Detonics Scoremaster


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The Scoremaster was the full sized evolution of the better known Combat Master, which was a pioneer gun. Detonics was a pioneer with regard to the stainless 45 auto market. The AMT hardballer gave it the old college try, but those guns routinely seized due to galling from stainless against stainless friction.

Detonics succeeded in finding the right mix alloys and heat treatment that mitigated against the galling phenomenon. The Scoremaster grew out of all the pioneering work that was accomplished with the Combat Master. The Servicemaster would later follow. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt before the patents expired and many in the industry shamelessly looted the Detonics patents, knowing full well the company was too crippled to sue them. Contrary to popular belief, most Scoremasters were shipped with one barrel and a few very very rare versions (like this) were shipped with two barrels. The two barreled versions were called Janus Scoremasters. Janus was a Greek God with two heads. This is an atypical gun in my collection —I just don’t own any other production guns.

My 1911’s are all 1 of 1…the way god intended. This gun, however, is interesting to me because Scoremasters of any kind are really rare to find. You just don’t see that many of them. The Janus versions are rare as hen’s teeth. This one in particular is even more special because it actually has an IMFDB credit. It is the actual gun used in Terminator 2 Judgement Day (1991) where Sarah Connor rocked it like a boss. What’s is like? It’s like a 1983 Chevy Suburban — certainly not refined but built like a Sherman tank. Swipe left to see Chuck Lyford, owner of Detonics, race car driver, boat racer, pilot and all around American bad ass.


  1. Stainless on stainless can be fun. Getting fasteners stuck in $50K rocket motors and ever so gently working them free so you don’t have to go the boss, hat-in-hand and explain why you’ll be short on the contract. Good times.

    • The Janus allowed for the conversion of the ScoreMaster from the standard 5” barrel to an extended barrel with a full-profile compensator.  The front sight could easily be removed or replaced on the slide depending on which barrel was installed. As you can see, the compensator’s body had its own front sight, which was preferred for easier tracking during recoil.

      The idea was that you could carry the 5″ barrel on the street, and then switch out to the compensated barrel just for matches.

  2. That’s a really great pistol!

    I tried to attach a picture of my Servicemaster and Combatmaster together to give you the full 1911 Detonics set.

    I’m not sure why there’s a second barrel in the picture above, (the Janus thing), but the madmen at Detonics made some of their 1911’s with a second barrel in .451 Detonics Magnum. My Combatmaster is one of the 200 that they produced with both calibers. The .451 was an attempt to get .44 Magnum performance (or close to it), from a semi-auto. Or so I’ve been told.

  3. I just pulled the trigger (pun intended) on Tom Selleck’s custom made Detonics Scoremaster. I got caught up in bidding and couldn’t stop. I can’t wait to get it.


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