my phone, cleaned up what would be visible and called my 6 year old son on video chat.   I told him I was really busy and I couldn’t talk long but that I wanted him to know he was an awesome kid and I loved him more than anything.   Oof.   Right in the feels.  Then I hung up and continued screaming like a bitch.

I don’t know who the first guy through the door was but I’d hobbled over to the door at some point to leave it open.    He checked the rifle, asked to see the wound, thought about it for half a second and said never mind the ambulance will be here in a few that’s more than I can handle.   Two ambulance crews from two different counties and a deputy rolled in next.   They stuck in an IV, loaded me up with some kind of good shit, and started debating how to get my fat ass down icy steps and across a slick yard.  I took this opportunity to chain smoke and recite obscenities.  I was starting to suspect it wasn’t as bad as it could have been so I got up and walked out to the ambulance with one persons help despite a dozen people protesting.  One counties ambulance drove me about 3 miles up the road then they stopped in the middle of the fucking highway and switched me to the other one.   Everyone wants a piece of the pie I guess.   They both loaded me up with meds though so I could care less due to being high as balls.  

The second ambulance was about a 20 minute ride most of which I spend arguing with them about not wanting to mess with life flight.   I’d hopped all over the house, got up and opened the door, and walked to the ambulance.  I figured I’d live.   Anyway they shoved me in the helicopter and away we went for about a 90 mile ride.  A pilot, two medics, and a heavily medicated bleeding guy is about all you can stuff into one of those.   They looked bigger from the outside.  

I get wheeled into an emergency room with like 40 people staring at me…   within 10 minutes all but maybe three of them had wandered off as it became apparent it wasn’t as bad as it sounded.   I couple of people tortured me for a while with a mobile xray thing and demands to strike weird poses.   Then they shoved me in the magnetic donut of doom.  About an hour later I was sent up to a regular room for the night.   I attempted to bribe 5 different people to wheel me outside for a smoke.   I offered $300 cash at one point but no takers.  

Every person I interacted with kept asking me if i was depressed or wanted to hurt myself.   Yeah doc,  I was trying to shoot my cock for an instant kill but I missed.   I mean damn.

Entry.   Must have been pretty much in contact.

The next morning the doc came in and told me I lucked out and it’d just be antibiotics but he wanted to see me up moving around before he’d discharge me.   I’d already called and had a ride on the way.  As soon as the door closed I got up, lurched across the room, and proceeded to bleed all over as chair.  Apparently there was an alarm on the bed because several people suddenly came through the door.   There was a consensus I could GTFO at that point.  The morphine and such wore off on the way home and things started to suck.  

Entry.   Burns from the brake are starting to show really well.

Exit.  I guess the chair providing a solid backing may have helped keep thing together?   I didn’t stick calipers in there but it’s pretty much 7.62 or so mm.  Sorry for the crappy pic but I’m trying not to show you my balls.

The two empties I’ve been able to locate.  

It took a couple days before I was able to move around any.   Luckily all the opiates meant I didn’t have to fire off a turd for a few days.  Maybe four until I could get to the bed and actually sleep in it.   Somewhere around a week until I could move without crutches.   I’m hobbling pretty decently now.  

I got fucking lucky.  Missed the femur by a cunt hair.  I’m still leaking out both ends but the swelling is finally going away.   Things are improving rapidly.   There’ll be parts of this that’ll suck forever I’m sure.  

I’m sure I’ll catch a ration of shit for this.  I deserve it.   Even if you all are a just bunch of assholes on the internet I don’t want anyone else to experience this.    

The only damage to the PC was a fan and a grazing hit to this board.   Unfortunately that HDD is my spank bank.   It should be back online in about a week


  1. Adding a little “Judgement Juice” to your daily routine can certainly liven things up.
    Although it has been a few decades since I stopped drinking I had an ironclad rule in the days I did.
    No booze if I was going to handle firearms, not even one beer.
    Even with good health insurance the bill for this little escapade would have bought several top end 1911’s from Wilson…
    And he got off cheap.

  2. While the phrase “Incompetent Retard”come to mind am glad the guy swallowed his pride and let be known what happened be a learning lesson for others and that he will pull thru just fine.

    Folks think I am a bit nuts clearing mags/sticking two fingers up magwell to be sure(think the firearms actually kinda like that!)/run action a few times and visually inspect the chamber ect.

    I still treat firearm as loaded and give it due respect.

    I also agree on the no booze policy,I will not even handle a friends scope off of a rifle after I have had a beer(or a few),so far that policy has worked well and this tale just underscores that policy as correct.

  3. Too many people on the internet (YouTube) handle firearms unsafely, and often point the fully assembled firearm at themselves or put their hand or fingers over the barrel to show their audience something (muzzling themselves, their legs or feet and fingers, including their own face). Sometimes I comment on it. They come back with “it was unloaded”. Too many people are shot with firearms they believe are unloaded and we know this.
    1) Always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction (if it is assembled)
    Screw all those other dumb rules about treating them as though they’re loaded, or “all firearms are loaded”, because they’re not all loaded. You can, however, ‘keep it pointed in a safe direction at all times’, 100% of the time, without exception, even if you are slightly buzzed.

    • Well,would say if one treats a firearm as always loaded then one would keep it pointed in safe direction/ pointed at something one wants to destroy,would hope then loaded.

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