Limited Edition Winchester Model 94 Paratrooper PDW


B-ARFCOM User “EVR” has a thread about his rifle.

As requested.

The Paratrooper 94, Limited Edition Personal Defense Weapon.

.44 Magnum

Fits in desk, backpack, saddle scabbard, on the trapline, stuffed in belt… Unnoticed when carried on the Biathlon rig.

Reliable, handy in the home, business or in the field!


I made it.

Flat iron, the comb is walnut.  Rest of the stock went into a billhook handle.  

W/o stock it measures over minimum NFA so it’s legal w/ or without the stock.  I usually just use one bolt as it grabs very tightly.  But with the two bolts it is rick solid.  

I got the idea from these local old timers {RIP} back in the day. Pic taken ~1955. These were M92 .44-40’s.  One was a folder made from aluminum tube {fit in the backpouch of a Filson Mackinaw}, the other modeled after more or less a Sten-gun stock.


  1. I love seeing these handy little things and hope to come across one in the wild when someone goes to sell granddads old kit.

    You did a great job with yours it looks well made and solid.

    I remember one old fella who was poaching for a living probably since before we had paved roads had this tiny little cut down .22 mag that had the folding handle from an E-Tool as the stock.


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