Steve Nastoff Colt Supercomp


The Nasty—Colt Supercomp II by legendary pistol-smith Steve Nastoff. Nastoff was among the best gunsmiths in the 80s and 90s, with a waiting list that topped out at 5 years. He made the .45 comp gun that Jerry Barnhart won the 1987 IPSC Nationals with, before switching to 38 super.

It’s all there. All sharp edges of the Bomar sight are radiused and smoothed, the precise dovetailing of the sight into the slide, the skeletonized (blue) commander hammer with sharp checkering (Nastoff trademark), fine checkering on rear of slide, front strap and trigger guard, compensator expansion chamber and tungsten guide rod to reduce muzzle flip, and a swaged magwell (that had to be a sphincter-puckering blacksmithing moment for Steve).

Steve was the best of the best, with his flawless metalworking, sculpted beavertails, and meticulous attention to detail. It is because of this that his guns are highly sought after by collectors and rarely found anywhere on the secondary market. The stark reality is that there exists an inverse relationship between this level of craftsmanship and profit. It’s true. This is why most one man shops don’t survive. Steve left gunsmithing in 2001 to work for the government— specifically the firearm laboratory at INS.


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