Reader Feedback Time!


Now is your chance to register your satisfaction or displeasure. Something I rarely do since I’m going to do what I want anyway. But sometimes, not often, but sometimes, I like to let readers think they have some control over the topics we write about. Think of it like voting in a presidential election. You can make your voice heard but we are probably going to ignore it anyway.

But seriously. I been putting a helluva lot of time and effort into the Civil War posts this month. Especially the Porter Alexander multi-parter. And there is a considerable amount to go. Thing is, I’m getting close to zero feedback on each one.

Are you reading them? Like them? Does anyone even care? I get stuck on a topic sometimes and will drone on forever until I’m satisfied.. Anyone who knows me personally can tell you that.

Let’s here your thoughts. Speak up for Christ’s sake.

Also, what would you like more of? Last time I asked, I got a request for a bunch of revolver crap. Which in my opinion, I really gave maximum effort on and flooded you with 6 guns stuff for several months and even got Colt to come off of several new, hard to get wheelguns for your gratification. Believe me you have no idea how hard that was to do. More to come with that by the way..

So what would you like more of? No promises on any requests depending on how absurd they are.

Keep in mind this is the time of year when things slow down due to weather and companies gearing up for SHOT show. So more press releases come to my email than guns come in the mail. So it’s more likely to be more retrospective looks back or me braying about some vintage thing or historical mumbo-jumbo. Not saying you are limited in your requests. Sky is the limit as the website has expanded in what we talk about in the last year as you have no doubt noticed.

I’m also going to take this time to remind you that if you want to donate to the site, to help us support Dan’s freeloading and the part of the site, you can. Boy it sure would be nice… I know if you had a website that updated 7-13 times every weekday with free content that I could spend reading while taking a crap at work, I would donate to you.. You can use the paypal donation button, if the Christmas spirit hits you, or just paypal donate to us using the email It’s what Santa would want.

Of course, you don’t HAVE too. But Howard would hate you a lot less if you did. I still like you but Howard isn’t so forgiving. If he gets mad enough it’s hard to tell what he may do. He has PTSD from all the killing he did with his bare hands in Iraq. Not one single Iraqi he killed in the war donated money to us. Think about that and let it sink in..


  1. Love the site, it mostly works well on mobile. Write what you want to write, it is good so far.

    Will send donation when able, which is not now.

    Where do you host your images? My ad-blocking software leaves big gaps where images would be.

  2. I thought Howard wore gloves.

    Sounds like the site is not just fun shits & giggles for you anymore but has become a job. Instead of doing what YOU want you are asking what others want. Nothing survives that way. Offer/present what YOU want to and people take it or leave it, they are attracted or not. Do otherwise and you become a five and dime junk store.

    Unless, of course, that’s what you want, pandering to the crowd, trying to determine what they want this week, hoping to get a buck from it.

  3. All the Civil war stuff you like. It’s great. If you have current battlefield pics like at Gettysburg, even better. The Alexander stuff has been very interesting, as were the stories of young Lee in Mehico.

    Wheelgun stuff is always welcome, but that’s just me.

    Anything about long range shooting.

    I’m a hunter, so anything hunting related is good.

    Well known or not so well known gunfights. I used to have relatives at Sierra Vista, so I’ve been to the OK Corral several times. Damn its interesting to walk the streets of that town.

    Terminal ballistics is also interesting. What happens when that fast moving sliver of metal hits something?

    Anything else at all that you like. I find this a congenial place. It’s your place, so your rules.I’m clicking on the ads regularly now, hoping it sends cash your way.

    • sometimes I need some suggestions to give me ideas. I know a lot of things but sometimes I need someone to bring up a subject that jogs my memory. the XP10 from the other day is a good example. I had experience with them but it slipped my mind till I saw a picture of one and got the old memory working.

    • Pretty much what LSWCHP said.

      I enjoy the sites, I like how idiosyncratic you and Howard can be.

      The civil war stuff is great.

      I also like reading ballistics on old calibres – I have your Spencer carbine articles saved.

    • This.

      Often I don’t comment because I have nothing vaguely useful or slightly humorous to add. (Of course that’s generally true of my comments anyway.). Talk about lasers and you can’t get me to shut up. Lots of other topics I am an interested learner.

      On the CW articles especially, they expand my knowledge base and really, imo, aren’t something to joke much about.

      If you want suggestions, how about some tales of epic – or just really annoying – equipment fail? Why don’t you like PSA, for instance? 😉

      Thanks much.

  4. The old civil war and Mexican American war stuff is great. Especially this day and age where stuff like that would get whitewashed to no end. Guess maybe it’s something WE could do. If we can’t think of a comment, we could just leave a little + or something so you know we’re reading it?
    I do devour all that Vietnam era stuff so that always welcome.

  5. Tags for articles please. It would be really nice to have “first impressions” “historical anecdotes” “Vietnam” “WW2” etc.

    Otherwise great job.

  6. I don’t generally like civil war 1.0 stuff, but for some reason I was *very* interested in the Lee articles. I think I am very interested in how greatness is developed and how it shows in the early years. That could be explored for many leaders in many wars, on either side of the fight.

    For civil war, I would be interested in parallels between then and now, for example how political hot button issues systematically degrade into large-scale fighting. Maybe small unit tactics that may relate. Something that makes it relevant to the modern day. A bayonet to the face is cool but not relatable. This is of interest to me across all wars.

    I am interested in Howard’s 40mm 3D print project. Don’t blow any fingers off. I really like his tactics articles.

    I don’t care about revolvers or Unertl scopes. Those have all the interest to me of an exquisitely restored Studebaker.

    The Vietnam SF stuff is great. In fact any SF stuff in any war is good. I like reading about how the best of best get the job done.

    Surprised by the Foom never disappoints.

    I am actually surprised by how few readers comment, compared to how many reads the site gets. Maybe the commenters just need more abuse from Shawn 😉

  7. I love your news selections and “When guns are outlawed only …” jab articles. I pass on 1911 and revolver articles, but that is just personal preference. I recently discovered a 10 shot ruger revolver that I found highly interesting on Hickok 45, but I think that’s it for me. State of the US, and outlines about what Joe Biden has promised to get his myopic and incredibly dense crowd to vote for him would be lovely. We can only hope he’s lying about every single thing he promised them. From reparations, tax increases and “assault weapons” bans, to opening the flood gates to 3rd worlders only. I realize there is little I can do about these things but I enjoy staying informed from someone who does it without emotion and adds humor as we go.
    I just finished reading “The Strange Death of Europe” by Douglas Murray.. I highly recommend that book, since it presents what is happening in Europe that has to happen here next, and I see no way of stopping it based upon our high number of leftists in support of the destruction of the US as it is. Anyway, I enjoy this site because I feel like we have similar interests even though I do not have the writing skills you possess.

  8. I like the site and read it pretty much every day.
    You do a nice job with regard to variety and going in depth for some things.
    The fact of “Hognose’s” stuff being still available is worth the price of admission alone.
    The civil war pieces are great, especially the biographic stuff.
    The comments are always fun.
    I can’t think of anything that you add to improve the site, but I’m not particularly clever either.
    Keep it up.

  9. Excellent articles featuring the Rebel Gunner and hope to see some more about some other Confederate commanders such as Early for example.

    Also highly enjoy the vintage target rifle content. Would love to see more Unertl action or a few articles about various Pre64 Target rifles, especially the 300 H&H Bull Gun.

  10. Drop in for the gunprôn pics and stay for the articles…

    …but seriously, always very enjoyable reads and on my daily list. I like the eclectic mix of topics and the irreverent writing, so do carry on as before please.

    Target shooting and rifles, AR15 related snippets, wheelguns, 1911 and other Golden Era pistols, war stories, all good stuff. Maybe revive some older posts on target shooting from the archives.

    As a dedicated battlefield tourist I’d love to find out more about the actual sites of the engagements behind those CW1 stories, the lay of the land from places that most readers might never be able to pay a personal visit to. Looking forward to more history lessons.

    And many thanks for keeping Hognose’s work alive.

  11. This is the best site that I subscribe to… Many off the wall subjects of interest, great post on history and of course, guns…… Some of your subjects are long in length but worthwhile and informative reading.. Keep up the good work !!

  12. I appreciate the Civil War/history posts. Like many others have said, I don’t have much to add to them, which is why I don’t comment much.

    Here are a couple of things I’d love to see:
    -How to get started handloading. You did a good post on the equipment side of this a couple of months ago that was helpful, but what’s the next step? I know it’s primer+case+powder+bullet, but which ones? I can follow a recipe, but what’s the beat way to work up a load from a recipe?
    -How to get started 3D printing gun stuff. Which printer? Which CAD tool? Which sites have trustworthy downloads? I’m more interested in printing mag bodies than printing receivers. I’m also interested in potentially doing a wax casting or similar for an heirloom gun that has a broken part that’s unobtainium.

    I’ve tried googling both of these topics before and gotten very lost in the details. Overall, I really like the place, as you might’ve gathered from all the comments.

  13. I enjoy pretty much ever-dang-thing that you guys put up. The CW stuff, revolver stuff, Unertl stuff, old target rifles stuff, all the stuff. What doesn’t interest me is very little and easily scrolled past without whining about it. Tremendous respect for hosting Hognose’s stuff, what a resource that is and THANK GOD it didn’t just fall into the trash.

    Unfortunately, work has been a snit-storm and then I won the COVID lottery and now that that’s over, I’m running my fanny off to get caught up. Three weeks down the toilet and now I gotta make it up. So not much commenting for me recently. Rest assured I’m quite happy with whatever you guys decide to rattle on about. Generally, it’s relevant to my interests and still interesting when not something I normally follow.

  14. I have quite a few 1911s (ALL OF THEM COLT!} a few black rifles, (unfortunately, none of them COLT) and many other weapons. All of the content interests me greatly. I discovered this site while recovering from a stroke and a acquaintance with my mortality. I am almost thru the entire history of this site and partially thru weaponsman. Don’t change ANYTHING. If people don’t like it: TOUGH! Also I am the proud owner of a new M1A SOCOM16! RMC(SS) US Navy, (Retired)


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