A Little AR15 History


Above photo is from a 1962 issue of Science & Mechanics magazine. The article is titled “Super-gun for Modern Crime Fighters” showing a car door shot with 300 rounds of 5.56 from an early Colt AR-15.


  1. All that noise and annoyance to do what you what could be done with less than a hundred rounds of 06 AP (M2 black tip). 😉

    Seriously, a couple of guys with Garands could have Swiss-cheesed the engine block in a few seconds, and then chewed up the occupants and rest of the vehicle at their leisure. Even ball ’06 ammo does a job on an aluminum block.

    The last time I played with M2 ammo on a modern car, it was surprising. It entered the fender, punched clean through the aluminum engine block and exited the far fender, neat as you please. I have no doubt that if it had caught a piston, it would have still exited the engine compartment.

    Then I tried it on a modern cast iron block (on a seized rod-through-the-wall Cummins 5.9 block) and it punched through the near fender, then the engine block, but deformed in the block so it just barely knocked a hole out of the far side of the block, bouncing off the inside fender well, leaving a dent. It still would have disabled the engine in a fat hurry. I was impressed.

    A common bolt-action hunting rifle with the correct choice of ammo and you can bring most any modern car to a screeching halt. Something to tuck away for future reference.


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