QBZ-191: China’s new service rifle


Last week, Chinese state media released footage of the PLA’s next-generation assault rifle, the QBZ-191, Peter Suciu at National Interest reported.

This would replace the QBZ-95-1 bullpup that has been in service since 1997, the report said, as China adopts a weapon with a more “traditional” layout — including a magazine forward of the pistol grip.

The infantry version will have a 14.5-inch barrel while the marksman version will have an even longer barrel. Visually the weapon has characteristics to the American AR15/M16 platform as well as modern European assault rifles including a full-length Picatinny rail (a mounting platform for firearm accessories) on top, the report said.

According to sources, the new rifle is a gas-operated short-stroke pistol assault rifle, and is chambered in the standard 5.8x42mm caliber, but it utilizes a new type of round that has been designed to perform better, the report said.

In its carbine configuration it has an effective range of 300 meters, while the infantry assault rifle version is effective to 400 meters. Both have a rate of fire of 750 rounds per minute (rpm).


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