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Rioter Intel Part 2

^Example of organizational layers, taken from a Pamphlet on Building Political Power

List of “revolutionary actions” done on 25 July according to Abolition Media Worldwide.

This next one is self explanatory, taken from an Analysis of Lessons Learned in Portland

For people interested in how they’re running their community organizations and building organizational infrastructure, there’s the Antiracist Neighborhood Watch Manual

There’s also Planning a Direct Action Campaign, which frankly would take up the whole thread in and of itself to unpack. There’s a BUNCH of stuff in there.

Many of the protestors are using the National Lawyer Guild’s Mass Defense Program, which includes some of those phone numbers you see Sharpied on peoples’ arms.

This is a Revolutionary Toolbox with a lot of interactive TTPs, and a massive amount of training resources.

Loadout list for protestors.

Disrupting White Nationalists Guide

This is the grant park attack, where a black bloc formed inside a protest and redirected it towards an assault on the grant park Columbus statue.

Pay attention to the way the LE detachment is pushed from the area, then how the “peaceful protesters” form a bike shield and wall off the police from reentering the park while the black bloc goes after the statue.

Another video from Chicago PD explaining Antifa tactics with various video angles of the Columbus incident.

3 thoughts on “Rioter Intel Part 2”

  1. the level of organization is impressive and really does show serious help from outside. this level of sophistication doesn’t just happen by a bunch of random concerned citizens.

    • The Left has been preparing for this for a long time.

      The “Trump is Literally Hitler” stuff from 2015-2016 was just battlespace prep.

      The right disowns its radicals/bad actors. The Left organizes legal representation and comfortable Quango and university sinecures for theirs.


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