Remington Shutting Down TAPCO


RSR strikes again.

Remington Outdoor Company informed RSR at the SHOT Show that they will be focusing on their core hunting and shooting brands AAC, Barnes, Marlin and Remington.

Bushmaster, DPMS, StormLake Barrels and Tapco will no longer be produced, with the exception of the Bushmaster BA50.The American Parts Company, commonly known as TAPCO was a long-time major parts supplier and accessories manufacturer. Originally starting as a family run mail order company over 25 years ago outside of Atlanta in Kennesaw, Georgia.

TAPCO was big in the FAL, CETME/G3, AK, and SKS parts markets. They made American made 18 USC 922(r) compliant parts. TAPCO was the place to get US made parts to make foreign guns legal for importation and more importantly. They made replacement parts for folks who wanted to build their own.


  1. Ever start to wonder if Cerberus isn’t a false-flag operation bankrolled by Bloomberg, or something…?

    I mean, the amount of sheer hubristic damage they’ve done by buying up these companies and then running them into the ground has got to be immense, and I can’t see the business case for them having done it, unless there is an ulterior motive.

    • Never underestimate the sheer hubristic stupidity of a bunch of MBAs in one room.

      “If we can just drive 20% of the costs out of this business… why, look at this spreadsheet! The dopes who buy this beer will never notice!”
      “This is a gun company, sir.”
      “Whatever. Look at the spreadsheet!”

    • If that were the case they would have shuttered immediately not flood the market with ARs over two major panic buys. No Cerberus is just ran by a bunch of idiots that don’t know anything about firearms or the firearm market

  2. I am actually extremely PO-ed about this one.

    TAPCO was just printing money, and offered decent parts at decent prices. A fan of their: AK triggers, 10 & 20 round AK Mags, and Galil Mags.

    How in the actual heck did they manage to screw this up and not even bother first attempting to put the company up for sale!?

  3. Remington really did nothing much more than buy the Bushmaster trademark (The folks up in Maine then went and opened Windham Weaponry in the original location with a lot of the original workforce) .

    Maybe Windham can buy the tradename back at a bargain price and rebirth the brand back into the quality it was so well known for before Remington squandered it all.

  4. I was thinking/realized that the Bushmaster ACR was also Remington rollmarked so looked at that website, and was surprised to see that no semi-auto center-fire rifles are listed on the website in the “Rifles” drop-down menu! Only options are “bolt-action,” “muzzle-loading,” “pump-action,” and “rimfire.”

    Now, if you go the rifles page, there is a “modern sporting” category:

    But the ACR is nowhere to be found there either. So I can’t help but think that they’re looking to exit the semi-auto market entirely.

    Also, all “RSR” comments here are mine, and I’m not the “RSR” referenced in the OP’s post/article above.


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