Oregon State Capital Building Under siege


live stream



  1. Needs to be nationwide on all state capitols,even states that are acting “normal” and not the “new normal”.i.e. supporting basic common sense deserves to be rewarded.

  2. They could have negotiated with the Tea Party. But the Tea Party was “racist.” They could have negotiated with Ron Paul, but he wanted to end the wars. They could have negotiated with Trump, but he was “racist” *and* wanted to end the wars.

    So here we are.

    • They’re not all that bright. Tamper with elections and the people neither have taxation with representation nor a government reliant on the consent of the governed.
      Add in knuckling under to the demands of the World Economic Forum and the CCP, and the next logical step is to break into that case of ammo you got a while back to start loading magazines.

      • The ruling class is burning credibility at an alarming clip. They pretty much lit the Mandate of Heaven on fire to get Trump out of the White House. I think these are what the Chinese call “interesting times.”


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