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Militia Shows Up At Minneapolis Protest/Riot 1100PM EST

3 thoughts on “Militia Shows Up At Minneapolis Protest/Riot 1100PM EST”

  1. Law enforcement acted in ways to make them despised by an ever-increasing number of people. Some agencies doubled down by stepping and fetching for their statist masters and these agencies enforced edicts that had no standing in law whatsoever.

    As some old book put it: “Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.”

    Harvest time approaches.

  2. Here in Sonoma County they showed up in a camo’ed MRAP, dressed and armed like they were conducting a raid in Fallujah, to serve a search warrant.
    All dressed up like soldiers, in a working class neighborhood.
    I wonder why acting like an occupying army doesn’t increase their popularity?


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