We’re live, sorta


Alright, sometime shortly after this post goes live I am going to push the test site to live. I just downloaded our 37.1GB site backup.

It isn’t finished, but it is good enough at the moment.

Please post any comments, suggestions, or hate as a reply to this post, so it can be promptly ignored.

Side note, 5.56 Timeline is getting its own subdomain. Check out 556timeline.looserounds.com

Couple of minor notes:
On the new site, our SQL database is under half the size of our old site. Something was causing excessive bloat. I don’t know what, but our backend is leaner now.
We switched to the Newspaper theme. It isn’t quite set up the way we want, but it is close. What is nice is that it has built into it several of the features we were using plugins for. Hopefully not having to use those plugins will increase performance and reduce server CPU usage.

But who knows? It is not like I know what I am doing.


  1. Perhaps I’m not seeing them, or it’s not showing up on my device of choice (Samsung tablet, Firefox 68.11.0 (yes, I upgraded back to a previous version that works the way I want)).

    But I’m not seeing the “next/previous article” links. I really like those, it’s a bit more convenient than going up a level and then back down, especially on a slow network connection.

    Thanks for all you do, Howard, much appreciated!

  2. The new design is really clean.

    Is there a way to push the “All Articles” topic up to the top? The way I use the site is to check what’s new, so seeing other tagged articles up at the top of the page is not as useful to me as seeing the latest posts.

      • Now all I see on the page is Newest, which isn’t what I was seeing this morning when I complained. So, improvement!

        But can you bring back the comment count on the main page also? That was there this morning and is gone now.

        I’m almost always on my iPhone Se 2020, BTW.

  3. Looks great. Only suggestion is to make the navigation arrows at bottom of all articles darker. Can barely see that gray. If you can add words AND arrows, that’d be best. Viewing this on a laptop FWIW.


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