Leupold Alumina covers for the Freedom RDS


Guest post by Brent Sauer
Note from Howard: I’ve used some of these scope caps on other Leupold optics and I absolutely love them. Unfortunately I am too poor and cheap to buy them for all of my Leupold scopes.

Leupold Alumina
Flip-Back Lens Covers (59040 & 59055)
Anti-Reflection Device (ARD 62875)
For The Leupold ‘Black Ring’ Freedom RDS

This article is a follow-up to my previous review of the new Leupold ‘Black Ring’ Freedom Red Dot sight that can be found here: http://looserounds.com/2020/05/11/review-leupold-freedom-black-ring-rds-1x-w-mount/

When I buy new firearm related items, I am a company’s dream customer. I say this because if I am buying an item (in this case the Leupold Freedom RDS) and there are accessories for that item, I usually buy those products also. This was true when I purchased the Leupold Black Ring Freedom RDS.

As a long time Leupold customer, I know that they typically market flip-up covers for the eyepiece and the objective lens of their optics. Some optics also have anti-reflection devices, or ARDS as they are commonly called, that are intended to reduce glare and external light reflection on the lens.  So, a couple of days after I bought the Leupold Freedom RDS, I went back to www.leupold.com and began looking at what accessories were available for the Freedom RDS. I was not disappointed.

I discovered that Leupold makes it easy for you to identify if your optic has available accessories or not with the publication of their 7-page Scope Accessory Fit Chart which can be found at this link: https://cdnp.leupold.com/products/productDownloads/scope-accessory-chart.pdf?mtime=20200413063132

The chart image above shows the accessory information for the Freedom RDS. It indicates that the eyepiece uses product #59040 for the objective lens, product #59055 for the eyepiece and product #62875 for the Anti-Reflective Device. I was surprised to see that Leupold does not currently have a neoprene scope cover available.

Product #’s 59040 (objective lens cover) and 59055 (eyepiece lens cover) come packaged in clear, plastic sealed blister package.

Packaging for product #59055 (eyepiece lens cover)

Packaging for product #59040 (objective lens cover)

The downside to the sealed blister packages is that you have to cut open the packaging to get the product out. Unless done in a careful, systematic way, you will not be able to reuse the packaging to store the lens covers if you decide you want to take them off of the RDS for some reason.

Product #62875 Anti-Reflection Device comes in clear plastic clamshell packaging that can be opened and closed. This makes storing the ARD a quick and simple event.

Lets take a look at the lens covers now. The eyepiece lens cover is one assembly that consists of the hinged eyepiece frame and cap, a rotating threaded insert and an adhesive label for notating range data. Built into the eyepiece frame is a spring-loaded release for the cap.

The photo below shows a close-up of two of the neodymium magnets that secure the eyepiece cap when closed and the cap release lever. Notice the rough edges of the tightening ring that help you grasp the ring.

The next image shows the threaded ring that screws into the eyepiece body and the back side of the cap release.

This image shows the eyepiece lens cover installed and open. Note the two neodymium magnets on the lens cover and the two magnets on the installed cap ring just below it. The cap ring is adjustable to any position around the circumference of the eyepiece body so that you can have the cap swing open in your preferred direction.

Next we will look at the objective lense cover.

In the next image you see the reverse of the objective lens cover. You can see the threaded ring that screws into the objective end of the RDS body.

Here we see the objective lens cover installed and open. Note the two (one on each side) neodymium magnets that secure the lens cover when closed. The objective lens cover can be installed with the hinge of the cover anywhere around the circumference of the objective body for your preferred opening position.

Here are some final shots of the Leupold ‘Black Ring’ Freedom RDS with the eyepiece and objective lens covers installed.

Last but not least, we will look at the Alumina Tactical Anti-Reflection Device (ARD). Although this product is in Leupold branded packaging it is manufactured by Tenebraex of Canada. The ARD is the same design and concept that we have been used to seeing on variable optics, ACOG’s and Aimpoints. The ARD is constructed of the same composite material with same honeycomb features for reducing lense glare without losing resolution of view.

In this view of the front of the ARD, you can see the honeycomb detail.

Here we see the backside of the ARD with the threads visible that screw into the objective end of the RDS body. The grey colored printing on the side is:

Leupold 36mm

Alumina Tactical ARD

Anti-Reflection Device


Here are a few images of the ARD installed. When the ARD is installed, the required number of turns to adequately tighten it in place has the printing on the side of the ARD upside down. Obviously not an issue for functionality.

Final thoughts…I always feel like a set of protective caps for an optic is a must have. Protecting my investment in an optic is important to me and Leupolds products are first-class and I don’t mind spending the little bit of extra. I like the simplicity and functionality of the Alumina caps. Being able to rotate your hinge/opening direction anywhere around the circumference of the eyepiece and objective end of the RDS is big plus. I will have to get it on the range and see what positions are functional for my shooting style.

Although the lens caps will get used almost all of the time, the ARD will probably see very little use, if any. Its functionality typically isn’t necessary for casual range visits but, as I stated previously, it was an accessory for the Leupold ‘Black Ring’ Freedom RDS so I had to buy it.

I hope reading this provided you some useful information to influence your buying decisions.


  1. Excellent write up Brent, unfortunately I bought the gold ring version of this rds and as the objective doesn’t have the inner thread, I can’t fit a front flip up, only the rear. However, strangely they list the ARD for mine, but after reading your post, I’m sure it won’t actually fit because it needs the inner threaded objective as well.

  2. oops, my mistake, the ARD isn’t listed for mine, only the rear flip up, so not sure what I can do for a front cover.


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