Welrod Clone Pistol from Innovative Arms


I have no use for a welrod nor a desire to own one, but this is pretty cool.

I saw a few pics on social media recently of a guy shooting a Welrod clone pistol made by Innovative Arms in So Carolina. I’ve wanted one of these for 10+ years so I reached out to Innovative via email and got a return phone call from the owner yesterday and was pretty excited to learn he’s building a list of interested “Welrod” customers. His “prototype” pictured below is .32acp and is entirely scratch built by them, he claims the suppression is excellent and the internals are upgraded to a more modern serviceable baffle system with a single wipe at the muzzle. He said that he’s about 8-12 months backlogged with current orders right now so it will be at least that long, but as I said I’ve been looking for a decent clone for over 10 years, so I’ll wait. The prototype he made was done for personal use and testing on manual machines so the pricing for a CNC made unit isn’t all worked out but a $1200-$1400 ballpark is what he was thinking.

If interested, the email address to use to get on the list is info@innovativearms.com. Just put “Please add me to the Welrod waiting list” in the subject line and include your contact info. 




  1. Thanks for putting this up. I had never heard of this gun before – ever.

    It seems like a pretty specialized bit of kit.

  2. This is pretty sweet. Would be cool to have.
    Doesn’t B&T make a near as dammit modern copy of the Welrod for veterinarians to use? Need to remember where I saw it now.

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